After watching this year Nintendo’s digital event and Nintendo’s world championship, I got to see some interesting imagery, and I’m not talking about the puppets. It’s more related to one of the new items from Super Mario Maker, the High heel boot. That, combined with the trailer of TLOZ: Triforce heroes and the Zelda outfit for link , gave me the inspiration I needed to work this silly comic. You may say I wanted a perfect reason to draw Link in a dress :D

So I came up with a scene with Nintendo Characters getting ready for the event, kinda like actors preparing for a play. And well… they’re just dazzling!

Nintendo, you’re so fabulous this year, Gotta love it :D
Every logo and character depicted belongs to Nintendo.

And no, don’t worry, I don’t think is bad for Link to wear a dress I just think is cute and silly. Link also seems really happy wearing it in the game, so everything is all right :)

In addition, it ended up being an interesting game mechanic :O

Todays daily lunch doodle is windwaker themed. I’ve always felt that the king of red lions would look awesome as a dragon. So I designed him!

I was thinking they would rely on the wind to help him fly since his wings are a bit smaller than regular dragons, so he can glide to places.

I might make a water based design later, i really wanna draw him again.