Tony Snell


well another season ends for us. Thanks to the chicago bulls for a great season even without Drose AGAIN. Thanks to all these guys that played their heart out everyday and made us be proud bulls fans. Dj augustin proved to all of us, that he needs to make chicago his home. we cant let him go like robinson.he stole our heart and earned himself to be our favorite player to most of us Taj and noah always hustlin to get every rebound and lose ball. heart hustle and muscle Dunleavy never gave up even if his face was all bloody. Jimmy our best defender, always pumps up the crowd. Mohammed just being mohammed. rookie snell showing that he could be a great 3 point shooter. Boozer always yelling and making us laugh and mad at the same time. Hopefully next season we will be a dominant offensive team. Either way once a bulls fan always a bulls fan. <3