Tabimatsu: Gunma Story 1

EP 001: Seishi Koujou de Hitomouke? / 製糸工場で一儲け?
EP 001: Profits in a Silk Factory?

now this one took…a while to post lol sorry about that! anyway, after this, we’re finally done with the story 1 skits in tabimatsu, which means I finally get to post story 2 skits without feeling like I’m neglecting something :D

T/N: Osomatsu, Choromatsu, and Ichimatsu are all at the Tomioka Silk Mill in the prefecture of Gunma, and it’s the oldest modern silk factory in Japan.

Choromatsu: So this is the Silk Mill. There are unexpectedly a lot of visitors here.

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Inano Toshitsune (1858-1907) [attributed]
 ca. 1895
A man stroking a woman’s pubic hair trying to arouse her. The woman’s clitorial-hood swollen up from excitement and very visibly protruding from between the labia. In this painting Toshitsune bases the design on this image by Tomioka Eisen which Toshishitsune interprets in his own unmistakable way and brushstroke.

A finely executed shunga painting on silk, a high quality painting of he Kyoto school with an attractive colour scheme.

Sin importar como dibujas y las herramientas que uses para hacerlo, lo importante es expresar tus ideas y divertirte un poco. (^◡^)

No matter how you draw and the tools you use to do it, the important thing is to express your ideas and have some fun. (^◡^)

Artist Tomiokajiro (Tomioka Jiro)


(via Tomioka Gunma Japan | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Illustration Countdown - Week 1

(14: Eiichi Hama; 13: Yoshikazu Takenouchi; 12: Nobuyoshi Mihara; 11: Seiji Yamate; 10: Chieko Tomioka; 9: Rokuma Saito; 8: Sigeo Kasuya)


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