Season 2 Of Thirteen Reasons Will Be Like

Hey, It’s Alex. Alex Standall.

Hey, it’s Tyler. If you’re listening to this I have shot up the school.

Hey, it’s Bryce. I’m in prison.


Me trying not to be dramatic af


The Elder God:  You cannot destroy me, Kain. I am the Engine of Life itself… the Wheel will turn. The plague of your kind will be purged from this world. And on that inevitable day, your wretched, stagnant soul will finally be mine!

Kain:  In the meantime, you’d best burrow deep.

-The Elder God, “Legacy of Kain: Defiance”


Tony Jay talks about his character Frollo

  • Tony: What's your biggest fear?
  • Clay: You.
  • Tony: Me?!
  • Clay: I'm scared that one day you'll look in the mirror as I see you.You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me...
  • Clay: I'm terrified you'll leave...
  • Clay: *whispers*...just like hannah did

Mini Disney Movie Challenge | Day 08 : Favourite Song.


I am in love with this song. Everything about it is beautiful. The lyrics are powerful, the music is wonderful, the animation is a pure masterpiece. I love the French version too, though I prefer Tony Jay’s voice. Anyway, Hellfire is the song that made me want to see the movie (I saw it for the first time in december… shame on me).


I need you younger folks to understand: This show came on between Aladdin the Animated Series and Timon and Pumbaa.

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why fucked me up bad. Since the time they said that she slit her wrists and bled to death I kept imagining it and it was painful but I wasn’t expecting to actually see it. It’s so real. No filters. When her heart was beating fast and she was breathing so hard I felt like it was happening to me and then when she slit her wrists and the blood started pouring and she screamed I felt like someone put a dagger in my heart. And my god, when her parents walked in, and her mom kept saying that she was okay, and that look on her dad’s face, it killed me. That’s the most heartbreaking thing that could happen to anyone.
Hannah was so fucking strong. She just wanted to be happy and she tried so hard to be happy. She overlooked the shit that happened to her over and over again and gave the world so many chances. She didn’t give up easily at all. That’s what’s so sad, she tried again and again and made fresh starts again and again hoping that at least one person would be true to her. She didn’t give up on everyone just because one person wronged her, instead she gave every person a chance and started over with a clean slate. She wasn’t the kind of person who only saw the bad, overlooking everything good in her life. She was desperate for just one thing to cling on to, just one good thing, just one person. Every time someone did or said something remotely nice to her, she thought maybe this time it will be different, maybe this person will be different and she wanted to give them a chance. You could see that in her smile. She didn’t give up hope easily. She was ready to start over after so many boys and girls wronged her, even after she got raped, she was still ready to start over and that’s incredible, and frankly quite unimaginable to me. She was just looking for one ray of hope. One. And it’s true what they say in the show, even if one thing had gone right, even if one person stood by her side, Hannah Baker would have been alive.


Featured above is a wonderful restyling of the main characters from Reboot by Matt Rhodes.  Here is another show where one of the best things going for it were its villains.  Megabyte and Hexadecimal were two virus siblings who served as the primary antagonists for most of the show.  Megabyte was voiced by the incredible Tony Jay, who voiced every villain in the 90’s that Tim Curry didn’t.  Jay was also the voice of Frollo in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where he completely steals the picture.   His vocal work for Megabyte was awesome, but it is always Hexadecimal that is remembered where Reboot is concerned.  The character’s extremely striking aesthetic was pretty terrifying: she could only express one emotion at a time, therefore her mask would change depending on her mood (which was generally either manic or raging-psychotic or both).  Mrs. Millner’s voice was absolutely perfect.


I haven’t actually seen all of the Hunchback of Notre Dame but I like certain bits.  My brother showed me Hellfire from it, and I thought it was pretty interesting (and the voice actor is the Elder God from Legacy of Kain so I loved that)-

In any case I thought I should be doing more art and have been wanting to try those “redraw a snapshot scene from an animated clip.”  Well, here you go - Frollo.

* (I don’t own Hunchback of Notredame or Disney etc and all that Jazz)

Almost 2 hours. I might go back and touch it up more and make it more finished, but I think it’s decent for now.

Encouragement for doing this character.

There is a new Taco Bell commercial

It’s about a bunch of people that gave they’re little reviews for the new Doritos Taco thing.

So the setup is their going “so-and-so said this! Whats-her-face said this!" 

Then it goes "Tony Jay said this!” And I’m like “WOAH TONY JAY? The actor??”

But unfortunately, it’s a different guy

This guy doesn’t even look like he means what he’s saying here

And here I am expecting Judge Frollo to have come back from the dead just to give his review on a taco.

Ah well…what could’ve been