Kareem Campbell in various editions of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

“Reemo” is one of my favorite skaters of all time and THPS is one of my favorite video games. This series (kind of) introduced me to skating and definitely helped me fall in love with it. Kareem was always my favorite skater to skate as until later entries in the series where he was no longer in the game.

The series also introduced me to a lot of music that I would get into later in life. 


overwatch characters and whether or not they can do a kickflip

Genji: Genji isn’t good for basically anything, but one thing he is good for is doing kickflips. You take one look at that guy and you know that he can shred.

McCree: He gets the kickflip about half of the time. He’s not the best at it, but he can do it sometimes.

Pharah: She can do a ton of rad tricks- including a kickflip- but only with her jetpack on. Without the boost it gives to her air, she’s not much of a skater.

Reaper: You’d think he’d be able to kickflip, and he says he can kickflip. But actually, no, he can’t do it at all.

Soldier 76: He’s too old to know what a dang skateyboard is.

Sombra: She’s a rad hacker with an undercut. If she can’t kickflip, none of us can. Of COURSE she can kickflip.

Tracer: Another easy answer. She kickflips all the time, without even realizing it. It’s flip city wherever Tracer is.

Bastion: I don’t even know if this guy can jump? He’s a very heavy robot. I’m gonna say no.

Hanzo: He taught himself how to kickflip perfectly, just to spite his pro skater brother. That’s dedication.

Junkrat: He can actually do every single skateboarding trick except the kickflip. No one knows why.

Mei: It was tough to learn, but Mei was dedicated enough to teach herself how to kickflip perfectly. You go, Mei!

Torbjörn: Refuses to kickflip, for moral reasons.

Widowmaker: She’s probably kickflipping right now. She can’t stop it. Somebody help her.

D.Va: OH MAN. D.Va is the best pro skater in the Overwatch roster. D.Va can kickflip like nobody’s business. She can do like a….. 900…. kickflip.

Orisa: Skateboards are pretty much only designed for the bipedal, so I don’t know what her kickflipping would even look like. But you know what? Sure. Sure she can kickflip.

Reinhardt: Reinhardt is too big and bulky to be able to skateboard effectively I’m just fucking with you Reinhardt kicks and flips and kickflips like there’s no tomorrow.

Roadhog: Was a serious skater back in the day, and though he’s very out of practice he can probably still do it.

Winston: “Can Winston Kickflip” - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,

Zarya: Look at Zarya. She looks like she should be a default player skater in Tony Hawk’s Underground. Of freakin’ course she can kickflip.

Ana: She goes down to the skate park and all the young boys think it’s gonna be funny to see this old lady bail, but then she busts out some seriously sweet kickflips and they realize, oh shit, grandma’s got moves

Lúcio: You’d think this would be a gimme, but actually, there isn’t a way to kickflip on inline skates, so he physically cannot kickflip. It is Lúcio’s one character flaw.

Mercy: Mercy can fly so I think this one’s cheating.  She just kinda does a flip while kicking her legs a lot.  Does that count?  I don’t think so.

Symmetra: Has no interest in skateboarding. The potential is there, but we’ll never know for sure.

Zenyatta: He is consistently hovering and never touching the ground because he’s constantly in the middle of a combo. All his life he’s been busting the most perfect line. He’s at one with his board, and his board is at one with the universe. And when he lands, he will have landed the greatest trick in known human- or Omnic- existence. He kickflips, therefore he is.