A photo of Papyrus with a lot of people you don’t recognize. 
He looks happy.

Higher quality version of the group photo in this side comic. It’s a picture Papyrus has in the drawers of his lab. This actually turned out a lot better than expected and I’m pretty proud of it. These gaggle of nerds are adorable. 

Not sure how I feel about how quick Cassie is to excuse Tomas - like on the one hand, he did some awful things. On the other hand, I think Cassie sees a lot of herself in him. She looks at Tomas and sees the kind of abuse Tony inflicted on her, magnified in cruelty and spread our over hundreds of years and she thinks, ‘there but for the grace of God I go.’ So while 'not too bright’ is an evasion, I think the real reason is 'his world view has been warped by years of abuse and that could have easily happened to me so I’m not going to hold that against him.’ But Cassie’s hardly gonna say all that to Pritkin at this stage is she?