Tony Perry - "Just This Once"

I switched it up a little bit towards the end, but oh my god the smut in this kdkjhff

ps. I made Mike and Vic sound really Mexican with the dog thing since I didn’t name them Nigga 1 and Nigga 2

Tony Perry - “Just This Once”

Arriving at the apartment right at eleven, Tony knocked on the door, immediately hearing the high-pitched barking of Mike and Vic’s new chihuahuas. We heard someone coming to the door, noticing the barks turn into growls.

“José! Pablo! Move!” we heard Mike yell as he came to the door.

I looked up at Tony, both of us shaking our heads as I said, “I cannot believe they gave their Mexican dogs the most Mexicans names ever.”

Tony shrugged and turned his attention to the door when the knob began to wiggle. “I can’t either, but I’m not that surprised,” he simply stated.

Mike opened the door, displaying himself to us in only his black jeans that hung down to show the waistband of his boxers. He suddenly flung his arms out to the side, quick to explain, “Guys! Hey!”

I laughed gently, walking into the apartment was Tony following close behind me. My hands pressed against Mike’s chest to push him out of my way as I said, “Hey to you too, Mikey.” Tony laughed gently, and I heard their hands slap together.

Plopping myself down onto the leather couch, José and Pablo were quick to run over to me, running over my feet as they occasionally jumped up to place their paws on my knees. I laughed quietly, picking them up one by one and allowing them to cuddle their faces into my necks. I smiled at the small chihuahuas, resting my back on the back on the couch as I pet them. Tony soon came to join me, sitting on the middle cushion. Pablo moved off my leg, switching over to Tony’s and returning to his previous position.

“I thought you guys were leaving at eleven?” Tony asked, running his hand over the puppy’s head.

“We were,” we heard Vic say as he stepped into the living room, finishing slipping into his shirt, “but Mike decided he wanted to shower at the last minute.”

We all looked over at Mike, finding him in the kitchen behind the bar. He took a sip of orange juice from the carton, shrugging as he did so. After licking off his bottom lip, he shrugged and said, “Well, I decided that I didn’t want to feel so disgusting all night, so.” He shrugged once again, twisting the cap back onto the bottle and leaving to go into the wash room. He soon came out buttoning up a dark grey shirt.

“Are you ready, Victor?” Mike asked, raising an eyebrow down at his older brother while Vic raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’ve been waiting on you, Michael,” he replied, reaching over for the keys. Mike rolled his eyes as Vic turned to us, saying, “You guys know where everything is, we’ll be back around three or four, and you guys can stay over if you want.”

Tony and I threw two thumbs up each at them, nodding their way as they laughed at us. After saying their goodbye’s, they shut the door and went down to Vic’s car. I sighed and rolled my head to look over at Tony, suddenly becoming bored and continuing to pet José.

“I’m bored,” I told him, reaching over and flicking his nose, making him laugh.

“What do you want to do?” he asked, switching his position so he could face me better while earning a quick growl from Pablo.

I shrugged. “I don'know. I’m really lazy,” I said, looking down at José. A few moments later, I looked back at Tony, saying, “Let’s steal their Netflix.”

Tony laughed quietly and reached over to the coffee table, picking up the television remote and the Xbox controller. While he got things set up, I reached over for a blanket, picking José up and off me while I moved closer to Tony to wrap us both in the blanket. José and Pablo repositioned themselves on our blanket-covered laps, rolling into little balls and falling asleep. We decided on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, turning it on and relaxing down into the couch to prepare for a lazy night.


After going through many movies and a couple boxes of pizza later, Tony and I were nearly ready to call it a night; José and Pablo had retired to their doggie-beds while Tony and I remained on the couch. My head laid on his thigh and his arms were stretched out on either of his sides, his feet propped up on the foot rest extended away from the couch. The fleece blanket was curled up to my neck, wrapping me in its warmth as I had my head turned towards the large flat-screen.

Groaning, I kicked my legs to pick myself up and correctly sit on the couch. I pealed the blanket off of me, looking at Tony quickly to find him already gazing at me in confusion. I laughed gently as I stood up and stretched.

