“Email you obviously have to do for different things it’s fast, instant messaging is very useful. Twitter and stuff like that are just ways of procuring, I suppose, for some. I think in my situation for the job that I do, there’s two different things. There’s output of brand, so it’s very useful but at the moment, I’m not really putting out a brand. I’m just trying to do work. So, if I was in a place where I was outputting a brand, say I’m doing work for Help for Heroes or Flack, or if we’re working for Bowel Cancer UK or any of the charities that are ongoing that we do work for then, absolutely. It’s vital that you use every platform. I think that if I wanted to monopolise and I will want to monopolise and capitalise on businesses, film companies. In business social networking is very important. Of course, I’m not going to underestimate its value in the work place and each one needs as many bells and whistles as possible. But for me, social networking as in ‘Tom Hardy!’ You know, like, ‘I just took a shit’… Do you know what I mean? ‘Ooh, I’m eating peanuts, I’m at the bar.’ Or tweeting, ‘Ohh, you’ll never guess what I saw!’ Or, ‘Here’s a photograph of my cock… of my watch.”

tom hardy interviewed & photographed by sarah j. edwards for blag magazine vol.3 nø.3 edition.