Look at these FUCKING nerds. Look at them and love them as I do. Fucking nerdy grandpas. Except for Simon. I dunno how old he is.

To quote Rene Auberjonois: “It’s a lot of talk for a video game. I’m so used to doing five lines like GO THROUGH THAT DOOR. DON’T GO THROUGH THAT DOOR. HEY ASSHOLE GO THROUGH THAT DOOR.”

There is a new Taco Bell commercial

It’s about a bunch of people that gave they’re little reviews for the new Doritos Taco thing.

So the setup is their going “so-and-so said this! Whats-her-face said this!" 

Then it goes "Tony Jay said this!” And I’m like “WOAH TONY JAY? The actor??”

But unfortunately, it’s a different guy

This guy doesn’t even look like he means what he’s saying here

And here I am expecting Judge Frollo to have come back from the dead just to give his review on a taco.

Ah well…what could’ve been


Featured above is a wonderful restyling of the main characters from Reboot by Matt Rhodes.  Here is another show where one of the best things going for it were its villains.  Megabyte and Hexadecimal were two virus siblings who served as the primary antagonists for most of the show.  Megabyte was voiced by the incredible Tony Jay, who voiced every villain in the 90’s that Tim Curry didn’t.  Jay was also the voice of Frollo in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where he completely steals the picture.   His vocal work for Megabyte was awesome, but it is always Hexadecimal that is remembered where Reboot is concerned.  The character’s extremely striking aesthetic was pretty terrifying: she could only express one emotion at a time, therefore her mask would change depending on her mood (which was generally either manic or raging-psychotic or both).  Mrs. Millner’s voice was absolutely perfect.


Tony Jay talks about his character Frollo


Mini Disney Movie Challenge | Day 08 : Favourite Song.


I am in love with this song. Everything about it is beautiful. The lyrics are powerful, the music is wonderful, the animation is a pure masterpiece. I love the French version too, though I prefer Tony Jay’s voice. Anyway, Hellfire is the song that made me want to see the movie (I saw it for the first time in december… shame on me).


I need you younger folks to understand: This show came on between Aladdin the Animated Series and Timon and Pumbaa.