“I’m gonna go catch a quick shower,” I told him, going over to my purse and taking out the clothes I had brought with me when we decided we’d stay the night.

“Oh, alright, babe,” he said, smiling at me as I went past him into the hallway.

Before going into the bathroom, I made sure to grab two towels in the hallway. I went into the bathroom beside Mike’s bedroom, flicking on the light and watching as the three sets of lights turned on one after another. I quickly took off the jeans shorts and shirt I was wearing, stripping off my bra and panties after. I sighed heavily, laying my towel over my stack of clothes before picking my discarded clothes off of the floor and placing them on the counter.

Turning to the mirror, I put my hands up to my knotted hair bun and took out the hair tie, putting it with my clothes before shaking out the knots and running my fingers through the tangles. I heard footsteps out in the hallway, not thinking much of it since I knew Tony and I were the only ones in the apartment share by his band mates.

Hearing the doorknob begin to shake, I raised an eyebrow and looked behind me, seeing the door being pushed open to reveal Tony to me. I shook my head as he walked in, not thinking much of being naked in front of my boyfriend since it isn’t exactly the first time. I continued to take out the last few knots, not giving much thought to his presence.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of extra-warm hands against my cooled-off naked skin, looking in the mirror to find the familiar tattooed hands coming around to lay against my stomach. I watched as Tony lowered his lips down to my shoulder, kissing along the curves until his lips came to the base of my neck.

With my skin awakening in goosebumps, I gently shook beneath him, trying to get his hands off of me. “Tony, stop,” I told him with a low groan.

He ignored my request, taking one hand off my waist to come up and pull my hair away from my neck, revealing it to him. His lips trailed to the nape of my neck, gently sucking at it between kissed. His left arm wrapped around me, pulling me closer to his body. I gasped when I felt his growing erection at the small of my back, biting down on my lip to try and hold in a moan as I felt a sudden tingle that went straight to my core.

“Tony,” I said, my breath already taking over my voice. “Mike and Vic will be home soon, we can’t.”

Grazing his lips across my trailed skin, he stopped just behind my ear. “Just this once, (Y/N),” he whispered, his breath filling his voice as his lips just barely moved against my cartilage.

“Fuck,” I moaned when he tugged at my earlobe, sending a shock to my core.

Giving in to him, I turned around in his arms, immediately wrapping my arms around his neck to hoist myself up onto my tiptoes. I kissed him hungrily, getting the sudden want and need for him. His hands trailed down to the back of my thighs, picking me up and just barely letting me hang off the cold marble countertop.

My hands were quick to trail down to the bottom of his tank top; I separated our lips so I could pull it over his head and discard it. Quickly rejoining our lips, my hands trailed down his chest to his sweatpants. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his boxers, giving me the ability to slip off both of the items that covered his bottom half. His hands fell onto my knees, separating them to allow him more room.

After lining himself up with my entrance, Tony took ahold of my hips and thrusted into me, wasting no time to begin quickly bucking his hips into mine. His fingers gripped at my hips, holding me tightly so he could easily pull in and out of me at the quick pace he had chosen. My nails dug into his back as my head fell back, my moans stuck in my throat as my eyes began to roll to the back of my head in pure ecstasy.

As Tony picked up his speed, his lips soon fell into the hollow spot between my neck and collarbone, gently nipping and kissing at the skin. Electricity was sent to my core, pushing me closer to my orgasm. I was being drowned by pleasure, my voice being inaudible no matter how much I wanted to let out a single moan. 

Tony’s thrusts suddenly stopped when we heard a knock at the door. I picked my head up, looking at the door in a panic. My heart began to race, fearing that Mike or Vic would walk in.

“(Y/N)?” I heard Vic call. “Are you in there?”

I looked at Tony, not knowing what to do, but he very quietly whispered, “Answer him.”

I directed my voice to the door when Vic asked me the same question once. Trust my voice, I called back to him, “Y-Yeah I’m in here. What do you need!”

My voice raised and squeaked at the end of the sentence when Tony began to slowly pull out and push back into me, pressing his member hard against my g-spot. His thumb was beginning to rub hard circles into my clit, causing my vision to become hazy as the bubbling in my stomach was growing with every circle in thrust.

