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#23- Gags (Destiel)

Requested by anon for my kink list (master list here).

Warnings: smut, use of gag

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I do love writing Destiel. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!

Dean is noisy.

He can’t help it. He’s always enjoyed sex, always loved the feel of skin on skin, never wanted to hold back any of the groans and growls the sensations pull out of him.

And sex with Cas? Well, that’s a goddamn out-of-body experience, and he can’t possibly be expected to be quiet with his angel sucking his cock, lips wrapped around his erection and blue eyes staring up at him with no angel innocence at all.

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“My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.” - Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train

Bottom!Dean (with kink. \(- u•)/ )

Where Cas found some *toys online and bought them to try on Dean.
Dean on his back tied to the bed posts naked while Cas grabs a box of his *toys.
Dean moaning and screaming when Cas leave an oversized vibrater to pound his prostate.
Dean wearing 3 cock rings so there’s no way he can come until Cas let’s him.
Cas deep throating him and all Dean can do is beg Cas to let him come.
After an hour, Cas taking out the vibrater only to replace it with his own dick, not starting slow, just pounding him until Dean has tears in his eyes.
Cas loving to hear Dean scream and moan his name while he fucks him like there’s no tomorrow.
Cas knowing Dean can’t come, starts pumping Dean’s cock fast and hard until his balls turn blue while pounding him at the same time.
Dean being unable to moan cause his throat being ripped raw from screaming Cas’ name so loudly for hours.
Cas finally taking off Dean’s cock rings and finally letting him come.
Dean only being able to see white light from how intense his orgasm was.
After cleaning up, Cas wrapping Dean in a blanket, laying him on the couch and makes him hot tea with honey for his sore throat.
Cas’ chest pressed against Dean’s back on the couch watching Harry Potter until they fall asleep.

I live for Bottom!Dean and Top!Cas.

