Eyyy! Just got into Twin Peaks lately and I’ve been loving it so far- here’s just a few little doodle-things of the Bookhouse Boys. Talk about squad goals, huh?

This was also an excuse to get out the pro-markers and give them another try. I ended up using a cheaper gel pen for the outlining which resulted in a bit of ink bleeding here and there, I may try and redo these somewhere down the line and probably even get a few more of the cast in next time. 

Ok but when Bobby tells Truman and Hawk that he knows how to open that little metal capsule Garland left them because he’s done it before, and he leads them outside and starts whipping the capsule against the ground until it breaks open

Can you just picture teenaged Bobby Briggs alone at home, probably high on coke, stumbling across one of his dad’s capsules and he’s like “The fuck is this? What’s inside? How do I open-oH I KNOW!!!” And then there’s a 10 minute shot of Bobby repeatedly smashing the capsule against the floor in his living room