After being silent for a few moments, Vic asked me through the door, “Uhm, okay… Do you know where Tony is?”

My nails dug deeper into Tony’s skin, only motivating him to thrust harder into me and push his thumb harder onto my clit. I glared down at him, feeling my lips quiver as I tried to work up confidence in my voice to reply to Vic who was awaiting my answer on the opposite side of the bathroom door.

“N-No, I don’t kno-ow where he… could b-be,” I struggled with, my body erupting into chills as I tried to hold in my orgasm.

“Oh, alright,” Vic replied. 

After only a few moments of silence, Tony suddenly thrusted harder into me than he had previously, pushing my orgasm out of me as I screamed out his name, pushing the heels of my feet into the sides of his thighs. My body shook against him and he continued to thrust in and out of me, allowing me to ride out the orgasm I had held in for what seemed like forever.

Coming down from my high, I leaned onto Tony, my breathing heavy. My head fell on his shoulder and I felt his hands snake around to the small of my back. His lips soon placed a gentle kiss on the side of my head.

“Are you guys fucking serious?!” we heard Mike yell.

Both mine and Tony’s heads picked up, turning to face the door as our faces began to heat up.

“You guys are really having sex in my fucking bathroom?!” he went on. We could easily hear Vic next to him, his laughing just as loud as Mike’s voice.

Tony and I were too stunned to respond, but I heard him let out a light chuckle.

After groaning loudly, Mike screamed to us, “Next time, do it somewhere else, you sick fucks!" 

Once Mike’s yells and Vic’s laughter faded out into the living room, Tony and I looked at each other, suddenly beginning to laugh at our antics. Tony’s hand came up to cup my cheek, both of us sharing a kiss to muffle our laughter.

Pulling away, I shook my head at him, pushing my slightly through his slightly dampened hair. "Sometimes, you are just too much, Tony,” I told him, a smirk playing on my lips.

Tony laughed once more, pressing his lips against mine before he said, “I love you too, (Y/N).”

Tony Perry - "Dirty Little Secret"

Combined two requests into this one just so it would be easier and they were very similar ~

And I also tried a different POV this time. Tell me which one you guys would prefer; the ‘you’ POV, or 1st person ('I’) :))

Tony Perry - “Dirty Little Secret”

Sighing heavily, your head fell into your hands, the end of your mechanical pencil tapping against the large history book your had displayed on your working desk. Your fingers tapped against your skull as you became aggravated, wondering why it was so hard for you to take in the information that you were easily understanding before. The chapter your professor had assigned work for over the weekend was easy in your opinion, but there was just something that wasn’t right…

“Head shot! What now, bitches?!”

Your head picked up while your arm made a thumping noise as it fell on top of your book when you groaned at Jaime’s shouting. The groan was muffled when Mike, Tony, and Vic began yelling at Jaime, telling him that he cheated. You turned around to find your four best friends, which also included your boyfriend, Tony, still sitting on the small couch against the wall, and Xbox controlled in each of their hand and a paused game of Black Ops on the flat screen.

“Jaime, you got all of us when we weren’t fucking looking!” Mike shouted, his long arm extended towards the television.

“Should’ve been paying attention,” Jaime simply said, reaching down between his feet for the black and green can that held his Monster.

“You’re such a dick, Jaime,” Tony stated, his face blank of any expression while he looked at him, Vic silently agreeing by shaking his head at the bass player who simply shrugged with a smug smile on his lips.

Sighing and shaking your own head, you turned back around, letting them continue their game. Each time one shouted at the other, your patience level drained even more; your face began to heat up and your leg started bouncing while your fingers rapidly tapped at the back of your head. The sound of guns going off in the video game on the television behind you was beginning to make you angry and give you a headache, each shot making your head pound.

Deciding to eliminate at least one problems, you turned around in your spinning chair and reached for the remote on the side table next to Vic’s elbow, pointing it at the television to turn the volume down. Without looking at their reactions, you turned yourself back to your work, seeing that you had found the answer to the third question and writing it down on the piece of notebook paper you had taken from you binder.