Netflix & Chill

Josh Dun/Reader *SMUT*


My finger was hovering over the “select” button on my remote. Should I really play the next episode? I’d watched half a season of this show just today. I had almost made up my mind, when suddenly my phone went off. Shining up at me was a picture of the world’s most perfect boyfriend. Joshua Dun. He was on tour, and the simple chance to hear his voice was all I needed. “Hello?” I asked, slightly confused. While it was only about eleven here, it was like four in the morning where they were supposed to be touring.
“Hey! I sent you a surprise, and according to my phone it arrived today. Did you ever get it?”
“Not really. I’ve barely been out of the apartment today. I’ll check in the morning though, I’m kinda tired.”
“It’s an awesome surprise for my three months of being gone. Also, what if someone steals it while it’s sitting in the mail room?” he argues.
“Fine,” I said with an over-exaggerated sigh. I unwrapped myself from my cocoon of covers and went to the front door. I flung open the door and found… Josh holding a pizza box. Pizza was better than any flowers.
I didn’t even say anything as I launched myself into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist. One of his hands went to my butt, gripping it gently while the other hand held the pizza. I placed a rough kiss to his lips before showering the rest of his face.
“I thought you weren’t going to be home for another two weeks!” I grinned up at him. Then, I buried my face into his neck, inhaling his scent. His scent was perhaps one of the best ever.
“Something came up. We came back early. Can I come in?”
“Wait. Tyler came back too?” I had no problem with Tyler, but I figured he might have an issue with us. Tyler was my brother, and back in high school, I had been going out with one of his close friends. Needless to say, Tyler found out and it didn’t end well.
“He was tired and decided to head straight home. I’ll ask again, can I come in?”
“Of course,” I told him, trying to get down so I could let him in, but Josh only held me tighter.
“Nope,” Josh smiled, gripping my butt even tighter as he walked inside. He scanned the studio apartment, before heading to my bed. He set the pizza on the coffee table then gently sat down, leaving me wrapped around his waist. “So, Netflix, huh?” he asked me. “What’ve you been watching?”
“Just a show. Wanna watch with me?” I asked him, a grin slipping across my face.
“Sure,” he said, smiling back as he scooted over so I could sit next to him so we’d both see the television. He made up my mind about my previous dilemma, selecting the next episode.
Not even three minutes in, I felt Josh’s hand on my thigh, slowly moving in as he rubbed soft circles, getting closer and closer to the inside of my thighs. Thank god for booty pajama shorts.
“You’re supposed to be watching the show,” I teased him, giving him a very serious look.
“But I see something better,” he smirks at me. With a quick shift of his weight, suddenly, he is leaning over me, leaving me trapped under his arms.
“You did not just say that,” I laugh at his comment.
“It’s been three months since I’ve seen you. Cut me a little slack.”
“Done,” I smile, reaching up to kiss him. Once I had him focused on my lips, I used that moment to roll back over, pinning his hips with my thighs. I smirked down at him, leaning down to meet my lips with his. I felt his tongue play with my lips, begging for entrance while his fingers started to make their way up the edge of my shirt. I granted him entrance to my mouth, and he entered, fighting for dominance. Eventually, I relented.
He easily lifted my tank top over my head flinging it across the room.
“That’s not fair,” I joked, trying to tug off his shirt. Josh helped me, yanking it off and tossing it to join mine. He reached behind me, undoing my bra with ease. “I see you haven’t lost your touch,” I joke. Josh never seemed to have trouble undoing the clasps on my back. He begins to massage and suck my breasts, giving them each the attention they deserve.
This time, he rolls me back onto my back before meeting our lips together in a rough dance. He yanked down my shorts and panties in one swift movement, leaving my to undo his belt and jeans. After a few seconds of fumbling, we’re both left in our underwear, but even that doesn’t last long. I moved my hand towards Josh’s member, but he pushed my hands back up. “No,” he said simply. Josh moves his hand to my core, moving his thumb in circles over my clit as he moves a finger inside of me.
“Fuck,” I moaned. The tension was building inside me, bringing me closer. Josh continued to insert more fingers, building to the climax. He was hitting me in just the right spot, over and over, and I began to reach my climax.
“Fuck. Josh,” I screamed, not caring if any of my neighbors heard us. And then I came undone. This was the best I’d ever felt, I swear to God. Josh slowly pulled away as I finished. “That was amazing,” I told him, a large smile spread across his face. “Now it’s your turn,” a devilish grin spread across my face. I grabbed his arms, rolling and twisting so my thighs were straddled across his hips. I position myself over his solid member, slowly moving. Josh’s hands reached up, harshly grabbing my breasts. I moved myself over his cock.
“Oh, shit,” Josh moaned.
“I know. Josh, I think I’m gonna-” but I was cut off as I felt myself become undone, Josh following shortly after. Once we had both come down from our highs, I rolled off Josh and he pulled me over into his side.
“Damn,” Josh sighed.
“I know,” I laughed, curling closer into him.
“I missed you,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss my lips.
“I missed you too. Do you still have that pizza?” I asked, nodding to the box he had set down earlier.
He leaned forward, grabbing the box. “Sex then pizza. God, I love you.”
“Not as much as I love you,” I smiled, kissing his lips as he handed me the pizza box.


“WHAT THE HECK?!” I heard someone scream. I quickly sat up, pulling myself from the warm embrace of Josh’s arms and pulling the blankets with me. I looked at the foot of the bed to see… Tyler.
I felt Josh stir beside me, then I heard a mumbling voice say, “Shit.”
“What is going on? I tried calling you, (Y/N), but you’re too busy screwing my best friend. And you!” Tyler pointed an accusing finger at Josh, saying, “I trusted you with my little sister, and you can’t control your dick for five minutes to realize that I’m going to kill you!”
I handed Josh my duvet before jumping off the bed, pulling my flat sheet around me and tucking in the corners so it hopefully wouldn’t fall. “Tyler, it’s not like that,” I pleaded with my brother before I tossed Josh his boxers that were lying on the ground.
“Then what is it like?” Tyler yelled at me.
“We’ve been dating for a while,” Josh started from behind me. He stood behind me, gently pulling me into his side.
“How long?” Tyler demanded. He looked perhaps the angriest I’d ever seen him.
“Like over a year,” I whispered, leaning back into Josh.
“You lied to me for over a year?” Tyler was astounded as he began to pace the floor.
“Withholding isn’t lying,” I tried.
“Yeah, well it isn’t being honest either,” he turned to me.
“I’m sorry,” Josh started, “It just happened one night, and when she told me about that one guy in high school I-I didn’t want to lose you as a friend, and then I realized how much I cared about her, and I knew I loved her too much to lose her.” I smiled up at Josh, hugging him closely to him.
“I. I didn’t know you felt like that,” Tyler stopped pacing and stared at us
“She’s the best thing that’s happened to me,” Josh told Tyler, all while staring into my eyes. I carefully raised onto my tiptoes, leaning in to give Josh a gentle kiss.
“Well, um,” Tyler seemed to have just realized we were standing in front of him mostly naked as he began to advert his eyes, “I came to check in on my sister when she didn’t answer her phone. I wanted to take her to breakfast.”
“Oh! I forgot to put it on the charger after you called!” I told Josh.
“Well, I’ll be waiting outside if you guys wanna go to breakfast with me,” Tyler made a hasty exit for the front door of my apartment. Once he had left, it was like a floodgate had released as me and Josh burst out in laughter. Josh gripped me closely, kissing my forehead.
“Let’s get ready for breakfast.”

