Angel Dei

Here’s why I have a HUGE crush on her right now:

I think she’s fun to be with. On top of that, she loves herself enough to know what she deserves. She has a jaw dropping body that even a straight woman would fall for! I love her ig feed and the way she carries herself. She also shared her love story with her ex, which is now in heaven. She is such a strong woman. Above all, this is what made me confirm that she’s one of my top girl crushes. She graduated from UP! I have a huge turn on for people who are smart.

I guess i have to keep stalking. 💛

Stage management will be inspecting actors’ feet on their way out of rehearsal every night to make sure they are not trying to steal their show shoes as they are quite taken with them and have spent every break considering which of their personal outfits they would go well with.
—  Things I almost put in the rehearsal report