The boys were quiet, and you were silently thankful, feeling your headache subside and your anxiety release itself. You were able to peacefully read and even managed to find the answer to three other questions. Things were calm, easily manageable, and you no longer minded them being in your dorm room while you were studying. The game’s sound effects were a mere soft noise in the background, one that you easily adjusted to. You were thankful that you had turned it down in time before you had to yell at them.

Just as you managed to finish up your homework for your history class, you heard the games sound effects suddenly stop, causing you to look up to see what was going on. You saw that the television screen showed the usually paused screen for Black Ops, and you looked over to find Mike, Jaime, and Vic standing from the couch and stretching.

“What are you guys doing?” you asked them before reaching into my bag and taking out the book you had to read for English.

“We’re gonna go get some pizza, then maybe some other stuff,” Mike said, grabbing his wallet off the nightstand.

“Oh, okay,” you replied. Seeing Tony still sitting down, you looked over at him and asked, “Are you going with, babe?”

Tony leaned forward on his knees, shaking his head before saying, “No, I’ll just stay here.” you simply nodded at his response and gave him a small smile, earning one back.

Watching as the other three headed towards the door, Jaime asked, “Do either of you need anything?” Both you and Tony shook your heads.

“We’ll be back in about an hour, so don’t start anything you can’t finish!” Vic shouted just as they were all walking out the door.

You heard Tony laugh with you as you rolled your eyes, turning back to your desk to pick up my book and turn to the page you had left off on. Sighing, you nuzzled yourself into your chair, relaxing against the back of it as you began the read the words printed onto the page. Tony was quiet behind you on the couch, leaving your dorm room in the same silence it was in previously.

Just as you finished the chapter you had been on, you heard the couch slightly creak behind you, figuring that Tony had gotten up. You ignored the sound and continued on with reading your book, slightly jumping when you felt a pair of warm hands on your bare upper arms. You turned and saw Tony lowering his lips to your shoulder, kissing each curve until he was at the base of your neck. You sighed deeply, laying your book down on the table as you took his hands off of you, causing his lips to pull away from your skin and his gaze to look up at your own.

“Tony, I need to read this book,” you told him. “I have a test on it next Friday.”

“Just take a break, love,” he urged you. “I only have this weekend as a break, and I’d like to spend some time with you.”

You bit down on your cheek, trying to keep your patience level at ease. “Tony, let me read my book,” you said to him more firmly.

A sly smile arose on his lips as he returned his lips to your neck, ignoring your demand as he kissed the base of it and soon sucked the skin into his mouth. The inhale you breathed in from you nose was unsteady, but you couldn’t let him get to you, knowing that your studies needed to be finished.

“Please, babe?” he softly whispered against your skin, brushing his lips against your skin as they trailed behind your ear, barely brushing your cartilage. His large, tattooed hands snaking down to your thighs are he gently rubbed the soft skin of your thighs that were revealed by your jean shorts. “Just one time…”

Becoming fed up, you pushed Tony’s hands off of you and quickly stood up, tearing your neck away from his lips as you stood up to face him. “Fucking christ, Tony!” you shouted, your anger clear in your voice. “What do you not understand by, 'I have a test on this next Friday’?”

Tony’s eyes had widened and he stared at you almost in disbelief. Soon, he was finally able to say, “(Y/N). I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to–” You cut him off, beginning your next loud statement with a groan.

“Now you’re sorry?!” you asked him, raising an eyebrow in his direction. “You weren’t sorry a few minutes ago when you kept pushing it!” You sighed heavily, putting your hands on your hips as you looked down at the floor for a moment before returning your hard gaze to him. “I don’t think you understand the fact that I need an education for my job while you don’t,” you told him, your voice low and hard. “I’ve been stressing over everything lately, Tony, and trying to get into my damn pants doesn’t fucking help.”