#4 Insecure (Josh)

Request from anon: 

I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is insecure about her weight and doesn’t feel right in anything she wears and Josh helps her feel better about herself?


This one hits a little close to home, as someone who struggles with weight insecurity. Happy to write it, anon. 

I have a few requests in my inbox that I’m working on, and I’m a little behind where I wanted to be cause I’ve been way busier than anticipated, but nevertheless, feel free to send in any requests you have! Enjoy!

P.S. To anyone struggling with weight insecurity, or insecurity of any kind, just know that no matter what anybody (that includes yourself) tells you, you are incredible and amazing in every possible way. And if you ever need to talk, I’m here. You are so loved. 

Warnings: weight insecurity


You turned in the mirror to get a glimpse of your outfit from yet another angle, frowning at the reflection you saw staring back at you. This was the sixth outfit, maybe the seventh (you’d lost track somewhere along the way) you had tried on for a party you and Josh were going to this evening. 

As your eyes scan up and down your body, you couldn’t help but notice all the flaws. 

“Your thighs look much too big in that skirt,” that little voice in the back of your head whispers.

So you change. Again. And again and again and again and again. Nothing in your closet seems to fit right, no matter how many combinations you try. There’s always something wrong. Whether it was and unflattering look for your stomach, thighs, breasts, arms, it was always something. There seemed to simply be too much you for anything in your wardrobe. 

You begin to become more than just frustrated as the clock ticks past the time you and Josh had wanted to leave. The party started at around eight, but it wasn’t a formal event, so you could show up whenever, but you knew Josh was eager to get there. He had been excited about it for weeks, and had been patiently waiting in the living room for you to finish getting ready. 

As you become more and more overwhelmed with the insecurities that plagued your mind on a daily basis, you look in the mirror and try to recall soothing words from Josh. He always called you beautiful, never had a bad word to say about your body or any of the clothes you wore. He loved you for you, from your personality to every inch of your body. He made you feel loved. He made you feel wanted. He made you feel beautiful.

But in this moment, it didn’t matter. You couldn’t convince yourself that his words meant a damn thing. 

He’s gonna leave you. 

They always leave.

He’s no different. 

He doesn’t love you. 

He doesn’t love you. 

He doesn’t love you. 

How could he? 

You’re so… fat. 

You have to step back from the mirror because you can’t bear to look into it any longer. You can feel the tears threatening to spill across your cheeks before you have a chance to stop them. You try desperately to reign in this spiral of panic and self loathing, but it’s already gone too far. 

Just as you feel yourself crash onto the bed, you hear the soft rap of knuckles on the door. 

“Babe? You about ready to go?” you hear Josh ask. 

You panic, not wanting him to see you like this, a crying mess dressed in, in your eyes, such an unflattering outfit. 

“Um… Yeah, sorry. Just a second,” you manage to stutter out in response, but you already know he will be able to tell you’re crying by the shakiness in your voice. 

You hear the door creak open and you scramble up off the bed and try to make it look like you were trying to find shoes in your closet, your back now to him. There’s nothing you can do to clean up the clothes scattered around the room, the obvious aftermath of your anxious search for an outfit that didn’t make you feel so insecure. 

“Y/N,” Josh softly says. It’s not like he doesn’t know what’s going on. This has happened before.

“Yeah,” you try your hardest to reply in an enthusiastic tone. 

“Can you look at me for a sec?” he continues. 

“Um, why? I’m almost done, I’ll be out in a second, I promise,” you respond as cooly as possible, keeping the tears locked tightly in your throat as you brush past Josh and over to your necklaces, making yourself look busy. 

“Y/N…” he starts.

“What?” you say, trying to cover your obvious distress with thin sarcasm. 

