This past year I have learned only one thing. That I cannot exist without you, that I cannot breathe without you, that the man I am without you is… I’m nothing! I’m nothing! And you are everything! And I need you to give me another chance. I demand another chance. We’re worth another chance.

President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) - Scandal.

Scandal quotes kill me!


Okay Now Let the TRICKERY BEGIN!!!
The Fact that they released that photo of Rowan & Not Kerry kinda speaks volume 2 me Shonda already starting the Games & Tricks with our Minds, jus like Tony tweeted in Feb. her sole purpose is 2 TORTURE her audience’ even her Staff knows already lol… So sorry Admiral T. I will wait 2 c 4 myself if its really AMAZING or not Y'all ain’t gone sike me out thus early N.O.P.E. but do kerry on Sir:)



Sharpen your smarts. Brains always triumph over brawn. Me? I’m his…er… No1 fix(er) for a reason.


Vanity is not my name. Nobody needs to know which schools you attended or PhDs you hold. What matters is how well you get the job done.  Tell you what? A not-so-wise woman (in her single moment of wisdom) once said ‘if you have a problem…get Olivia Pope on it’. Hence the unwritten rule in the Oval…the only rule that matters stipulates  ‘the cavalry proceeds only on Ms Pope say so’.  Vanity is NOT my name.


Listen… to the unsaid.  In every situation, use your 3rd eye. It’s not what people TELL YOU that counts. What matters is THE UNSAID. RE: Sully St James, Judge Keating’s wife, Pastor Drake’s mistress. The ability to discern the unsaid, had Falcon smitten at hello!


IQ is not everything. Sharpen your EQ. Your sense of morality should trump any ideology. Sure Falcon got upset I pushed the Nystrom issue. Set up a protest on his front lawn. Deep down? He knew I was standing on the right side of history. Eventually?  He tried to be a better man indeed. The Air Force One invitation? Sigh! That was just my beau lookin’ for attention at the wrong time.



All men are equal. The ability to sup with Kings and Paupers is a special skill set. From the Pres, to the smelly trump at the bottom of the totem pole?  Everyone has their uses. Post-mortem shut down? Put Falcon on the job. Cyber espionage work? Huck is my guy. The DA is acting up? Call on Falcon. My guy is missing, held under the PATRIOT Act? DA will come up with the goods. Falcon shot? I got my guy on the case. The connecting factor? They all worship at the temple of Olivia C Pope. All men are equal…but some are more equal than others. Just sayin;.


Maintain a mysterious air. Master the art of holding your cards close to your chest…cause bitches be crazy. Verna snitched on Hollis? I acted like I ain’t neva heard the name Becky before. Still got my people on it though.  Abby  creeping around with David? I didn’t take any iron to her knee caps. Instead? I got Harrison to gut her on the sly. Mellie unravelling, blubbering, forging signatures  and whatnot? I maintained the mask, stuck to the talking points, didn’t deviate from the script. Nary a word and the man is asking for a divorce…’am having to take her husband back because, clearly going forward he’d would  rather I do everything myself. ‘An air of mystery? Makes men go ‘loco’.


Be a nurturer. Men thrive on that shit. I’ve rescued more strays than I can bother listing. Falcon included. Caution advice: don’t be too accommodating. For further reference see No  6 and See No 8.



Always keep him guessing…but somehow let it be  known to him that deep down? Deep down you’ve got just the right kinda crazy to fcuk him up if he steps to you incorrectly. When I took up Amanda as a client? Falcon knew I was done playin’,  didn’t know to what lengths I was willing to go to fcuk him up….damn sure broke with protocol (not to mention the speed limit) to come round and explain hisself. The right of amount of crazy? Is muy caliente.


By the same token…know when to don your womanist hat. I’m the toughest, smartest, most well-connected fixer sheriff that DC will ever see in this life time and beyond. But. When it comes to my man? I drive the car from the back seat…I  turn on that kittenish vibe like a geisha. Before he even  talks? I listen. If we disagree? I don’t dictate… instead I offer suggestions. When he gets it right? I’m his loudest cheerleader. When he stumbles, I exhort him to be a better man. In pain? I wipe his brow and kiss him better. Sad and damn near defeated? I open my arms and let him seek solace on my bosom.  Don’t hold grudges… ‘elevatorgate’ and Amanda? All but minor blips on the horizon.  My love is divine.



Be a slave to his rhythm. When he asks you to say his name? Whisper it. Take off your clothes? No questions asked.20 minutes to worship a the temple? Allow him free rein…makes him feel like the most powerful man in the world.

In submission. Other than your God given smarts?  Listen to your gut, have a tight monologue on the ready, inject  just the right amount of switch in your stride and always stay fabulous no matter the situation!

My name is Olivia Pope. Fixer for DCs finest. And I approve this message.


Hmmm! Had a thought!

So now’ with the white house Tapeing of Baby Teddy & Mellie today, I guess that means Mellie & Fitz is going to still be in the Residence together ahhhh fuey! Oh well We got a Whole New Season to go So anything is possible (olitz fans) keep-the-faith:)