“That’s my dodgy hand"

BLAG Red Hand t-shirt and other original pieces by SarahJEdwards, TomHardy and SallyAEdwards are available for just a few more days ~30 August  is the order deadline~ before the label goes on hiatus.

💘 “…the intricate hand drawing features a maple leaf, owl, heart with arrow through it, steps, a bears paw, angel wing, freehand type of unity, wisdom, connection and angels. The hand is Tom’s.” >>>> BLAG Hand on Heart t-shirt (my favorite), a different version of the Red Hand. Check out and Team BLAG say they are throwing a few surprises in with some of the last round of orders. :)

🎬 Locke premiere at the Odeon West End, 57th BFI London Film Festival, 18 October 2013 | via thv instagram