After spatting your last few words at him, the corners of his eyes turned down while his shoulders slumped forward. His head seemed to hang down low, and he weakly nodded at you. Tony’s voice was low as he said, “Alright, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do any harm…”

You watched as he turned his back to you, walking back over to the couch where he sunk down into the cushions, taking his iPhone off the next cushion beside him and swiping him thumb across the screen many times. Your heart sunk down into your chest, seeing him sit there looking at the bright screen of his phone sadly. You knew Tony hated it when you were mad at him, but your patience was already low and you couldn’t help yourself.

As you walked over to him slowly, you felt tears stinging at your eyes the longer you watched him, seeing his expression never changed as he swiped his thumb over the bright screen that lit up his face. With a sigh, you sat next to him, your body slightly shaking as you pulled your feet up onto the couch. Tony locked his phone, sitting it down on his lap as he looked over at you.

“I really am sorry, baby,” he whispered to you, his voice slightly broken as he looked over you.

You shook your head and felt him wrap his fingers around yours, pushing them through the spaces. “No, I’m the one who should be sorry,” you said to him in the same tone. “I shouldn’t have yelled, and I didn’t mean to…”

His thumb ran along yours, helping you to stop shaking as you leaned against the back of the couch with your chest slightly pressed against his arm. “No need to be sorry, love,” he told you, a soft smile forming on his lips. “Like you said, you’re stressed, and I know I’m not being much help.”

Seeing his smile caused one to grow on your own face, suddenly making you feel more relaxed. You lowered your head onto his shoulder, running your fingers over the back of his hand as you admired the colorful sugar skull on his right hand. 

“I just miss you a lot, Tone,” you whispered to him, your voice gently breaking as you said one of his nicknames.

Using his left hand, he gently pinched your chin between his thumb and index finger, picking your head up as he turned his to yours before gently whispering, “I miss you too, baby. I always do.”

Slowly, Tony brought his lips down to yours, pressing the two pairs together. Your eyes closed and you relaxed onto him, softly sighing against him when his hand tightened around yours’. When his left hand pulled away from your face, it dropped down to your thigh, pulling your legs apart to pull you on top of his thighs. Your hands slipped away and while your arms came up to wrap around his neck, his hands fell on top of your thighs. As you both continued to move your lips against each other’s, you slumped you chest down against his, pressing them together.

Tony’s lips soon trailed down to your neck, falling to the front while the top of his head pressed against your chin, causing your head to fall back to expose more skin to him. You released a low moan into the air when his lips fell into the circular hollow spot at the base of your neck as he knew it was one of your most sensitive areas. His hands trailed up past your shorts, falling under the hem of the tank top you were wearing. His calloused hands ran up your sides, the friction of smooth and rough skin causing chills to form over your body. You pulled your arms away from his neck and pulled your lips away from his to raise your arms over your head and remove the top.

When your lips rejoined with his, the kiss frantic and hungry, you were already getting the familiar pressure in the pit of your stomach. Tony’s fingers were already beginning to undo your shorts, letting it reveal the lave waistband of your black panties while you placed your hands at the waistband of his jeans, gently pulling at them before running your hands up his smooth chest. You felt the vibrations against your lips as he groaned. When your hands began snaking up his chest, bring his shirt along with them, you pulled back to let your lips brushing long enough to smirk against him. Your brought yourself back further long enough to pull his shirt over his head.

Raising yourself on your knees, you lowered your hands down to his jeans, undoing the button and zipper and pulling it down past it knees where it felt to the ground from there on. Biting down on your lip, you slowly removed his boxers, watching as the cloth was pulled back to reveal his erection. With a slight laugh, you joined your lips back to Tony, letting one of his hands place itself on your hips while the other laid against your thigh, positioning you so you sat sideways on his thighs so he could easily remove your shorts and panties without disconnecting your lips.

Tony moved himself so your were laying on the couch while he hovered above your, kicking off his jeans and boxers as he spread your legs apart to allow him room. Your chests laid close together, your breasts brushing against him while your stomach felt nothing. His hips were pressed close to yours’ as he lined himself up with your entrance. He gently yet passionately kissed your lips, working his lips down your neck until they laid against your chest. Your fingers came to his hair, running the strands through the spaces between them as the pressure in your stomach grew stronger the longer you waited for him.

