Tony Mitchell

A good second series for 13 reasons why.

i’ve read a lot on tumblr about why the show 13rw should/shouldn’t have a second series. theirs such great charecters in the show that it would be a total shame not to make a second series. however hannah’s story is over and the 13 reasons of the show have been covered and clay and her family are moving closer to closure. this is why i think they should have a second series called “13 reasons later”. this could show alex’s journey through potential suicide, how jessica deals with her rape and what happerns to bryce and if he goes to jail. further more a second series would be great to show hannah’s parents in the law suit and what happerns to the tapes when left in the hands of mr porter snd the bakers. there’s too many ends to be left like this and it’d be great to have answers we need a 13 reasons later.


70th Tony Awards - Shuffle Along

A prime example of black excellence.