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niahbwriting tagged me in a screenshot earlier of an article she read about TWD’s “Most Shocking Deaths of Season 5″ and surprisingly, very surprisingly, Beth was not on the list. Let me just repeat that…the character with the worst written death in the entire show (yes, I said it and I’m more than happy to explain why I think so in more detail for anyone who would like to know) was not on the list. The little blonde who both Gimple and GN have stated is “dead” without actually using the four letter word. The funny thing is, that article actually had me thinking. 

It’s all connected. Everything that TPTB have fed us. From Beth’s badly written death, Emmy’s interview on The Talking Dead episode after “Coda” and RK’s not-so-subtle thumbs up, the ASZ tour, the fact that no one both on and off screen has actually said “Beth is dead”, the sunrise and the music box restarting in 5x10 only after Aaron says “I have some good news”, the fact that before Season 5 even started GN told us that the clocks were something that we had to paid attention to (something that they’ve only just told us to pay attention to despite using clocks in previous series), the scars that match those of Andrea in the comics, even Emmy’s tweet about wishing the cast a great “start” of Season 6 filming. It’s adding up. 

I don’t really know why it’s taken so long for me to realise it, but as I sit here writing this meta I’m connecting the dots. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the way Gimple has handled Beth’s “death” was pretty bad. But I gotta give the man credit, he’s pretty clever. Beth is his baby, a character he created specifically for the show and I don’t believe he’s finished with her at all. He’s just lead us to believe that he is. Why? Here’s why…

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So do you think this new #HistoryNetwork special #TexasRising is gonna cover how they fought for independence from Mexico so they could keep their slaves? Nah probably not. Or how they were flat broke as a “country” after 8 years and were begging to be part of the United States? Let’s make something clear, Texas, you can’t secede. It’s illegal. You are not an individual in a part. You are a fiftieth of the whole. You have a power grid, yes. Do you have a Navy? Won’t be doing a lot of commerce by sea then because you’ll be embargoed immediately. Your National Guard took the same oath I took in the Air Force. They follow the orders of your governor until they receive contradictory orders from higher up the chain of command, in this case the President. So there goes your army. I assure you the trained might of the US Armed Forces will tear through your angry white male militias like the hot wet paper garbage bags they are. Not even an obstacle. “Like the buzzing of flies to him.” Do you have an Air Force? Gonna be hard to combat that No Fly Zone. I don’t know why you wanna leave Texas. Is it because the black guy from Chicago is in the White House? That’s not fair. Chicago didn’t threaten to leave when the idiot from Texas was President. General Relativity, Texas, nothing rises. We are all just falling toward the Sun. #QriswithaQ

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Grace spoke at Ramapo College 2015 graduation. She graduated from the college in 2007. Before she began her speech she was introduced and had a little bit said about her. It basically explained her achievements and what she is doing with her life ever since she graduated. I got a lil emotional. Because this woman is one of my idols. And as everything she had achieved was being listed I realised how amazing this human is. Grace has achieved so much!! She gained 2 million YouTube subscribers and lost them all and gained them all back. She wrote 2 books. She has a podcast. Herself, @mamrie and mydrunkkitchen have their own movie. Grace has a TV show. She has toured for her book and for NoFilterShows. She creates YouTube videos for her fans. And has done so much more just with her life. She’s such an inspiration and I love her so much. gracehelbig thank you, for everything you do. You made me feel things with your speech. I really appreciate you. You, Mamrie and Hannah make me happier. I love you Helbig!!!❤️❤️

ps; this big dumb is very pretty!!!

pps; I love you also, michelleakin!! Thank you for retweeting my tweet last night!!