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17.03.06 News Zero - 6 Years Since 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami - Sakurai Sho [English highlights]

Tonight Sakurai Caster was having live broadcast at Tomioka-machi, Fukushima.

It has been six years since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami. The evacuation order for part of Tomioka-machi is scheduled to be lifted on 1 April, the town office, moved to Koriyama-shi after disaster, resumed part of its duties at Tomioka-machi today. Sakurai Caster went to the town office and interviewed the staff. Commercial facilities and residential construction is on-going to facilitate the residents moving back to the place. Many workers of the commercial facilities lived in Tomioka-machi before the disaster. One staff said that she would like to contribute to the revival of the place.

Tomioka-machi is around 10km distance from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, after the disaster the evacuation order was applied to the whole area of Tomioka-machi. On 1 April the evacuation order will be lifted for part of the machi and residents can move back.

Sakurai Caster helped out the moving of the Tomioka town office. One town office staff Horimoto-san said that town office moves back to Tomioka-machi may make residents more relieved to come back. When Sakurai Caster prompted the possible difficulties of moving back, Horimoto-san said that there may be issues about travel to work or family issues, such as he himself takes around one-hour travel to Tomioka-machi to work from his current shelter.

Sakurai Caster also visited the difficult-to-return zone. The crew gained special permission to take a short-time coverage there. There is basically no person there, while there is countless soil taken from decontamination. The storage space for these soil from decontamination is up to 80ha, approximately 17 Tokyo Domes, while it is not yet known when they will be further processed.

Sakurai Caster interviewed a lady used to lived in the difficult-to-return zone before disaster and now moved to shelter in Iwaki-shi who expressed unwillingness to return with her kids because of worry towards the Nuclear Power Station. According to a survey to Tomioka-machi residents, 57.6% decided not to return, 16.0% considered to return, 25.4% has not yet made decision (with 1.1% non-answer).

Sakurai Caster interviewed physician Imamura-san who returned to the machi last year. He has three days of medical practice at Tomioka-machi every week and gains permission to stay in his home at Tomioka-machi during practice days. Sakurai Caster helped the decontamination work for Imamura-san’s home last year. The evacuation order for Imamura-san’s home is scheduled to be lifted in the coming month. Imamura-san encounters problem in daily life in the sense that when he buys electric appliances, the company does not deliver it to him. And he is unable to have air-conditioner because the worker for installation work cannot yet enter the zone to do the installation work.

At the end Sakurai Caster said that he felt the weight of six-year time. While commercial facilities and other facilities re-open for the lifting of evacuation order, many Tomioka-machi residents are reserved to return because of worries towards the Nuclear Power Station etc. It seems that it would take time for the machi to return to prosperity.

One of These Things Is Exactly Like the Others: A Meta

I made a few short tweets about this last year, but I wanted to go into more depth because I believe this is a seriously underappreciated gem for NaruMitsu fans. My Japanese is just beginner-level, so feel free to correct me. I also apologize for not having a proper scan of the first article. There don’t seem to be any out there and I didn’t want to damage my copy.

Now, let’s begin.

In May 2016, Newtype magazine ran an interview with Atsuhiro Tomioka (series composition) and Yuuki Kaji (Phoenix’s anime VA) about Phoenix and Edgeworth’s relationship. The interview only covers the story through Turnabout Samurai, so there’s not much new there. The title, on the other hand:

Soulmate. While the word can be used platonically, it is most commonly used in a romantic sense. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is believed to have coined the term and there’s no ambiguity about his intention (emphasis mine):

To be happy in Married Life. . .you must have a Soul-mate as well as a House or a Yoke-mate.

But why should we think the romantic meaning is the one being used here? Well, the “SoulxMate” feature actually has three articles, each about a different pair of characters who “share the same destiny,” despite being opposites in most aspects. This is where it gets interesting.

First up we have Rokuro Enmado (left) and Benio Adashino (right) from Twin Star Exorcists. The article mentions that they are destined to fight evil spirits known as Kegare, but (strangely) omits one huge detail. From Wikipedia (again, emphasis mine):

According to prophecy, Rokuro and Benio are the “Twin Star Exorcists”, and are destined to marry and have a child known as the Miko, which will be the ultimate exorcist, capable of cleansing all evil spirits, or Kegare, from the world and ending the war that has lasted over a millennium.

Neither one is exactly thrilled with this arrangement and they butt heads often. Over time they become friends, and as for that prophecy…

…it appears to be playing out in both the manga and the truncated anime adaptation.

Next are childhood friends Hibiki Hagyuu and Ren Ekoda from Anne Happy.

Hibiki (left) has been in love with Ren (right) ever since they were children. Whether or not Ren sees her as more than a friend is unknown, as is noted at the end of the interview. The large text on the right reads “more than friends, less than lovers.” Then there’s the cover for their second character song CD:

Here we have two relationships where at least one character harbors romantic feelings for the other or develops them over the course of the story. By appearing in the same “SoulxMate” feature, Phoenix and Edgeworth are being presented as similar in some respect. And given what we know, what respect might we infer that is?


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Illustration Countdown - Week 1

(14: Eiichi Hama; 13: Yoshikazu Takenouchi; 12: Nobuyoshi Mihara; 11: Seiji Yamate; 10: Chieko Tomioka; 9: Rokuma Saito; 8: Sigeo Kasuya)

Inano Toshitsune (1858-1907) [attributed]
 ca. 1895
A man stroking a woman’s pubic hair trying to arouse her. The woman’s clitorial-hood swollen up from excitement and very visibly protruding from between the labia. In this painting Toshitsune bases the design on this image by Tomioka Eisen which Toshishitsune interprets in his own unmistakable way and brushstroke.

A finely executed shunga painting on silk, a high quality painting of he Kyoto school with an attractive colour scheme.