Topmaniac and the Topman tribe have taken over Battlerock Galaxy!

I figured I would post this after seeing how popular SMRPG-styled Heavy Mole was. These were made back in 2011, well before I even started on my Yaridovich model, using the assets from Super Mario Galaxy. It was still fun to recreate the game’s quirky animation style, even if the animations I created would probably require more tiles than the game allows. I made a full range of animations for each of them, so I am only showing my favorite for each character.

Regarding the backgrounds, I felt it would be more recognizable to use the original reflection textures on the UFOs than having it be a matte gray, even if that would be more accurate to the Super Mario RPG style. The stars and space rocks were put together by me in 8x8 tiles, even leaving blank spaces in the tiles occupied by the UFOs themselves. I made another tile featuring the yellow metal platform featured in the stage, but it isn’t as fun to look at.