Too many to hashtag

i’ve been trying to find the right words for awhile now but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there will never be no correct wording of this. no amount of condolences will ever make up for the lives that are continually and recklessly getting taken away. im not going to try and relate to the black community, because i will never know what its like to grow up black in america. the color of my skin has become an item of protection while others has become a target, and there is something so undoubtably wrong about that, yet there is still no justice for it. the injustice going on should upset you, it should make you angry, and you should want change, but change isn’t going to come from staying silent. silence is always in favor of the oppressor. there are too many names, too many hashtags, too many lives taken too soon. there is power in numbers, so do something, even if it is just talking about the issue at hand, because that is the least any of us can do. peace and love will always overcome fear and hate.

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What do you think of the lud=hre thingy??

I approve!

The interesting thing is that the German identity developed once HRE already existed, the empire’s origins are Franconian, and HRE didn’t really exist as an identity as far as I know. In ‘Germany’ you much rather had “local national pride”, like Saxons+Bavarians (it’s still pretty strong in Germany still) so HRE wouldn’t have been very “stable”. I like the idea that HRE couldn’t just take over the new role of a unified Germany, but first had to die and be reconstructed into a new person. They’d have the same essence; Germany would be almost like an alternate, improved version that can actually grow up!

We're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Too many RIP’s, hashtags, trials, murders, and now this violence in Dallas. I’m tired I really am.

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#PrayforParis #PrayforFrance #PrayforOrlando #PrayforNice #blacklivesmatter #PrayforMunich I'm too young to see so many hashtags like these. I know you're from Germany. Hope you're alright. :'X

Yes, that’s all horrible, but I do not want to live in fear! I hope that you all alright too!