Finally, Tony sunk his length into you, causing your breath to catch in your throat and your fingers tightened around his hair. You felt yourself contract around him, your body tightening as you remembered his size. Because of months without having him, you had to adjust around him, and he gave you time before he began to slowly buck his hips against yours. Feeling him move so smoothly in and out of you caused a gasp to run out of mouth and your back to arch. One of Tony’s hands came to lay against the small of your back, keeping your hips close together.

Tony’s thrusts began to move faster until his hips were nearly slamming into yours, the head of his member pushing against your g-spot and threatening to send you on your orgasm each time. Your hands fell out of his hair, your nails clawing at his tan and tattooed back. A squeaky moan parted your lips when he pushed up against your lower back, allowing him to push into you at a different angle.

Your muscles were beginning to tighten and Tony’s thrusts were becoming sloppy, telling you that each of your orgasms was being held onto by a thin string. Giving one last hard thrust, Tony sent you on your high, causing your nail to dig into his back just as he reached his own orgasm. His head fell heavy on your chest, a long groan being released onto your skin and sending vibrations through you. You pressed your chest against his, linking your thigh to his hip as a soft squeak released from you as pleasure consumed your body.

Panting heavily, your back slowly lowered onto the couch with Tony’s hand before he removed it from under you. After pulling himself from you, he nudged himself between your body and the back of the couch, wrapping one arm around your waist while the other fit under your neck so you could use it as a pillow. Your chest rose and fell with your breathing, and you looked over to find him with a smile on his face. It brought one to your own face and you turned over to face him, reaching up to press your lips against his.

“I love you, Tony,” you told him, tracing his tattoos while keeping your gaze fixated on his face.

“I love you too, (Y/N),” he told you, reaching down to press a kiss to your forehead.

Both of you laid in silence for a few moments until a sudden thought came to mind; Vic, Jaime, and Mike were still out. Looking over your shoulder, you saw that the hour was already up. Listening closely, you heard voices in the hallway that sounded awfully familiar. 

Rushing to pull yourself out of Tony’s grasp, you picked yourself up off the couch and hurried to find your discarded clothes. You turned around as your were pulling on your under garments, seeing Tony’s confused expression.

“The guys are outside the door, hurry up!” you told him, clasping your bra and reaching down for your shorts. Tony hurriedly jumped off the couch, reaching down to pull on his boxers then his jeans after. 

After pulling your hair out from the back of your shirt, you heard a knock on the door then Vic say, “Hurry up and open the damn door, my arms are burning!”

Seeing that Tony was fixing his shirt over his chest, you walked towards the door, grabbing a hair tie and quickly throwing your hair into a messy bun. Passing a mirror, you made sure you looked decent and didn’t have sex-hair before pulling the door open. Vic quickly ran past me into my dorm carrying boxes of pizza. Jaime and Mike followed behind him, carrying other bags.

Walking back into your dorm, you saw Tony standing by the couch like he was previously doing. Just as Vic turned around, a slice of pizza in his hand, he eyes the both of you, raising an eyebrow as he chewed.

“You two didn’t do anything, did you?” he asked you before biting into his pizza slice.

You and Tony looked at each other, both of you pushing your hands into your pocket before looking back at Vic and shaking your head. “Nothing happened, Vic,” you told him, a sly smile on your lips.

Vic’s eyes went back and forth between you both before he shook his head, grabbing a plate and another pizza slice before going to sit on the couch next to Jaime and Mike who were already eating.

You and Tony went to go and get your own food, both of you looking at each other as you silently laughed, shaking your heads. Tony bent down to press a kiss to your head, causing you to look up at him.

“What they don’t know won’t hurt 'em,” he whispered to you, smirking widely.

You smirked back, nodding in response before joining your lips to his and breaking away with a soft laugh. You both went to the couch and Tony allowed you to sit on his lap and lean against his chest, both of you keeping your dirty little secret to yourselves. 

Tony Perry - "Surprise"

Summary: You receive a stomach bug, thinking it is just food poisoning until you go to the doctor to find out you’re pregnant.


