The only diamond I've ever wanted | An AU Tom Hiddleston & Claire Holt {Holddleston} Fanfiction

TITLE: The only diamond I’ve ever wanted
CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: OneShot (Don’t sure if it will be more | maybe prolog?)
AUTHOR: JulesPierce
GENRE: Romance/Slight Erotica/Crime
PAIRING: Tom Hiddleston/Claire Holt (Holddleston) | Thomas Hiddleston & Agent Claire Holt
FIC SUMMARY: He is her target and she wants him as much as he wants her.

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: (Independent story of my fanfiction Can’t make you love me) Please don’t punch me in the face for my terrible english. It’s not my first language.

“Everything clear over here.” I said through my hidden headset and looked carefully over the dancing and talking people. He was here. He needed to be here. I would search for him in this damn room, maybe through the whole building and maybe the entire city. This time he wouldn’t escape me. 

“Claire… Are you sure he is here? I mean we have nothing than a anonym hint. Maybe he was it because he wants to distract you.” Tyler, the computer expert of our team, tried to warn me. Well, he tried. I knew that it was Tom. But he didn’t make it to distract me. He wanted to steal the most important diamond in this whole exhibition right in front of my eyes and then to rub my nose in it. He was such a bastard in things like this. I hated it. I hated it not to catch him. That he always found a way.

“He is here Tyler. I’m sure.” I said, my eyes still searching for him.

“Actually, I’m right here.”

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Lost At Sea | Chapter 1 - Captain Thomas Hiddleston | Tom & Claire Pirate!AU Fanfiction

Title: Lost At Sea
Chapter Number: Chapter 1 - Captain Thomas Hiddleston
Author: JulesPierce
Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy/Alternative Universe
Main Character: Captain Thomas “Tom” Hiddleston (Tom!AU / Tom!Pirate), Miss Claire Holt (Claire!AU)
Rating: T (Some chapter will be M)
Summary: As the noble woman and daughter of a rich Governor, Claire is supposed to marry a men she doesn’t love. She tries to change her father’s decision but he’s stubborn. One evening she flees on a ship, trying to escape the marriage and finding a new life as a free woman. What she doesn’t know, this ship belongs to the infamous Captain Thomas Hiddleston, one of the most dangerous pirates in the whole world. Of couse, he finds the female stowaway on his ship and with that the problems start…

A/N: Yeah, too much of Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirate Tom Fanfictions^^ Please have indulgence with me. English is not my first language. (Gifs are not mine)

“Father, please!” It felt like an eternity since I have been starting to beg my father to stop this marriage. “I will do everything, father, but please, not this… man.” Everyone could hear the abomination of this man in my voice. This man was one of the most arrogant and unpleasant man I’ve ever met in my life. Maybe he was rich, maybe he had a good title but I’d never marry him. I would rather die.

“I don’t know why you’re so against this marriage, Claire. He’s a noble man with a good title. Besides he’s very rich. Lord Benthem is the perfect man for you.” My father didn’t even show up from his papers. I could punch him in the face for this leck of respect.

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There's no place I'd rather be | Vampire!Tom&Claire OneShot

TITLE: There’s no place I’d rather be
AUTHOR: JulesPierce
GENRE: Romance
PAIRING: Tom Hiddleston/Claire Holt (Holddleston)
FIC SUMMARY: Vampire!Tom Hiddleston/Claire Holt OneShot.
What happens when the death falls in love with the life?

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Listen to the song Rather be - Clean Bandit :)

It was such a beautiful october night in London. The air was fresh and cold, a few people walked peaceful through the streets and the shops slowly started to dress their windows for Halloween. The night showed his clear sky with the stars and the full moon. A beautiful moon. White and shined brighter than the lights of the street. But this moon would never show the dark creature that walked through the streets, hunting till death.

Claire looked down from the sky back to the streets. It was almost midnight and she stood on her balcony with a glass of red wine in her hand. Around her blanket to keep the cold air away from her body. Every normal person would call her crazy if they would know that she was actually waiting for someone to appear on  her balcony. But it was a kind of tradition to wait here for him at midnight.

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