Ianto teasing Jack about him trying to be intimidating. -

Ianto jones: Just us… in this room… for as long as it takes. Terrifying.

Captain Jack Harkness: Really?

Ianto Jones: Absolutely. Shivers down my spine.

Captain Jack Harkness: You don’t look scared.

Ianto Jones: Well, it… passed.

[Jack raises fist in a mock threatening manner and growls]

I’m Back! (and the Inbox is open...)

Hello guys and dolls!

As you might have noticed, I’ve returned to the prompt-filling world. I’m delighted to be in a position where I can - I am so sorry to those who have been concerned for my wellbeing, and to those who I had been friends with before embarking on what has been a very extended hiatus. I hope you can forgive me, and I hope to be back in touch now. HUGE thank you to those who have already taken the time to welcome me back!!

Of course, this also means that my inbox is open for prompts. There is a backlog from pre-hiatus which I’m working my way through, but please do feel free to prompt! I’ve tagged the fandoms I work most often with, but I’m open to anything. 

There are no limits that I impose on the prompts I receive; any subject, any pairing, any character, any format, any kink, any anything. I never judge, and I will always do my best to fill prompts to the best of my abilities.

Thank you, always, to the amazing supporters and followers of this blog; it means the world. 

Jen x

There are two types of shippers
  • Me: aw look how cute they are! There's so much fluff and adorable shit and I just love the little looks on their faces when they see each other assfghjklasdfghjkl
  • Person: They can't die! They're the main character!
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  • Tumblr: You must be new here.
Fandoms by how they’d die in a zombie Apocalypse

In The Flesh: first to go, tried to befriend the zombies

Welcome to Nightvale: second to go, purposefully became zombies

Sherlock: got fed to zombies by other fandoms for being a know it all prick all the time

Doctor Who: caught and eaten by the Hannibal fandom during an argument among themselves

Torchwood: died avenging Doctor Who fandom’s death

Hannibal: mistaken for zombies while eating someone and killed by Supernatural fandom

Marvel: dies being unnecessarily heroic

DC: dies trying to prove they could survive the thing Marvel died doing

Homestuck: sacrificed to hoard as a distraction

Star Wars: killed by Star Trek in the midst of peace negotiations

Star Trek: killed by one of their own, sick of how much everyone hates Voyager 

Harry Potter: eaten by zombie after they attempted to defend themselves with a spell

Supernatural: almost survived the whole thing before sacrificing themselves under the belief they’d come back

Walking Dead: survived the whole thing