Tony Perry - “Surprise”

For what seemed like the hundredth time in a week, I found myself hunched over the white porcelain bowl in the bathroom once again, the contents of my stomach emptying into it. I coughed heavily, feeling my stomach muscles twitch before I winced in pain. I reached up and pulled the handle down, letting the stomach contents flush away. Lowering the lid, I pushed myself up, sighing before going over to the sink and immediately taking action in brushing my teeth and gargling, spitting it into the sink before running cool water in my mouth.

Rubbing my hands over my aching face, I groaned heavily as I walked out into the living room, seeing my boyfriend Tony come through the door, his guitar case in hand. When he turned around and spotted me across from him, his lips turned up into a smile.

“Hey, babe,” he said, putting his guitar case against the wall beside the door. I smiled gently as he walked towards me, his arms coming to wrap around my waist as he pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Do you feel any better?” he asked me, remember when I was emptying my stomach this morning before he left.

I shook my head, leaning into his chest as I looked up at him, frowning. “No,” I told him sadly, watching as his lips fell. “I just threw up again, and I feel like shit.” My head fell onto his collarbone, feeling his hand coming to the back of my head as he smoothed down my slightly knotted hair, kissing my head.

“How many days has it been, love?” he asked, and I told him possibly three, maybe four days. His frown deepens while he used the calloused tips of his fingers to push a piece of hair behind my ear, scanning my pale, sick face. “I don’t think you could possibly be this sick from food poisoning; it should’ve passed after the first day.”

Sighing, I nodded in agreement. “I know,” I said. “I don’t know why it’s stuck around… I guess I have the stomach bug or something.” My shoulders shrugged before I winced at the sudden pain in my stomach.

Tony’s hands fell to my waist, gently running them along the curves as he sighs softly. “Do you want me to call your doctor so I can schedule you an appointment?” I nodded thankfully at him, having him smile before pressing a kiss to my head. “Alright, baby. You go get comfortable and I’ll make the call, okay?”

I smile up at him happily, reaching up and kissing his chin before thanking him. We both go our separate ways; I went to the living room, plopping on the couch as I took a blanket to cover my legs, hearing Tony dial his phone in the kitchen, soon hearing his voice as he explains my situation, setting an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Clicking on the remote control, I go through the list of shows and movies that are on, trying to pick something we’d both like. Hearing his footsteps stepping on the hardwood floor, my attention turned to him as we smiled at each other. 

“We can go in tomorrow at noon,” he told me. 

I nodded at him, saying, “Yeah, I heard.”

Tony laughed softly, getting on the couch next to me as he pulled me into his arms, holding me close to him as we turned our attention to the television, deciding on a re-run of Guy Code. We easily went through an episode, both of us happy that I didn’t have any random puking spells. When the next episode started, I started to feel a little nauseous, slightly wincing at my stomach, but hoping it would go unnoticed by Tony.

The nauseous feeling disappeared, and I settled down into the couch, curling into Tony more as I thought I would be alright for the night, suddenly getting a sharp pain and a pressure in my throat, causing me to shoot up from the couch and run into the downstairs hallway, going into the bathroom where I took the same position in front of the toilet, emptying whatever I didn’t eat. I heard Tony coming close behind me, using his large hands to pull my hair back from my face, holding it like a ponytail as I vomited one last time.

Panting and spitting, I reached for the handle, flushing the toilet and dropping the lid, getting a piece of tissue paper as I wiped my mouth clean. As my breathing became heavy, I closed my eyes, silently thanking the fact that my appointment was tomorrow as Tony leaned down and pressed a kiss to my head.


Tony and I impatiently sat in the large room; I was placed on a long bed-like table while he sat in the cushioned seat next to it. My leg jiggled up and down as I looked at the clock, watching as the seconds ticked by. I occasionally looked at the door, waiting for a nurse or my doctor to walk in, but each time I did so, nothing happened.

Hearing the door knob jiggle, I quickly looked down, watching as my doctor came into the room, the usual bright and wide smile set on his plump face. He greeted Tony and me with a ‘good afternoon,’ sitting in his rolling chair with a single black cushion.

“So, Ms. (Y/L/N), what seems to be the problem?” he asked me, looking through papers before switching his gaze to me.

