The Zodiac Signs + Time

Thinks that time moves too fast: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Thinks that time moves too slow: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

Has no concept of time whatsoever: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius

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Hey G, I think I asked a while ago but can you pls do another of the things harry does post? Part 3?

part one | part two

- will drink your coffee/tea and make a grimace for you because “there’s too much sugar here, pet”

- call on your phone in the middle of the day to ask what’s the name of the song you were listening early, because now it’s stuck in his head

- wakes you in the middle of the night just because he remembered the thing he wanted to tell your earlier but couldn’t remember

- put both hands between his thighs when he’s watching a scary movie, for safety of course

-  tries to persuade inanimate objects to do things in the way he want, like when the printer is too slow and he tries to convince it to be faster, as if it could hear/ answer him

- still get nervous when he has to talk with your father, calling him Mr and Sir all the time, even after your father said that it wasn’t necessary

- pull you to sit on his lap while he’s talking on the phone, kissing and biting your back/neck/shoulder while you giggle

- say “who yeh’re smiling at?” while you scroll down on your phone as fast as possible so he won’t know that you were smiling at the pics of him with his fans in his last trip

- put a pillow under his shirt while you complete your nightly routine, rubbing his belly, looking at you and saying “see? I’m having your baby” 

- Do a weird medley of songs while he sings in the shower, going from “twinkle twinkle little star” to “woman” and finishing with “isn’t she lovely?”, always thanking the ‘audience’ for having him

- hold you from behind after you shower and says “I’m gonna smell yeh till all the perfume fade away”

- will braid your hair while you’re siting between his legs on the floor, reading out loud a old poetry book he found in a book fair

- tries to twerk when he’s sure that no one is watching

- put his cold hands on your neck just to see your body shiver with it

- has a smug smile on his face after he listened to you talking with your friend and saying how much you love him and how good you feel when you’re with him

- pouts deeply when he’s thinking about something important and you feel the need to kiss the  wrinkle on his forehead, making him smile with that

- get embarrassed when you start to poke his dimple and teasing him about how pretty he is, and how seductive his dimples are

- loves when your mom tell him stories about your childhood, asking for her if he can take some pictures of the little you - in a bath, playing with a pink ball - with him, saying that if you don’t let him sleep on your arms tonight, he’ll post them tomorrow on twitter

- cries every time he watch “The Notebook”, hiding his face on your neck and asking you if “yeh’ gonna love me till I get old? Even if I don’t remember who yeh are?” as you promise him that yes, you’ll always love him, no matter what

-  smiles embarrassed when you look at this hands and say “ omg harry you’re naked!” because he’s without his rings™, hiding his hands behind his back

first, sorry for taking so long do to this! it’s been months since you asked me and i was procrastinating as usual. second, thanks to @theheadcanonsawakens (ridicula) and @stylishmuser for helping me! i love you both very much a lot!

edit: i felt the need of add a gif on this.

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so, Warren Schiller - good guy? I am crap at remembering names and my internet connection is too slow for waiting to play unhelpful youtube videos.

As far as I can tell, he is the best option. Lots of YouTube videos showing how to do things without excessive self promotion/promotion of pointless tools. Really effective and non-harsh use of -r/+p, uses traditional methods very gently and well. Doesn’t spew a lot of dominance and respect nonsense. He’s also engaged online with the clicker training crowd and he clicker trains his cat.

He does some stuff I don’t agree with (rides a two year old and I think he said some dumb stuff about helmets and body protectors) but I recommend him a lot. He also does a lot to improve himself and criticizes his own mistakes openly which I really respect. I haven’t watched and read everything he’s done but he is definitely a good trainer and I like him.

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Youre not too slow just too awesome : D

All these shenanigans with my laptop breaking has made me a little depressed so I do think I’m a little slow with pumping out writings, but the other Admin helps me out a lot when it comes to coming up with ideas when I’m feeling uninspired 

But thank you for the compliment~

~Admin Flame Empress

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Have you ever used a sword or other weapons or do you feel that they are not for you and were made for marksmanship?

“I could’ve used swords or whatever if I wanted to… But these limit my artistic freedom, they don’t give me nearly as many possibilities to be creative as blades do.“

//// He has been studying blades basically all his life, so he wouldn’t change. He may be able to use a sword to some basic extent but that’s it. If the weapon doesn’t have a blade, he wouldn’t use it.

Also how he’s built, how tall and lanky he is, he’s not made for melee fight. He can get tripped and mauled down easily by just a slightly skilled fighter. He’s slow reacting too. 


Hayden Christensen on his lightsaber training


List of Favorite Movies   8. Pocahontas (1995)

“You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”