Imagine being betrothed to Thor, against your wishes. On the night before your wedding, you find you can’t sleep with all the stress of the upcoming nuptials, so you wander around the massive palace in an attempt to calm your mind. After aimlessly walking, you wander into the deep underground cells, where Loki is being kept. You don’t notice him when you pass by, but he notices you. He’s immediately infatuated with you, and calls for your attention. When you turn around, you’re greeted with a sinister smirk and piercing green eyes. His silver tongue and magic are quick to entice you and before you know it, you’ve been pulled into his cell with him. When you tell him you’re to marry his brother the next day, he decides to show you why he’s the superior brother, in every single delicious way possible.. You spend all night with Loki, barely making it to your room before maids come to wake you up in the morning. You didn’t want to marry Thor before, but now you loathe the idea and him. You want your hands back on his mysterious brother.