antonio and lovino having a fight and they dont speak to each other for about three days until lovino finally accepts that it was his fault they got in a fight in the first place and so he knocks on antonio’s door and is just all red and pouty and mumbles “a-and another thing…” but antonio just smiles and hugs him and lovino apologises

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Toby wanting to do something nice for Alcor one day when he’s home alone, so he tires to bake a cake but he accidentally sets the whole kitchen on fire, Meanwhile Dipper is at a boring summons when he feels Toby’s absolute distress, so he blips home to the house in flames and Toby’s continuous and endless apologies. Toby blubbering and crying his eyes out while Dipper is just like ‘OMFG Jesus Christ on a Hot Wheel wHY ME’ as he puts the fire out.


Elliott performing “In the Lost and Found” in New York, 2000

I seriously can’t take how he stands with his hands on his hips. It kills me!!