Oswald’s Nervous Tick

Has anyone noticed that when Ozzie is worried about someone he loves, he bites his fingers?

I’ve only seen it twice now. Once when Galavan had his mother:

And the other time was right before Isabella died:

Idk. It’s a weird, cute little quirk that he has. It’s a little thing that he does when he doesn’t want to show that he’s worried, but deep down he really is.

p!atd album aesthetics
  • afycso: 1980s strip clubs hidden away from wives, costume parties where the hostess plans to kill a guest, climbing through the windows of friends because it’s not safe at home, losing your virginity to a one night stand that you want back, smudged deep red lipstick on swollen lips, hiding vodka in a flask under your shirt, meeting under barber shop signs to whisper secrets, affairs that everybody knows about but nobody talks about
  • pretty.odd.: stoners sitting in a circle playing acoustic covers of hippie song, kisses on the necks of best friends, lying on the grass on warm nights and stargazing, singing french to yourself even though you've got no clue as to what you're saying, flower crowns strewn over messy short hair, going into grocery stores in the middle of the night
  • vices: newly cut and styled hair, smoothing down vest jackets and straightening ties, sharp violin notes, dark passionate nights and lonely mornings, realising your sunday preacher is also your monday drug dealer, nostalgia for times with old friends that you miss
  • too weird: waking up in vegas even though you went to sleep on the other side of cali, shaking glitter out of folded clothes, blowing out cigarette smoke into the crisp night sky, kicking broken slot machines until change spills out, realising you miss someone more than you care to admit
  • doab: climbing to the top of a building and seeing where the city meets the sky, feeling at ease with somebody for the first time in a while, letting everything bad inside consume you for a little bit but eventually taking back control, lying in the hot sun on a deckchair next to a pool, neon lights shining onto the beach in the late evening
Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die
  • This is Gospel: Don't look too much into the lyrics okay just don't do it
  • Miss Jackson: this song makes me wanna wear lacy black thigh-highs and red lipstick
  • Vegas Lights: "we're bored with looking good" that sounds fake but ok
  • Girl That You Love: No offence but this is easily the worst song in their entire discography
  • Nicotine: heartbreak disguised as a serious fuckin jam
  • Girls/Girls/Boys: it's still not as gay as pretty. odd.
  • Casual Affair: S I N
  • Far Too Young To Die: *Alex Gaskarth voice* Stop fucking around with my emotions
  • Collar Full: cutesy romantic jam stuck between two of the saddest songs I've ever heard
  • The End of All Things: brendon discovers autotune
  • Me: *becomes a doctor*
  • Me: *is in the middle of a check-up with a patient*
  • Me: Okay, now I'm going to listen to your heart *puts stethoscope up to patient's chest*
  • Patient's heart: *beats several times*

ideas to add to that fantasy story i’m writing:

  • you can say spells out loud, because that’s the usual
  • and you can sign spells, because deaf people have to able to do spell work
  • so clearly, spells work by communicating the idea of what you want to happen to the universe in some kind of way— it doesn’t necessarily have to be verbal
  • so… why can’t spells work when written down?
  • magic duels that are just both people scribbling furiously on their parchment and occasionally glancing up to glare at the other person while bursts of magic explode around them
  • witches who carry around slips of paper with half-written spells on them to quickly add the last few letters in an emergency
  • when magic textbooks are written, the spells have to be written down with added slashes or zeros instead of O’s to avoid actually triggering the spell
    • like when you’re writing an anti-fandom post and you have to keep it from showing up in the tags, but higher stakes, because if you actually write down that fire spell… 
  • when someone discovers/creates a new spell verbally or in sign language, figuring out how it should be spelled written down is a trip
  • i bet spelling in spells is horrible (no pun intended)
  • there are wizards who insist “the candle lighting spell works best when spelled HANUKAH” and other wizards who immediately scream back “no the correct spelling is CHANUKAH”
  • healing spells gently painted onto bruises and casts and injured body parts

princesspuffy  asked:

Juliet! Jin and Romeo!Jimin?

Jin: The fuck? Why am I doing this again??

Jimin: Well Yoongi Hyung claims that it is for his “project” and I wanna make Tae mad soo.. and I like you so thats a thing

Jin: What

Jimin: I like your face, hyung.. I like.. your face

((im sorry i didn’t know what outfits to draw them in ok))