can you imagine practicing lines with tom, who is your best friend? you would be helping him go through a rather sad but loving scene where your character admits to tom’s character you love him, and you want the best for him. after you go through the entire scene, and the pause occurs, tom subtly says, “how are you not the actor in this friendship?”

to which you’d reply with, “ehh, i was decent.”

he’d say, “decent? you made it that seem so real, like you actually love me.”

and you would accidentally reply with, “i didn’t have to pretend,” while laughing. you didn’t realize what ya said until he stood in front of you with a part in his lips.

He prides himself on being a meme and that’s partly why we love him

hair pulling w/ tom

this was randomly inboxed to me, anonymously and in several parts

  • Tom is definitely weak for having his hair played with
  • like sat on the sofa after a hard day and he’s sorta slouched down and your arm is across the back of the sofa and you don’t even realise that your fingers are gently running through his hair
  • but he definitely is and he’s so content he’s almost falling asleep, and it’s just so soothing and his hair is so soft and I am w e a k…

  • sometimes you’ll be lying on the bed facing each other almost a hands width apart and it’s dark except for the moonlight coming through the window and you’re whispering softly
  • and your fingers trace over his cheek and neck and then slide into his hair, gently twisting the short strands at the base of his neck and
  • he hums low in his throat and his eyes slide close and he looks so soft and you really wanna kiss him but you’re not sure if you’re there yet…

  • ooohhh… The first time you do kiss it’s hesitant because you’ve been friends for so long
  • you both feel that this is much more than just friendship but you were both comfortable with how things were that neither of you felt the need to change anything 
  • but after that first kiss you both look at each other and it’s like something snapped and kinda lunge at each other
  • the kiss is kinda desperate and his hands grip you tight and your fingers curl into his hair and you tug and he moans low in his throat omg

  • that’s when you realize his thing for having his hair played with (or tugged) and you pretty much exploit it 
  • to be fucking honest he doesn’t mind much and it doesn’t take long for you to realize YOU have a thing for playing with his hair
  • honestly most of the time it’s absentminded but you’re pretty much obsessed with his hair
  • you get all pouty when he cuts it for Chaos Walking until you realize that the shorter strands make tugging on it more forceful
  • and holy shit how hot would his moans be?
  • honestly I’m so weak for Tom and his hair and holy shit I love him. 
is Tom Holland a boobs or butt type of guy...

  • i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again
  • he don’t discriminate, he love the tiddy and the booty imo
  • i mean i think he’s the type of guy who goes “why not have both” 
  • ya know what i mean
  • hear me out okay
  • so
  • as much as Tom loves having you in him arms, snuggled to his chest he’s always a sucker for lying his head on your chest because boobs make some great pillows 
  • but what if you’re lying on your stomach 
  • he’s perfectly happy to just lie his head down on your bum and take a nap right there
    • “tom that’s my butt not a pillow,”
    • “what’s your point,” before drooling all over it 
  • best nap he’s taken let me tell you 
  • of course there’s also the mornings where you’ll wake up with bruises littering the tops of your bust
  • tom smirking as he admires them 
    • “i just can’t help myself, they’re perfect,” and 
    • “they’re out little secret,” as he places small kisses over the bruises
  • but don’t get me wrong, he’ll playfully bite your bum if he’s lying on it making you squeal 
    • “sorry babe,” sheepishly as he blushes a little realising what he just did
    • but you kinda love it 
  • he’d make grabby hands at you when you leave the bed to get ready in the morning
  • and your give in, walking over to him expecting him to pull you back in bed
  • but that cheeky fucker just gropes your breasts
  • with zero shame 
    • “squishysquishysquishy,” as you burst out laughing 
  • he’s the type of guy to give your bum a tap when you’re in line and the line moves
  • or he’ll just use your bum as a makeshift drum, tapping random rhythms while he watches TV and you read
  • whenever his arm is wrapped around your waist his hands always migrate towards the booty
    • “you’ve wandered a little low there, Holland,”
    • “I know,” with the cheekiest smirk ever
  •  he’s definitely stuck his head in between your boobs on multiple occasions
    • like if he’s tired 
    • or needy 
    • or horny 
    • or just bored  
  •  honestly he just wants to love each and every part of you 
  • because he believes everything about you is perfect 
  • and he tries to prove it everyday 
  • and he does a great job at it
  • (’:

no offense but the first picture looks like a snapchat he sent you with just a little update like ‘finished on set today, had to come back to an empty trailer :(‘ and then you send him one back with a little ‘miss you’ with a kissy face expression and then he’d send another one (the second one) as a sort of mocking you + sending a kiss back with the caption ‘you make this look a lot cuter. also, now i want the real thing’
but like not to be dramatic