Too happy to be alive

please be gentle with yourself. you’re trying. if it’s taking you longer than you thought to achieve something or get somewhere that’s okay. try not to compare yourself to others too much because not everyone gets to where they need to be right away. you’re alive that’s what matters. keep trying. you’ll get there.

Not only are we getting 2x06 on Monday, also known as the malec date ep with a special kiss, but after the ep we are also getting the promo for 2x07 aka alec ‘’cool gills’’ lightwood buys magnus a gift and will probably see his cat eyes too.

#what a time to be alive #they will be happy *im sobbing*

It sits inside him like that night he drowned himself in stomach acid and his father’s whiskey. It sits there all heavy, all on his shoulders, all on his chest and in his teeth. It sits there bile-yellow, makes him feel sick.

You know to cradle it, to let it take home in you. You let it grow on you, give it your arms and neck and back to stretch into. It asks for a place to hide and you give it your open palms. It sleeps there, thorns and all, flowers and all. It is soft and wild and leaves red wherever it goes.

He can’t look you in the eye, says it feels like seasickness, like the nausea you get while spinning in circles. Says it makes him feel dizzy, makes him feel weak. You hold open your hands and all he sees are thorns, all he sees are yellow leaves and all the weight.

—  Reena B.What is it like to fall in love with someone who hates love?

sam and bucky when they first start sharing the shield:

sam: dickhead

bucky: asswipe

sam and bucky after a near death experience on a mission:

sam: you’re alive, dickhead

bucky: happy to see you too, asswipe

sam and bucky on their first date:

sam: you look good, dickhead

bucky: not as good as you, asswipe

sam and bucky on their honeymoon:

sam: mr. dickhead

bucky: mr. asswipe

Those two will be the end of me, I swear ♥ 

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Happy Birthday, Moony || Remus Lupin x Reader Drabble

Summary: Imagine asking the marauders to arrange a small get-together for Remus’s 57th birthday, and things don’t go how you imagined 

Fandom: Harry potter (AU kinda)

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings: None 

A/N: Let’s all pretend that everyone is all alive and happy. I was too heartbroken about the fact his birthday falls three days before a full moon, so let’s give him a party like he deserves. Hope y’all enjoy! This one is for you @hogwarts-konoha <3 ~ Rae

March 10th 2017, Remus Lupins 57th Birthday.

A day that’s supposed to be spent full of celebration, Happiness and a drunk Sirius black singing ‘ For he’s a jolly good fellow’ at the top of his lungs. But not this year. This year is a ticking clock as this year his birthday fell three days before a full moon. You cried when you realised at the universe 

He begged you earlier in the month, while you lay in bed together not to celebrate his birthday this year.

“please [Y/N]” He whispered into your hairline “How can I celebrate when I know in three days time I’m gonna that monster”

You sat up in bed, looking softly into his eyes as you lightly traced the scar on his face, then firmly placing a kiss on his forehead “ celebrating is exactly what we do rem, We are gonna outnumber those horrible days with good ones, with amazing ones surrounded by our family and loved ones”

“[y/n]…” he began, but you cut him off 

“we gotta hold onto the joy in our lives for as long as we can sweetie” He smiled at you softly, pulling you back into his arms 

“ I love you,[Y/N/N]” he whispered kissing your shoulder 

“ I love you too, Moony” 

“something small?” he pleaded “ I don’t want a repeat of last year,“  You thought for a second, agreeing with him 

“okay, Something small” you compromised 

March 10th came around a lot faster than either of you had realised. You had spent the day just the two of you, a long lie then lunch, walked around a bookstore for a while buying him whatever he wanted. Then go to see a muggle movie before deciding to head home. a peaceful and low-key, exactly how he wanted it.

“the guys are coming over in a bit,” you said to him as you walked up the path towards the home you and him shared, he groaned a little  “we will order dinner have a wee beers … low key” you emphasised “okay” he smiled  giving you a quick kiss as you walked through the door, the house still in darkness, the lights were flicked on and everyone jumped up out of their hiding spots 

“SUPRISE!!” they all shouted, blowing into streamers and party poppers

the rest of the marauders, Lily, and a bunch of other people all friends and family stood smiling in front of the pair of you. As you looked around the whole house was covered in banners and there were balloons everywhere 

“boys I said small” you laughed pointing at the rest of the marauders 

“Don’t blame all of us [Y/N] it was mostly Pads” James accused 

“well we HAD to have a party to celebrate your birthday, gramps” Sirius smirked wrapping and arm around Remus’s neck. As everyone else approached Remus to wish him a happy birthday you excused yourself to the kitchen, returning with a large chocolate birthday cake. you nodded to lily and she dimmed the lights as the whole room began singing happy birthday, he pulled you onto his lap, kissing you softly. the both of you blushing slightly as you remembered the room full of people 

“Happy Birthday, Moony”

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Sansa drifted to seep as the moon rose, Arya several hours later, curling in the grass under Ned’s cloack. All throught the dark hours he kept his vigil alone. When dawn broke over the city, the dark red blooms of dragon breath surrounded the girls where they lay. “I dreamed of Bran” Sansa had whispered to him. “I saw him smiling”. - Eddard V, AGOT.

This part of Ned charapter is not only so heart warming ( imagine sansa and arya sleeping peacefully while their loving father keeps guard…such a sweet scene). But for me this quote can foreshadow Sansa, Arya and Bran all surviving at the end. When the dawn broke could mean when the war of dawn (with the others) ends, and the dragons are gone ( the dark red blooms of dragon breath) the girls (Arya and Sansa) are still there. And Sansa dreamed of Bran too, smiling. I just hope for my stark children to be happy and alive at the end. 


“Vegeta - hey, I thought I almost lost you there - “
“I’m not going anywhere, Kakarot…”

For @gokoyes! A really reassuring kiss right after taking a big hit in the middle of a battle. Goku is shy about kissing but is too happy seeing the bae still alive to worry.

…I’m really proud of this one :D

Kisses ♡

bahhhh my DA trilogy ladies

in my perfect headcanon DA world they all exist together, along with my dudes 

(l to r: nihal adaar, atheris lavellan, marian hawke, and maris cousland)