90s Kpop facts: H.O.T vs Sechskies edition :D

• first fandom to write fanfics: club h.o.t

• first fandom to write boyxboy fanfics: yellowkies (formerly known as d.s.f)

• first group to use official colors: h.o.t

• h.o.t fans scratched and vandalized sechskies’ van, so sechskies fans poked holes in the h.o.t van tires for revenge

• sechskies almost debuted under the name yukgaejang (a spicy beef stew type of food). a random producer saved them from their miserable future.

• sechskies’ official colors were originally red and yellow, later changed to just yellow

• whenever h.o.t held concerts, half the population of most female high schools skipped school that day

• a fan came up to jaeduk of sechskies with a bloody nose to tell him that she fought with 3 h.o.t fans and won. he was very proud

• when sechskies first debuted, they were the team w the most members in one team with 6 members. so talk show hosts would freak the fuck out when they saw how many there were

• h.o.t fans couldn’t get into the broadcast station to watch their oppas perform bc there were too many of them. Kept pushing on the metal gates, the gates tore down, and the fans pretended to be sechskies fans by starting to sing sechskies’ couple to avoid issues

• their DNAs were sold in little plastic bottles made into necklaces i shit u not. they took actual hair/skin/nail samples from the members

• dsp media (formerly known as daesung ent) faked album sales of sechskies to not pay as much tax. got exposed, had to pay a fine ((that piece of shit company))


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If Korea was more socially developed and being gay wasn’t something socially taboo in the country, Tony Ahn and Jaeduk probably would’ve gotten married already istg

Literally everyone around them is yelling at them to stop living together and get a girlfriend, and whenever the two say that they’re happy being single and they like living with each other, they get ridiculed.

And whenever a topic on homosexuality comes up in the Korean media, people just start laughing about it??? Without any solid apparent reason???? It’s like I’m back in 2010 and I’m hearing grade school kids mock celebrities by calling them gay or something smh


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Sooo i’m seeing this for the first time and there’s just lots of emotions LOL omfg I laughed so much though