I thought through my words before saying, “Well, for the past few days, I’ve had terrible stomach aches, resulting in me vomiting throughout the day.”

My doctor nodded, asking, “What do you think you ate that gave you a possible stomach bug?”

I looked at Tony in thought, looking back at the shorter man to say, “We ate at a burger joint Saturday night for dinner, so possibly that?”

“Have you had sexual intercourse lately? Any possibilities that you could be pregnant?” My doctor eyed us both, waiting for an answer.

Tony and I met each other’s gazes, both wide-eyed in thought before we turned away when Tony looked at the man sitting across from him. “Not as of lately, and I can’t remember if it was protected or not,” he told him, causing the older man to nod and write something down on his clipboard.

“Alright, well, let’s take a look shall we?” The plump man stood from his chair, going to the machine with a small screen beside the bed and turning it on. “Lie back and pull your shirt above your stomach,” he instructed. “I’m going to do an ultrasound of your abdomen and see if we can find the problem.”

I did as I was told, laying back and putting my head on the pillow provided before raising my back slightly to pull my shirt and lay it just under my breasts. After putting on white gloves, the doctor grabbed a tall bottle of a clear blue gel, squirting it over my stomach before spreading it around. A slight chill ran through me at how cold his was and I gently bit my lip, looking down when Tony intertwined our fingers. I looked over at the screen, biting my lip harder as I became nervous at what could possibly be found.

When the tip of the transducer probe pressed onto my stomach, I instantly saw a black and white vision of my stomach, seeing as it was slightly hazy until it cleared. I felt it move around on my gelled skin, the picture also moving in sync with the probe. I could feel my breathing pick up, as well as my heart rate, knowing Tony could feel it too as his thumb began to run over my knuckle.

“Well, everything looks normal,” I heard my doctor say, allowing me to breath a sigh of relief. “I don’t see anything–” His voice suddenly stopped, the entire room falling into the dead silence as the sound of what seems like a rhythmic heartbeat comes through the speakers, definitely not in sync with my fast one.

My wide eyes shift to the screen, the heartbeat sound becoming louder as my doctor moved the probe further down until the screen showed the three of us almost a black hole, a tiny little dot almost at the bottom. My lips fell open as Tony’s hand squeezed mine tighter, both of us in shock at the sound and picture.

The doctor gently laughed before saying, “Well, you are most definitely pregnant, Ms. (Y/L/N).” Taking his thick finger, he pointed to the screen, circling around the black hole. “Here are your ovaries, and this little dot right here” - he used a special pen to draw a white circle around it - “is your baby.”

My eyes turned away from the screen, looking over at Tony, seeing that our faces shared the same shocked expression. I heard the machine turn off and felt a cloth wipe my skin clean. The longer we looked at each other, the wider our smiles growing. When the lights turned on in the room, the doctor sat back down at his chair.

“Let me be the first to with you both a congratulations,” he started, “and by the size of the baby, I would say you are possibly hitting the end of your one month mark. He - or she - has a healthy heartbeat, and everything looks great!” As he scribbled across a blue paper, he said, “I’ll prescribe you with medication for your nausea to tone it down, and I also suggest that while you are at the pharmacy, pick up some prenatal vitamins. Get plenty of rest, and the receptionist can help you schedule your next check-up.”

Before walking out the door, the doctor smiled and nodded at us, leaving Tony and I in the room to ourselves. I had already pulled my shirt down into the decent position and sat up while he stood from his chair, coming to the front of his bed with a wide smile implanted on his cheeks. His hands took me by the waist, his eyes staring down at my stomach.

“We're… We’re gonna be parents, (Y/N)),” he whispered to me, bringing his gaze to mine.

I giggled happily, wrapping my hands around his arms as I said, “This is… definitely a surprise.” I laughed again, a hand running through my hair. 

Tony brought his lips to mine, kissing me softly before I kissed him back, my hands trailing to his upper arms as we both smile into the kiss. We exchange a laugh and a few pecks before I felt his hands move to lay flat on my stomach.

“I already love our baby,” he whispered against my lips gently, “just as much as I love you.”