Here are some more recent pictures I had someone take for me. I apologize if the pictures aren’t great, they aren’t great with technology haha. But it does show some more growth. I really need to get in there and trim.. Oh when time will allow….

Vendredi cinq

1. I brought chickens for show n tell today at the Audubon Acres day camp. Because I’m weird like that.

2. Monday I drove up to near Knoxville to take the kids to my ex the kids & ended up going to a small group meeting, getting home at 11PM. Tuesday was our anniversary. Wednesday I drove to Knoxville again and tattooed all evening. Yesterday I picked Wolf up at 5 AM, then yesterday and today I’ve been doing the day camp 9AM-3 for 4-7 year olds at Audubon Acres nature preserve. And all next week, too.

3. That’s a lot. And our feels-like temp was 99 yesterday, and almost that today. I’m tired, and my head hurt terribly this morning. I carried a 4yo on my shoulders through the mosquito-infested woods this afternoon.

4. Despite that, I made awesome skillet supper and put together 5 dinner meal packets and 4 burritos for Wolf (2 each pizza and cheeseburger)

5. Tonight is nip-bottle of 90-proof coconut rum and knitting with NCIS. I think Sat and Sun since I don’t have any plans, I’m gonna sit on my ass and knit. Maybe take a nap.

- End-of-year accounting for one of my companies: done

- Processing a large order to the US for my other company: done

- Preparing the very-much-delayed 2016 photobook of my kid - NOT DONE

- Cleaning up the house before an overseas visit - NOT DONE (who wants to scrub floors when it’s 90°F in your kitchen? not this girl)

- Preparing the final tests for my students next week - NOT DONE

- Making time for practice - Hopefully done?

- Finishing two chapters and adding a new one to a section that was supposed to be finished - NOT DONE BECAUSE OF THAT DARN ACCOUNTING THING

- Preparing for our trip to overseas - NOT DONE - packing is best done 12 hours before departure, right?

- Sleeping: NOT DONE