Study of the teeth of one of my characters 8> and his dark gums nd tongue. he’s got a thick textured black lining on the inside of his lips like animals often have

they actually belong to a very chill and funny character, his mouth just… isn’t as chill or anything to joke about, bitch can bite
 though his too big toothy smile makes up for it 

let me tell you I gave up on those molars. hrbjdfgd

Spotlight on the gem word: Opalised fossils.

Australia is the principal source of opalised fossils, and shells, corals or teeth are found set into pendants. In fact, many finds around Australia over the years have added up to a detailed picture of a Jurassic ecosystem, with both land and marine assemblages, the latter from an inland sea. Finds include wood, dinosaur bones, shells and corals. An entire opalised pliosaur skeleton (think small plesiosaur) was found in Coober Peedy in 1987. It was bought using funds raised by Australia’s schoolchildren, and since 1993 it has been on display in the Australian Museum. Now nicknamed Eric, he shows how much passion dinosaurs can raise, if pocket money and weekend cake baking time are anything to go by.

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