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Topp Dogg: their s/o is embarrassed after saying 'I love you' first

P-Goon: there’s absolutely no reason for you to be embarrassed bc he’ll be as red as a tomatoe as well. He’d look down or anywhere else to avoid your eyes. Then he’d feel bad bc he rly rly loves you too but it’s so hard to express it…but ofc he eventually does and he’d say it often.

Hojoon: he’ll be so starstruck when you say it and won’t be able to breath a word until you snap him out of it. Then without warning, he’ll grab your face and press his lips firmly against yours. After a while, he’d pull away slightly, only to whisper that he loves you more.

Sangdo: this puppy will blush and stutter before managing to get the words out of his mouth. He’d kiss you too, but then he’d feel bad for not saying it properly. He’d look right into your eyes and say those 3 three words with all the love and admiration he feels for you.

Nakta: all smiles and giggles and fluff. You best bet he’ll be smiling for like 96 years after you say it. Ofc he’ll be shy too, but hide his face in the crook of your neck as he whispers it back.

Hansol: he’d pout and pinch your cheeks. “Aw, jagi, don’t be shy…” he’ll smile and kiss you quickly. “I love you too, y/n” he’ll kiss your nose cutely and press a small kiss to your lips. He wouldn’t care that you were shy when you confessed, he’s just full of love for you.

 B-Joo: he’d be a ball of nerves himself, so he wouldn’t exactly notice the fact that you’re nervous as well. He’ll calm himself down eventually and take your hands in his. He’d look into your eyes and smile, saying he loves you more than anything.

Xero: he’d go all wide eyes and gasp, not believing that you said it first. Ofc he’ll comfort you and try not to make you feel bad or be even more embarrassed, so expect lots of hugs. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love you more than myself…” (no but really)

A-Tom: he’d also be one to giggle and blush at first. He’ll nod and not say anything, until you’re not embarrassed anymore and you just wanna hit him. Then he’ll bust out laughing and kiss you, “You’re so cute when you’re flustered, y/n. You know I love you too”

Yano: you should take some time before telling him bc he might get scared and not say it back for a while. He just wants to be sure of his feelings bc he takes these things gs seriously and he doesn’t want to lie to you. But ofc once he’s sure, he’s wrapped around your pinky.

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Person gets on computer at school: “What is all this Chinese shit recommend on youtube .”

Me: *GIF*……..”it’s actually Korean”

It’s funny how nowadays, all the YouTubers turn to “reacting to Kpop for the first time” once they run out of ideas or when they’re just desperate for followers. In all honesty, watching them react is a cringe fest cuz half of them don’t give a shit to what they’re doing, or they say something extremely stereotypical or racist. I mean if your gonna do something, at least be genuine about it. Especially if your gonna put your face out there on the internet for everyone to see.

My list of things that need to be left in 2016

Asking idols to speak in English. Doesn’t matter Whether they can or they can’t.

Asking for your bias when they are not the ones broadcasting and/or are clearly not present.

Spamming comments asking for them to do/say something for you. They are not a performing monkey. Once or twice ok, but stop copying and pasting the same thing 400 times.

Asking people who have left idol groups why they left or to talk about the group/members.

Fan wars.

“Any army here? XD”

Bringing up other idols/groups on broadcasts/videos/posts not relevant to them.

Asking “who is this?/who are you?” When it’s been answered already mUlTipLe times and is in the tiTLe/DescriptiOn OF THE VIDEO/BROADCAST.

Referring to any idol sibling as “sibling of -insert name of more famous sibling-” instead of their own name.

Boy groups Vs Girl groups

Sexy Vs Cute

Saying inappropriate or sexual things DIRECTLY to idols.

Stanning strictly because of looks then Unstanning when they change up.

Private messaging idols, especially with nude photos.

Spreading leaked videos or photos.

“OMG THEY LOOK LIKE -insert Bangtan member-”

Trying to force people to believe your group is superior

KHipHop rappers VS Idol rappers

Annoying Sungoh of 24K cause you think he looks like V

Annoying Haewon of L.A.U because you saw his photo being used in a smutty Jin imagine.


Tagging THIS as BTS members. It’s B:ETA and J:ETA from ALPHABAT.

Trying to make them conform to your standards and way of thinking.

Perving on underage idols. Particularly if you are over 18.

Criticizing their bodies. Too fat, too skinny, no abs etc.

Attacking any girl within a 50 mile radius of oppa. Hate all you want to your friends and on your personal media but do not go to these girls (or guys cause I’ve seen that too) accounts and rage against them. You have no fucking right ok?

HanJoo and shoving ships into idols faces even after they’ve expressed their dislike for it. Again, keep it private.

Assuming Idol’s sexuality and/or asking them about it.

Seriously telling other fans to stay away from your bias as If you own them.

Koreaboos and random Korean that you learned from google.

“I only care about ‘x’ member.”

Putting down and/or disrespecting older or lesser known groups.

Calling members who leave groups traitors and treating them like they’ve done something wrong

Not letting idols be human

Not giving them the basic respect and courtesy every human deserves

“ X group copied X group.”


Ent VS Ent