Watertower, by Tom Fruin, is a breathtaking piece that lives in Brooklyn (of course).  While it’s gorgeous enough during the day when sunlight streams through the coloured plexiglass, at night it also lights up with a programmed light show.

There’s an old watertower that I can see from my rooftop deck…I’m imagining the possibilities.


‘Watertower’ by Tom Fruin. The Brooklyn artist has built a 25 by 10 foot tall water tank formed from nearly 1,000 colorful salvaged plexiglass pieces gathered from all over NYC. The glittering sculpture is illuminated by natural light during the day, while from sunset to sunrise an ardunio-controlled light show, designed by Ryan Holsopple, is conducted inside the work. 'Watertower’ is visible to any person with a clear view of the Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC skyline. The illuminated, colored glass work will be on show from June 7th, 2012, remaining on exhibition until the following June. via