In the 2006 game Tomb Raider: Legend, Lara Croft travels across the globe in search of pieces of the mythical Excalibur, visiting such places as a military base in Kazakhstan, the ruins of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, an ancient temple in the Ghanaian rainforest, and an abandoned monastery in Nepal.

But did you know that the West African nation of Mali was almost a stop on Lara’s grand tour?

Read all about it on The Archaeology of Tomb Raider!


Guess who had seen Suicide Squad the Other day?

Obiously le MOI xD I got Inspired after watching it and… Yeah… In this video there’s a Cameo of Suicide Squad… Let’s see if you can find it :D

WARNING: Flashing Lights, Blood, Murdered and I’ve maked Lara and Kurtis…. Evil (?) Yeah… I’m a bad person xD

The song is Heathens by Twenty One Pilots, I have modified it a bit for the video ;)


Dying is actually really bad for your health! The More You Know!

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So I just read the new issue of the Tomb Raider comic and while I couldn't decipher where it's going (I want to brace myself for impact if they're getting rid of Sam), Lara straight up admits that she knew that Sam wasn't okay after Yamatai but did nothing about it. I thought it was kind of nice that that was acknowledged at all because REALLY. She also kinda puts other stuff to the side like, "my dad is dead, Sam isn't and I can still help her", which was also kind of cool.

I…. may read the new comics. I gave up after the end of the first arc before Rise, but we’ll see about where they go :/

If they liberate Sam and Sam and Lara unite (hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson? there was a lot of buzz post-Rise about Sam’s absence), then I will DEFINITELY buy, read and ship them!


‘TOMB RAIDER II #7′ Available Now!

Himiko Returns!

After the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft’s life hasn’t gotten any easier! After defeating an army of zealots bent on finding the secrets of immortality, Lara now turns her attention back home. Sam Nishimura has been moved from prison to a mental hospital. But when Lara gets word that Sam has escaped, she drops everything to help her friend and confront the evils she faced on Yamatai once and for all.

* By Eisner Award–winning author Mariko Tamaki.
* Continuing where the Rise of the Tomb Raider game left off!

Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Artist: Phillip Sevy
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Tula Lotay

Can’t make PLAY Expo? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve upgraded our kit with a brand new mic, audio recorder, new lens and an additional camera to make sure you get the best coverage of this once in a lifetime event!

PLAY Expo press release in case you missed it!

Manchester, England – August 11, 2016 – PLAY Expo Manchester, the largest video game expo in the North of England, announced today a huge roster of events, taking place throughout the weekend, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Tomb Raider with a one-time-only series of events, proving unmissable for fans of the franchise.

In tribute to gaming’s first lady of adventure, the party starts with what is thought to be the largest Tomb Raider panel ever assembled! Hosted by Sky SportseSports commentator Matt Andrews, and with a host of famous names throughout the history of the franchise, fans will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A with the panel as well as hear untold stories from the development of the series. With more names yet to announce, confirmed guests include:

  • Ian Livingstone CBE: Former CEO of Eidos® Interactive
  • Jeremy Heath-Smith: Executive producer and Co-Founder of Core®Design
  • Natalie Cook: Lara Croftoriginal model for Tomb Raider
  • Richard Morton: Lead Game Designer / Level Designer / Environmental Artist for Tomb Raider II – Tomb Raider III – Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation – Tomb Raider Chronicles – Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
  • Gavin Rummery: Programmer for Tomb Raider – Tomb Raider II – Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness / Head of Core Design
  • Heather Gibson: Level Designer for Tomb Raider / Tomb Raider II
  • Andy Sandham: Level Designer / Artist / Script Writer for Tomb Raider III – Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation – Tomb Raider Chronicles
  • Murti Schofield: Lead Writer / Casting for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
  • Nathan McCree: Composer for Tomb Raider – Tomb Raider II – Tomb Raider III
  • Stuart Atkinson: Artist / Animator for Tomb Raider – Tomb Raider II
  • James Kenny: Concept / Environmental Artist for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

With so many cast and development members’ together at last, no reunion on this scale would be complete without the opportunity to capture the moment, and aTomb Raider themed photo shoot will be the perfect place to go toe-to-toe with gaming’s greatest heroes!

In a feat worthy of Lara herself, PLAY Expo Manchester has scoured the globe unearthing the rarest of Tomb Raider collectibles, merchandise and memorabilia, on show in a specially designed display. Respecting the ground-breaking gameplay that has defined the series for two decades, PLAY Expo Manchester takes fans back in time, with every single Tomb Raider game throughout the ages on display and ready to play!

PLAY Expo Manchester is a highly popular two-day video game event, ideal for all the family and offering visitors an unrivaled experience with features, tournaments, exhibitors, industry guests, panels and so much more. Celebrating gaming and popular culture, the expo uniquely caters for casual fans and dedicated gamers alike and promises to be an event not to be missed.


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Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Launching on PlayStation 4 October 11

As part of ongoing #TombRaider20 celebrations hosted by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration launches on PlayStation 4 October 11. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will include the award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider, a new story chapter called “Blood Ties,” co-op play for “Endurance Mode”, all previously released DLC, and more. The Artbook Edition will also feature a 28 page book filled with official concept art and community contributions.  

“Blood Ties” is new premium DLC, and will allow players to explore Croft Manor in the main story mode, then defend it against a zombie invasion in “Lara’s Nightmare”. When Lara’s uncle contests ownership of the Manor, Lara must explore the estate to find proof that she is the rightful heir, or lose her birthright and father’s secrets for good. Players can then test their zombie-killing skills in the replayable “Lara’s Nightmare” mode: a haunted Croft Manor where players have new challenges and must rid the Manor of an evil presence.

In addition, for the first time in a Tomb Raider game, a new online co-op expansion to “Endurance Mode” lets fans raid tombs in a brutal wilderness together. Two players must team up to survive the harsh elements by day, as well as lethal threats from enemies by night. Fire takes fuel, food restores health, and every resource must be hunted, collected, or crafted. Battle to the top of the leaderboards, as others try to beat your longest survival run.

“The studio is celebrating with all Tomb Raider fans, thanking them for being on Lara’s 20 year journey with us,” said Scot Amos, co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “The team has packed in surprises, new story, and the top requested special features into this 20 Year Celebration edition.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration (PS4) includes:

  • Award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Brutal new “Extreme Survivor” difficulty mode (no checkpoints)
  • “Blood Ties” & “Lara’s Nightmare” premium DLC
  • Co-op support for “Endurance Mode”, challenging players to survive extreme conditions with a friend
  • Re-envisioned cold-weather outfit and weapon for Lara inspired by Tomb Raider III
  • Classic Lara card pack which will allow fans to play “Expedition Modes” using one of several classic Lara models
  • All existing DLC including “Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch” and “Cold Darkness Awakened”, 12 outfits, 7 weapons, 35 Expedition Cards, and more 
  • Support for PlayStation VR that challenges players to unlock the mysteries of Croft Manor in first person

“This year we celebrate 20 years of the iconic Lara Croft,” said Ron Rosenberg, co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “This provided the perfect opportunity for us to deliver a new Tomb Raider experience. With the addition of PlayStation VR support, you can play the world through Lara’s eyes for the first time in franchise history.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration is the most comprehensive edition to date and will be available for the PlayStation 4 on October 11 worldwide. Existing Season Pass holders on Xbox One and PC will receive the “Blood Ties” upgrade for free. Check out our FAQ on the official forums for additional information.

Pre-order Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on PlayStation 4 today at