Another for my comedy series
HOW TO DRAW - Rick and Morty

Who shall I draw next?!

Technically this is a “repost”, I felt the original text I had on top took away from Ms.Chrome Imply and her small details so wanted to edit it out and let her shine. Clean bg fun!

anyway enjoy!

Either this is destiny or the universe is mocking me.

So when I first made Aerasuni’s kid it was on a lark and I only kept him because the little shit rolled a black/black dye out of a cantina crate. And then I made Yuna’s son on a lark and only kept HIM because GUESS WHAT! Black/black dye. Again.

Wound up deleting them both recently because I didn’t have enough inspiration to form a real character for either of them, but thought that maybe if I combined them I’d have ssoommeething.

And then remade Aerasuni’s son as a Sith Warrior on a lark since if I’m keeping either of them it’s Kiran.

And fucking. GUESS. what happened.

motherfucking black/black dye out of the crate. 


why only him?!!?!! i’ve made HOW MANY other characters!??!!!! 

WHY ONLY HIM????????


A real life tasmanian devil 😍