He walks over to you as your hands move frantically through the jewelry, trying to distract not only Josh, but yourself. 

He grabs your wrist lightly and you finally make eye contact with his kind brown eyes. 

“Just stop for a minute,” he says in a caring voice and you can’t bear to maintain the intense eye contact. 

Your eyes meet the ground as your lip begins to wobble once again, the tears rolling down your cheeks. Josh pulls you into a tight embrace, softly running his hand up and down your spine and pressing kisses against the top of your head.

“I’m sorry, this is so stupid, I’m being so stupid,” you say after a minute, pushing him away lightly. 

“Y/N, it’s not stupid. Please, just… Talk to me. I can’t help you if you shut me out,” he says. 

“It’s just… Nothing fits right and you deserve someone who is so much prettier than me and I just feel so wrong in everything that I try on and you were so excited about his party and now I’ve gone and ruined it-” you start to ramble, but he interrupts.

“First of all, it is me that will never be good enough for you. Secondly, I promise you, you are beautiful. In every outfit you own, in every setting, lighting, and angle known to man, you are beautiful. And I know that you don’t believe me, but I promise I will repeat it every single day until you do. I will be here, for as long as it takes to make you understand how breathtakingly beautiful for are,” he says, and it eases your mind slightly, for the moment. “And as for the party, I was excited about it earlier this week, but I’m honestly kind of drained from today’s writing session, so why don’t we just stay in?” 

You feel a weight lifted off your chest at the suggestion of not going to the party. It is replaced by a smaller weight of guilt for making him cancel plans, along with some defeat that tonight you weren’t able to beat insecurity and go out, but nonetheless, relief floods your body. 

“Thank you,” is all you can whisper as he gently leads you over to your dresser and you both change into more comfortable clothes for a night of relaxing on the couch. 

You are far from self love when it comes to your body, but even so, you know that no matter what that voice in your head tells you, you’ll always have Josh there to make you feel loved. 


I hope this was kind of what you were hoping for..? If it isn’t, feel free to drop me another ask and I’ll rewrite it. :) Thanks for reading!

before show routines

“Hey Ty, can I try something?” Josh asked, walking into Tyler’s dressing room. Tyler was just putting on his tie and didn’t have his red jacket on yet, his shirt was pulled out and pants were unbuttoned. He turned around to his friend’s voice.

“Sure, what…” Tyler was cut off when Josh placed a hand over his mouth and spun him to where his back was pressed flush against him. Ty could clearly feel that Josh was hard and figured he must’ve been contemplating this for a while. The thought caused him to whimper into Josh’s hand, trembling with lust and maybe a little bit of fear. Josh could feel it and laughed gently, murmuring into Tyler’s ear while sliding one hand down his chest and stomach. 

“We talked about how one day this would happen. How I would catch you in your room and do bad things to you before a show…” Josh’s voice turned him on even more, causing his breath to hitch. Josh pressed a soft kiss to Tyler’s neck, which slowly turned into leaving purplish, red marks. Good thing he still wears his black make-up. 

Tyler felt the front of his pants growing tighter the more Josh teased him. His fingers stopped just at the waistband and he paused his skin-bruising kisses for a moment.

“Sure you want this?” Josh asked. Tyler nodded, squirming in frustration and vocalizing a quick “mhm”. Josh slid his hand around Tyler’s throat, feeling his adam’s apple squirm beneath his palm as he swallowed and whimpered. Josh slowly dipped his fingers below Tyler’s waistband before sliding them under the second layer, running them over his trimmed pubes. He always loved the noise of surprise and arousal Tyler made when he wrapped his hand around his hard member for the first time. He slowly stroked him inside his briefs several times, swiping his thumb over the wet tip which drove Tyler crazy. His head lolled back against Josh’s shoulder and the most beautiful moans ripped from his throat. He bucked into his hand while panting heavily, trying to get more friction. 

“Alright baby, on the couch.” Josh commanded, pulling his hand out abruptly and causing Tyler to whine. Josh nudged him towards the couch just a few feet away. Tyler was already beginning to pull his pants down. 

“So needy for me, aren’t you babe? Let me do that.” Josh said, stepping towards him and replacing Tyler’s hands with his own. He yanked them down, along with his briefs leaving Tyler completely bare from the hips down. Josh tilted Tyler’s face up and began kissing him deeply. 

