Too happy to be alive

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Why is two bit your favorite?

Oh~ Thank you so much for asking.

Okay, I love his drive, the life in his eyes, the curiosity that pulses through him. Its like he lives to test the limits, you know? Not in a Dally sort of way, i don’t know if that’s coming off right but i hope you guys get it. I love him because of all his lightheartedness, his ability to laugh at himself and all. How nothing is taken to heart. I love how he holds the gang close together, now, i wouldn’t say he was the glue, love is the glue, but Twobit was the one everyone was equally close with. He didn’t pick favorites, he seemed genuinely happy too. He did what made him feel most alive. He lived by his own rules, and again, not in the cold “Dally” sense, more in the the way of not really caring about the restrictions of rules. Again, that doesn’t make much sense but i hope you understand. He was free. No limitations. I admire him because he would have been the best person, light and free and funny. He has this way about him. How he carry’s himself. And let me be clear, not because he’s Emilio Estevez. Because of how he was described in the book. I think he would be loyal and committed too. I love how he’s childish and cute. And no in the same way Johnny’s cute, Twobit was a kid. I love his clumsiness and his caring side. He’s wonderful, i could go on forever but I’ll stop here.

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It's official: Love makes us crazy.

For one thing, it causes serotonin levels in the brain to drop, which may lead people to obsess about their lover. (The levels of serotonin, a chemical produced by the body, are also low in people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder.) Next, it ramps up production of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to slightly higher blood pressure and possibly loss of sleep. Finally, a scientist at the University of London has found that when people look at their new loves, the neural circuits that are usually in charge of social judgment are suppressed. All in all, love kind of leaves you obsessive, stressed, and blind. And we love it.


H.I.M.- Too Happy To Be Alive.

Chapter Thirty One: Too Happy to be Alive

Now we feel it coming,
piercing our hearts.
fingers crossed and praying, nothing goes wrong

Friday December 14, 2012

After finishing a call, Avery set the phone back in its cradle. Her desk was littered with papers and open files. Her Corporate Law Reference was left open to a page she had needed earlier in the day, and there were a few unopened letters sitting at the corner of the desk. Annoyed by the mess, she straightened the papers into stacks to organize her area as best as she could. After closing the files, she grabbed her reference book by its spine and returned it to its designated place on the bookshelf. Her office seemed marginally cleaner now, so she sat down and took a sip of her coffee.

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Another AU. I love Bail, and I really want him to be alive, somehow, so have a Little AU. Bail was captured direclty after Alderaan was destroyed, and he doesn’t know anything that happened after that. Luke is a pilot and Leia in High Command, that’s why they are not with Han here. The soldiers with Han are OC’s, not from the EU.

Bail POV

The tablet clatters on the floor. A meager meal, a bit water. The door is shut before Bail can do more than look at it.

Slowly, he stands up. Bail was once a well trained man, not a soldier or an athlete, but always a bit stronger, a bit quicker than most expected of him. Not anymore. There is no room in his little cell to train, not enough food to sustain him if he does much more than lying or sitting somewhere (in the beginning there had been, but then he had tried to escape, and the guards had learned), and honestly, Bail almost does not see the point in it anymore. Why should he train, why should he eat, why should he do anything? Everything he ever cared for is gone. His wife, his daughter, his whole krething planet. Just gone. There are days he wakes up and wonders what he is even doing here, still. Why he is still alive, when everyone else is not.

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Part of my Bail lives AU. Direct continuation of Telling Leia. Leia and Bail finally meet and talk a bit. There’s tears. Mostly happy tears, though. Bail POV

Sitting next to Carlist, laughing and almost crying at the same time, Bail has to pinch himself every few minutes to make sure this is real, that this is not a dream, that he is really free.

Then, however, the door opens. Three persons step in, a woman and two men, but Bail doesn’t even notice the men. His eyes are entirely on the young woman in the middle, brunette and weary with big brown eyes and a white dress (she has always loved white, even when she was a little girl). For a moment he wonders if this is it, if he has finally gone insane, because his daughter, here with him, healthy and alive and seemingly happy, is way too good to be true. A second later, he decides he doesn’t care. Leia is here, and that is all that matters.

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