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How's Joey feeling about his apprentice's predicament?

((…I’d say he took it well, even if he was laughing at him at first.))

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never piss off dem fangirls ;)


More Space Babe! And some bunny babe aswell hehehehe 😂😂😂
After doing some poses studies I wanted to draw The Queen of Martians as a kick boxing champion and was trying to get muscle structure in my anatomy and poses. It can help you guys if you wanna practice 😊

Also She is sooo beautiful with short hair then her long hair. What do you guys think hehehehe

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I wonder what Henry would think of Toon-Henry?

“What do I think of this? Well, it’s not the ideal way to spend a weekend, but at least I didn’t end up like Sammy! …though I would like my fourth finger back. And maybe the nine inches of height I lost, too…”

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“Think about it.  I’m just a reflection – I only show you what’s there.  Would a mirror ever lie to you?”

There’s been a bit of… let’s say, confusion regarding Bendy’s reflection in the Toon Henry AU.

Bendy’s reflection isn’t necessarily the true nature of the demon that was turned into Bendy.  He’s also not just Bendy himself.  He’s a reflection.

Think of what a reflection is.  It shows you your true face and form, right?  Well, what is Bendy in this AU but a haphazard amalgamation of a real demon and a cartoon character?

Bendy’s reflection is, essentially, indicative of Bendy’s true nature.  He’s Bendy without all the childlike innocence, the demon with the added cartoonish attitude.  He’s both, and as a result, he’s neither just one or the other.

When Bendy loses himself and starts becoming more unstable, e.g. when the demonic nature of what he used to be starts leaking through, the bits of Bendy that make him the lovable cartoon character scatter amongst the things that represent only the cartoon character – merchandise, posters, things like that.  What’s left behind is just Bendy’s ink – just some of his core thoughts and emotions, and nothing to suppress what little of the demon remains.

The only thing about Bendy that stays constant, no matter what, is the fact that, at his core, he is both the demon and the cartoon character.  To deny one or the other is to deny what he really is.  This is a fact that he doesn’t want to face, which is why the “mirror gag” isn’t just a gag – it’s Bendy’s true self that he refuses to acknowledge.

But it’s also just a reflection – whether Bendy is behaving like his cartoon self or “Bendy” is on a rampage, the reflection is unaffected.

In other words… he’s still in the mirror, should anyone choose to look.


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It’s hard to draw a comparison where there shouldn’t be one.  The thing is, Henry is a human being, with human proportions – to put him next to his toon self is gonna look odd no matter which way you slice it… because as a cartoon, his proportions are all completely different.

Theoretically, his height shouldn’t change.  After all, he’s still the same guy.  What’s changing about him are his proportions and if you made him the same height with cartoony proportions, well… his cartoon self would look like a freak.  

If the ‘toons were to be given realistic, humanlike proportions, they’d be the same height to his human self comparatively.  But because they DON’T have realistic proportions when coming into the real world, well… certain things change on the way out, let’s say.  It’s not that Henry becomes taller – it’s that the toons actually become SMALLER, while retaining their original proportions.

And thanks to comparing Henry to the height of the ‘toons between the inked studio and reality, it’s possible to draw a height comparison between Henry and his ‘toon self.

Yes, the ‘toons are conspicuously oddly-proportioned in the real world.  People DO notice that their heads and hands are unusually large when compared to real humans, especially for their statures.  Even Alice, the only one who could theoretically get away with disgusing herself as a very small human, still has difficulty because of this.

(I threw in some bonuses because I felt like it.  Maybe soon I’ll add in the height for Joey, and some of the others who fell victim to the studio.)