Too ambitious

Nathan Ford - Thief

(in the style of René Gruau)


“So about my last two stories… They were good right?”

“Phenomenal! Really terrific work- that whole pretend to be a clueless bystander thing really works!”

“So, the real reason I came over was to, uh, ask for a promotion. I think I’m ready for the next step up and have displayed my skills. I’m ready for it.”

“Hmmm… No. Come back with a story that knocks my socks off and THEN back on again and we’ll talk.”

I also picked up these (the blue is much darker than it looks in this pic) to go with some red and black I already have, to do my own version is THIS with my nails as a treat if I finish tiling the bathroom tonight without ruining my nails.

Considering I’m usually doing good to not paint my nail like a 3 yr old, it may be a tad ambitious.


I know what you’re thinking;

‘StarShine, what the crap is that???’

wEll, the Necrostar was too ambitious for me to do a cleaned up and pretty background drawing. i decided, instead of scrapping it, i’d just keep it all messy and scribbly. doesn’t look too bad really

i’ll probably try to redraw this and add more finesse in the future.

but hot damn is Necrostar a good song