Tony Fleecs


Two my favorite things to grace the screen in 2015 were Ash vs Evil Dead and Mad Max: Fury Road, so consider me highly interested in the upcoming Army of Darkness: Furious Road comic book miniseries.

Written by Nancy A. Collins with art from Kewber Baal, the story takes place 20 years in the future, where Ash must fight Deadites and supernatural species in a post-apocalyptic world.

The first of five issues drops on March 2 from Dynamite Entertainment. There will be five cover variants by Tyler Crook, Francesco Francavilla, Tony Fleecs, Robert Hack and Gabriel Hardman up for grabs.

Twenty years from “now”: The Deadites and their Army of Darkness have succeeded in bringing down Western civilization. An unexpected upshot of the demons taking over was supernatural species such as vampires, witches, and werewolves forming an uneasy alliance with humanity in order to survive. The only hope for both mankind and monsters alike is a ritual that will send the Deadites back to the hell that birthed them. But first, a rag-tag crew that includes the Frankenstein Monster and Eva, the Daughter of Dracula, have to track down the fabled spell book known as the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and deal with its guardian, a certain Ashley “Ash” Williams.

Oh tumblr!

I got you something.

The above it the Mile High Comics exclusive variant of Princeless: The Pirate Princess #1 by the amazing Tony Fleecs, with whom I have had the fortune of making several pony comics.

So, if you’re in or around Denver or you have an internet connection to order it from them, you might want to hop on that.

It will, of course, contain the lovely interior art of tenbandits and unassumingpumpkin