Yugi’s character and monsters and such REALLY come in handy as VR material! 😁 I wanted to see whether I could create a world that looks like a miniature diorama thus Toon World! 🤡

The other day on a trip with the Yu-Gi-Oh! crew we played Duel Links but I lost completely 😱

(NOTE: He specifically mentions “hakoniwa” (箱庭) which are a specific type of Japanese miniature box garden dioramas, known for being very therapeutic.)
Here’s why cartoon characters only have 4 fingers
Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson, SpongeBob SquarePants, Looney Tunes, the Flintstones, and so many other cartoon characters all have just three fingers and a thumb. Why is that the case?

The A.V. Club featured our video, about why cartoons only have four fingers, in an article! Thanks for the love!
Why Cartoons Characters Only Have Four Fingers
On an animated episode of Tooned Up! by Channel Frederator, host Cade Hiser explains why a majority of cartoon characters only have four fingers. Cartoon characters have had four fingers for as lon…

@laughingsquid shared our “Why Do Cartoons Only Have Four Fingers?” video in an article! That’s awesome! Thanks!
Cartoon Madness
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