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gravesmistake  asked:

Hey im super new to the fandom but I rly love your blog and I was wondering if you could rec some others?

ahhh, thank you so much ;u; and welcome to the club new friend! i’m assuming, since you came to me, that you’re looking for more fbawtft and/or gradence-friendly blogs to follow then? I don’t know a whole lot but here’s a few i’ve spotted around:

@ladynorthstar / @greisheb / @crazytom666 / @dakotaliar / @thedesertviking / @mto-art / @winterofherdiscontent / @aukives / @88muneo / @cyy-dark / @livesinsinandmisery / @mamaluciscaelum

@newtsobscuro@elisebazinga / @elvishflower / @rxven-clxw / @graveboner / @petricoloer / @credencesbarebone / @johnwatsonfalls / @greyjoyvs / @percivxlgrxves

@percegraves / @yayuijun / @seasons-gredence / @drawsaurus / @imochan / @percivalgravesaurorsquad / @pcrcivalgrvs / @gravebcnes / @lonely-little-credence / @gradenceisreal / @gradence / @fantastic-gays / @2longinshadows / @spygore

there are plentyyyyy more, but those are just the first few that came to my mind. i hope it helps!

Change of game

Aight Himiko ilu and I’m still gonna make more stuff of you (soon, hopefully), but the temptation with Maki is just. There.
And I gave in.

So change of game: Maki Harukawa is gonna be my secondary (though, main for now??) “blog character” until the 10th of January. I’ll be switching back to Gammanami then bc otherwise ppl could spoil me when the game is out in case she has an important role lmao.


Movies That Broke Barriers For Black Women

 What’s Love Got To Do With It

 The Color Purple

 Lady Sings The Blues


Waiting To Exhale 


Beasts Of The Southern Wild

The Wiz

Eve’s Bayou

The Women of Brewster Place

My favourite Jori stories (in no particular order)

anonymous asked:

i hope you kno that bts has worked hard and suffered something BB who get it on a platter served cannot relate to.

BB getting things on a platter and not working hard????

 Ah yes the group that mopped floors and cleaned toilets at YG, the group that slept with rats, the group that didn’t have anything to eat, the group that made YG Ent. a big 3 company, the group that pulls in $44M a year, the group that YG admitted to wanting to pull the plug out of in 2011 but was saved by the MTV award, the group who put themselves on TV and worked their asses off in 2011 despite their scandals, the group whose leader lived through death threats and the most vile comments yet locked himself in a recording studio to work on a new album, the group with members who have suffered through anxiety and depression, the group who have had to beg YG to do anything for them, the group who go on massive world tours and never complain once, the group who has dealt with the lowest of lows and the darkest times that you can’t ever imagine, the group who were shunned before Lies for being ugly and short, the group who were shunned for doing a new music style, the group who still gets name called and bullied? Ah yes BIGBANG the group that gets all their success handed to them a group that didn’t lift a finger. 

I don’t know what BIGBANG you’re talking about but it isn’t the one I’ve loved for 10 long years, the ones who’ve worked endless days and nights for every fucking penny that they’ve made every fan every award. BIGBANG’s hardwork has made them who they are and don’t you dare take that away from them. YG helping them? BIGBANG fucking made YG it’s the other way around. 

All groups work their asses off. Don’t think that you’re the only one. Success isn’t being sold at Walmart it is earned. 

