Here’s some toon/ink Henrys too! @shinyzango‘s & @themarginalartist‘s ink monster Henry, @yunisverse‘s, and @squigglydigglydoo‘s toon Henrys! 

Bonus with @doodledrawsthings‘s Henry

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(started by toon-ager)

ik a few of you already know a bit about me, but if you’re new, there’s some questions you can ask, and i’ll try to answer as many as possible.

1: What’s your name? Do you have a few other names you go by, whether its your name IRL or an alias?

2: What is your gender and/or the pronouns you use?

3: What is your main toon you play as (or whatever your most developed is)? Is it an OC? A sona? Your toon from Toontown Online all those years ago? Where are you in the game? (playground,gag,suit-wise). What game do you play (Rewritten, Fellowship, Offline?) Feel free to tell as much about them as you want and even include pictures if you can/want!

4: What type of blogger are you/do you consider yourself? Someone who makes fanworks of your ocs or others’? Someone who just reblogs what they think is interesting? Someone who posts fun/dumb screencaps? A person who develops entire stories/headcanons/lore with their own toontown characters/fan ideas? Or something else entirely?

5: What is your favorite toon species?

6: Your favorite cog?

7: Your favorite HQ and/or playground?

8: What about cog boss fight? Which one is the most fun to you?

9: How long have you been playing? Have you been here all the way back from Toontown Online’s original release up until its closure? Did you just start playing recently?

10: What is your favorite gag?

11: What stuff do you like besides Toontown? Other fandoms you’re in? Hobbies? Bands/music artists? Whatever you can think of.

12: Do/Did you play any other MMO’s/MMORPG’s/Other Multiplayer games?

13: Do you consider yourself social?

14: Do you play Toontown frequently?

15: What’s your favorite thing to do in Toontown? (try to max your toons, play trolley games, talk to people, do fashion shows/parties, help new users, ect. ect.)

16: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you in the game?

17: Is there anything that really annoys you that happens/people do in the game?

18: Not Toontown related, but usually this tells a lot about a person- what’s your favorite fictional character(s), if any?

19: What’s your favorite thing about Toonblr?

20: Anything else you’d like to share? Your main blog/other blogs you run? Fun facts about you? What you ate for breakfast? Go wild.

anonymous asked:

hey henry how do you feel about the bendys youve met so far and do you really not remember anything before becoming a toon?

“Never got a reason to not trust any of them… Or well… The ones I remember that is.”

Henry gives a hum. Something seems to be on his mind.

“… May might change his mind, or hey…. Maybe I could find out why he’s so hostile.”