Hey Dreamworks. How are you? Good? Great. That makes me really happy. Can we talk for a second?

You made boss baby into a tv series for Netflix. Fun! It was a cute movie, with a pretty decent story. Now maybe I’m being an obsessive fan here, but you made a movie a couple (almost six) years ago.

“Rise of the Guardians”. And that was pretty awesome too. With beautiful art. And good characters. It inspired me a lot. Not to mention helped me with my fear of the dark, and got me interested in art later on (To be fair I probably should have been over my fear of the dark by that age anyway, but honestly, I was ready to throw my nightlight out I was so confident then).

And I LOVED that movie. I still do. I mean sure, it’s probably forgotten by some people, and it didn’t do great in the box office, but:

It did do better than The Boss Baby. At least rating wise. I can’t really use the box office to back me up since The Boss Baby made roughly (according to my calculations, which are probably incorrect, please correct me if I’m wrong):

While Rise of the Guardians didn’t do quite as well:

But you can’t deny the ratings. People liked this movie!! You still have fans out there!! But we are a dying crowd. Your other shows are fantastic! Voltron, Trollhunters, I love them! And I think people would love a rise of the guardians show as well. Maybe 2D animation? Something simpler?

You could really explore this world more! The movie did have a great ending, but I just feel like there is more to explore! More characters! World building! Backstory for other characters besides Jack! (WHERE IS JAMIES DAD). I probably just sound like another girl still fantasizing over Jack Frost, and you’ll probably brush this off or not even see it. That’s fine. I’m not a fan because I think Jack is hot, I’m a fan because these characters formed my childhood. I just wanted to put this out there.

Theres a new generation of kids out there who can be inspired, just like I was! All because of a TV show about a movie that came out six years ago!! Isn’t that crazy? I know this dumb post on my irrelevant blog won’t do anything to get us a show, but this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

This movie has potential to be carried on in a TV show, with plot that couldn’t be carried through in another movie. Sure, you probably wouldn’t be able to get the original voice actors back. There are a lot of other incredibly talented voice actors out there who could carry these roles on fantastically! There are probably other reasons why this movie can’t be made into a tv show. That’s alright. I just wanted to put this out there.

I don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation, or be rude, or do anything that isn’t positive in this post. I’m not trashing on the Boss Baby! If you (Dreamworks) think it can be a good show, then I have high hopes for you! I’m sure you can make it great! I just don’t think it will get the same attention as other shows, like Voltron or Trollhunters. Like perhaps a rise of the guardians show would??? Maybe I’m insane. Sorry for bugging you all with a dumb post, but I just really love Rise Of The Guardians.

Thank you for reading.

EDIT: I know you need Mr Joyce’s input on this before this goes anywhere. So Mr Joyce, is by some MIRACLE you see this, I want to to thank you for making my childhood full of wonder. Your stories deserve to be spread to another generation of boys and girls who need it more than ever right now. I know you probably don’t want them spread through a TV series, but I was introduced to these characters stories through the movie, and I think perhaps children could be introduced to them through a fun TV show. I sound insane, and needy, but this movie really does mean a lot to me. By no means do I intend to insult your work by suggesting the beauty of your stories can only be carried onto the next generation through a screen, that is not what I’m saying, I just think a new generation of kids could be shown these characters through it. You’ve done an incredible job. Thank you.


Was digging through old folders for SDCC, and got a huge nostalgia attack of old ROTG comics/stories I never finished. 

I can’t even tell when I’ll have the time to do comics again, but I hope to. It’s fun to tell “what ifs” stories.

These cleaned-up and rough pages are part of a larger story. In this “sequence” excerpt, they are trying to find books that are mysteriously disappearing.

(apologies, been a while since I posted. Really really really busy)

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Rise of the guardians pirate au please

I’m sorry anon for the delay but here you have… and sorry i hope you do not mind if i put my own Bunny and Tooth human versions haha and.. I’m not very creative haha ovo

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Weirdest thing I've used in witchcraft would be my own wisdom tooth, I made a "wisdom" charm and set the tooth in beeswax after so it wouldn't be too odd. I have a couple more that I'm waiting to use, any ideas? 🤔🤗

Teeth are so handy for magic. Think of everything they connect to and represent. First off, it’s a really powerful taglock, so using it to tie your energy to a working is an amazing tool. Even in a witch bottle (a bottle of protection that pretty much acts as “you” and a decoy to draw any negative energy/hexes/spellwork etc to it instead of you.) would be a great use of an extra tooth.

Teeth also connect to the old and ancestors (especially wisdom teeth) as they are bones of their blood, you! So using them as a tether for familial spirits is a good idea too.

The ask I answered before this made a protection charm out of their baby teeth so you’re on a really cool path!

Teeth also connect to hunger (literal or figurative and could be used for blessing or baneful magic), happiness (teeth show when you’re smiling and laughing), anger (gnashing teeth) and power in general. You could use them to “grind their bones to make your bread” as a binding ala fee fi fo fum. 

Bind or sow discord. “Shut your mouth” or“Loose lips sink ships”!
Last idea that comes to mind would be in divination. You could make lots to cast and interpret and a tooth can represent so many things, it’s an awesome addition to any form of thrown divination.

If you ever want to send some teeth my way, I would gladly accept lol 

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  • Junkrat: (sneezes)
  • Roadhog: Is that a tooth?
  • Junkrat: (looks closer) Heh. Yeah! It is!
  • Roadhog: Why are you proud of that?
  • Junkrat: Because now I have a chance of killing the tooth fairy!
  • Efi: *gasp* You're gonna try and hurt the tooth fairy!?
  • Junkrat: Uh, I said... Thrilling! I'm gonna scare her away!
  • Roadhog: All your scares involve someone dying.
  • Junkrat: Well you don't need to tell her that!?