“We were strangers starting on a journey, never dreaming what we would have to go through//No one told me I was going to find you, unexpected what you did to my heart" 

Did something based off my Cupid!au ;w;. This is post after Merida accepts her center and “feelings” for a certain guardian of fun. Her design was given to her by arcanabreak​ who inspired this idea. Give full credit to her drawing here (x). See? Happy stuff! :’D


This is a pendant featuring an authentic tooth of the massive, theropod (meat-eating) dinosaur Spinosaurus. It’s a small tooth about 1.4" long and would have come from a juvenile of the species. These smaller, isolated Spinosaurus teeth are relatively common fossils in the Kem Kem Beds near Taouz, Morocco.  Spinosaurus like other dinosaurs and sharks shed it’s teeth pretty frequently as it grew or they became worn. It also had quite the mouthful of teeth and must have been a pretty abundant dinosaur because it left a lot of teeth in the fossil record. 

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Artist special! We’ve cleared out boxes and bags of human teeth, and found some exceptional chompers. Whole teeth, teeth with fillings, and packs of discounted damaged teeth are available.
Call or email to reserve some now.
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“Give them back, Jack!”

“But they would never know!”


If there’s one thing Tooth doesn’t let anyone mess up with, it is her Teeth. Memories are not something to play with, so when our Winter Spirit tries to take a look inside the toothboxes, and thus violating Bunny’s and North’s privacy, the female Guardian gets VERY serious.