“What do you want me to do to you?” Josh asked, pulling away gasping and staring into Tyler’s eyes. Tyler stared back intently, almost with a look of defiance as he licked his lips. This display caused Josh’s cock to twitch and he considered shoving Tyler to his knees and fucking his throat. 

“I want you to fuck me, Josh.” Tyler said calmly and with as much purpose as he could muster. Josh’s eyes darkened, he smirked slightly and grabbed Tyler by the waist, pulling him close. He slid his hands down his back before resting on his ass. 

“You want me to fuck this cute little ass?” Josh said playfully, working his fingers between his cheeks. Tyler’s eyes closed, losing his resolve as Josh pressed one against his entrance.

“Josh, holy fuck, please…” he whimpered pathetically as Josh continued fingering him while biting more marks into his neck like it was his job. Tyler was unconsciously rubbing himself against Josh’s thigh, and Josh stopped him, holding his hips still. 

“You don’t get to do that, I’m in control Ty.” Josh reminded, “Now turn around and get on your knees.” Tyler’s eyes widened from Josh’s forcefulness, but did as he was told. Josh put his hand on his back to push him forward slightly. 

“Beautiful, and all mine.” Josh said, wrapping his hands around his hips. Tyler held still, keening into the cushion. Soon he felt something warm, wet, and soft pressing at his hole. It was Josh’s tongue. Tyler’s head swam and body trembled with pleasure, and he soon felt something stiffer joining it. Before he realized it, Josh had two fingers inside him, scissoring and stretching him open. Due to Tyler’s pleading and needy little moans, Josh couldn’t help but wrap a hand around himself and begin pumping a few times - which turned into several. Then Tyler heard it. The wet sounds of jerking off, and Josh fucking moaned while eating him out, and he almost lost it. 

“JoshJoshJosh no please, I’m gonna cum. I need you inside me.” Tyler begged incoherently, moving away from Josh’s tongue. Josh grinned wildly and gave his ass a love-smack, causing him to cry out. 

“So sexy, Ty. Want you to cum with my cock inside you and I’m gonna fill you up so good, baby.” 

As Josh lined himself up Tyler could feel himself on edge, still blushing from his words. The initial pain of his head pushing past helped distract him, but that didn’t last long once Josh was fully inside him and the pain melted away. Tyler squeezed his eyes shut, groaning from feeling so full. Josh held onto his hips, admiring the view and feel of Tyler stretched tightly around him. He slowly pulled out and slid back in, and by that time Tyler had fully adjusted. 

“Fuck Ty, you feel so good. You want this don’t you baby.” Josh emphasized by digging his fingers into Tyler’s skin, rocking his hips against him a bit faster. Tyler was panting heavily and blushing from the praise and affection Josh was showing him. He had no idea Josh had it in him to talk like that. Precum was leaking from his swollen pink tip, but he dared not touch it, wanting to get off from Josh fucking him. So he focused on Josh’s rhythm, his fingers digging into his hips, and…oh god…he changed his angle, and now Josh was roughly grinding into his prostate with every thrust.

Eventually, Josh wrapped a hand around Tyler’s cock, jerking him in time with is thrusting. Tyler gasped, bucking into his hand and pushing back against him like his life depended on it. Josh worked his cock so expertly as he moved inside him, Tyler’s stomach did flips, and soon he felt the beginning of his orgasm. 

“Jo…osh can I- can I cum pleeeease?” Tyler moaned, overtaken with pleasure as his orgasm was peaking. No matter what the answer, it was going to happen. 

“Yes, cum for me babe, you deserve it.” Josh giving permission made it so much better, and Tyler knew nothing but Josh and the mind-numbing orgasm he associated him with. Josh worked him through, stroking Tyler with his own cum as he milked every last bit out. Once he was finished, it only took Josh a few more seconds of relentless pounding before his hips slowed and he gave up control, releasing into Tyler. They remained like that for a moment, suspended in after glow and allowing the sensitivity to die down. He pulled out with a satisfied grunt, using a random towel to clean them up before helping Tyler get dressed and put his black paint on.  

“Alright boys, time to head out on stage!” A stage manager called from outside the door. 

The boys stepped outside the door and put on their balaclavas, giving each other one last quick peck on the lips. Before they parted ways, Josh gave Tyler a playful slap on the ass. Then they were onstage, playing in front of thousands of screaming, unknowing fans.  


going to jail anyway, so why not? :-)