Finale & primere


  1. Safety Last – USA 1923 – Directors: Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor
  2. The General – USA 1926 – Directors: Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton
  3. Show People – USA 1928 – Director: King Vidor
  4. Duck Soup – USA 1933 – Director: Leo McCarey
  5. It’s a Gift – USA 1934 – Director: Norman Z. McLeod
  6. Modern Times – USA 1936 – Director: Charlie Chaplin
  7. Nothing Sacred – USA 1937 – Director: William A. Wellman
  8. Way Out West – USA 1937 – Director: James W. Horne
  9. Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife – USA 1938 – Director: Ernst Lubitsch
  10. Bringing Up Baby – USA 1938 – Director: Howard Hawks
  11. Midnight – USA 1939 – Director: Mitchell Leisen
  12. His Girl Friday – USA 1940 – Director: Howard Hawks
  13. Sullivan’s Travel – USA 1941 – Director: Preston Sturges
  14. To Be or Not to Be – USA 1942 – Director: Ernst Lubitsch
  15. Road to Morocco – USA 1942 – Director: David Butler
  16. Kind Hearts and Coronets – Great Britain 1949 – Director: Robert Hamer
  17. Born Yesterday – USA 1950 – Director: George Cukor
  18. Les Vaçances de M. Hulot (Mr. Hulot’s Holiday) – France 1953 – Director: Jacques Tati
  19. Some Like It Hot – USA 1959 – Director: Billy Wilder
  20. Move Over, Darling – USA 163 – Director: Michael Gordon
  21. The Pink Panther – Great Britain / USA 1963 – Director: Blake Edwards
  22. The Fortune Cookie (Meet Whiplash Willie) – USA 1966 – Director: Billy Wilder
  23. The Producers – USA 1968 / AKA SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER USA 1967 – Director: Mel Brooks
  24. The Odd Couple – USA 1968 – Director: Gene Saks
  25. Harold and Maude – USA 1971 – Director: Hal Ashby
  26. What’s Up, Doc? – USA 1972 – Director: Peter Bogdanovich
  27. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* * But were afraid to ask – USA 1972 – Director: Woody Allen
  28. Blazing Saddles – USA 1974 – Director: Mel Brooks
  29. Monthy Python and the Holy Grail – Great Britain 1975 – Directors: Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
  30. Animal House – USA 1978 – Director: John Landis
  31. Airplane! – USA 1980 – Directors: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker
  32. Tootsie – USA 1982 – Director: Sydney Pollack
  33. Trading Places – USA 1983 – Director: John Landis
  34. All of Me – USA 1984 – Director: Carl Reiner
  35. This is Spinal Tap – USA 1984 – Director: Rob Reiner
  36. The Breakfast Club – USA 1985 – Director: John Hughes
  37. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – USA 1986 – Director: John Hughes
  38. A Fish Called Wanda – USA / Great Britain 1988 – Directors: Charles Crichton, John Cleese (uncredited)
  39. The Naked Gun: From the Files of  Police Squad – USA 1988 – Director: David Zucker
  40. Big – USA 1988 – Director: Penny Marshall
  41. Home Alone – USA 1990 – Director: Chris Columbus
  42. Groundhog Day – USA 1993 – Director: Harold Ramis
  43. Grosse Pointe Blank – USA 1997 – Director: George Armitage
  44. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – USA 1997 – Director: Jay Roach
  45. The Big Lebowski – USA / Great Britain 1998 – Director: Joel Coen
  46. Le dîner de cons (The Dinner Game) – France 1998 – Director: Francis Veber
  47. There’s Something About Mary – USA 1998 – Directors: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
  48. Meet the Parents – USA 2000 – Director: Jay Roach
  49. Amélie (Am´lie of Montmarte) – France / Germany 2001 – Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  50. Lost in Translation – USA / Japan 2003 – Director: Sofia Coppola


image: amélie/miramax

anonymous asked:

Bigbang won nothing tonight legends my ass they should move over

BIGBANG wasn’t even fucking nominated tonight cause they haven’t released anything this year why would they win????

Move over?!!! When your fav group’s earnings are recognized by Forbes’, members are becoming Chanel ambassadors, curating record breaking art for Sotheby’s, are heading on a solo dome tour in Japan, are making massive bank via foreign investments and successful running of businesses, have individual Daesangs from MAMA, are legends for 10 years, and release music that breaks records and rules Melon and other charts call me okay?


Here’s a quick Top 7 I whipped up last night, it’s about obscure animated films!

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This was originally going to be my April Fools Day post… but I honestly can’t even joke about this stuff. It doesn’t make me angry that this stuff is what it is, I’m more upset by the fact that Cartoon Network backed it so heavily and really believed this was all the next big thing. I could live with that if THE 5 WORST CREATIVE DECISIONS BY CARTOON NETWORK weren’t so spectacularly shitty on their own merits.

Let’s get to them… I guess.

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Favourite Photographer blogs: Week 11 2014

I am going to commence publishing a list of my favourite 5 photographer’s blogs of the week. I tested this on the weekend and it seems it was a success for the listed photographers. This is to help people continue to discover great talent now lensblr is in a more limited capacity:






I hope you enjoy and check out these wonderful photographers.

Freddie Ardley Photography