For the 'Pixel Portraits’ show opening on 15th Nov at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. I think this is the first show ive seen thats all digital artists (im generally the one digital painter in among a whole exhibition of amazing traditional artists!), really looking forward to seeing what the other guys come up with!

This piece is my take on the beautiful Inca goddess of the dawn and twilight, Chasca. (google her if you want to find out more) Shes available from the gallery, get in touch for pricing etc.




unearthly, alien, supernatural, weird, spooky, eerie.

Etymology: of uncertain origin. Possibly from Middle English eldrich, from earlier elrich, equivalent to Old English el- (or Elf), “foreign, strange, other” + rīċe, “realm, kingdom”; hence “of a strange country, pertaining to the Otherworld” or “Fairyland”; compare Old English ellende, “in a foreign land, exiled” (compare German Elend, “penury, distress” and Dutch ellende, “misery”), Runic Norse alja-markir, “foreigner”.

[Tom Bagshaw - Lilly]


PRISMA Collective’s 3rd Annual Group Show.

Opening tonight (Saturday, February 7th, 2015) in San Francisco, California at Spoke Art Gallery is PRISMA Collective’s 3rd Annual Group Show.  The collective, formed in 2011 by Kaspian Shore, includes some of the best new contemporary artists from around the world such as Tom Bagshaw, Edith Lebeau, Hsiao Ron Cheng and Sarah Joncas (All above).

PRISMA Collective will also be releasing their first book, a collection of work from the artists, at the opening.


‘Lullaby’ is my contribution to the Pisma Collectives 'Milk’ group show at Fine Grime gallery in Bath. She is a one off digital painting, 16x20", printed on cotton rag stock, mounted on board, hand embellished with acrylic, varnished and framed. Show starts on the 9th November at Walcot Chapel in Bath, UK. I will post up more info about the show together with the flyer later.
Fine Grime Gallery / Prisma Artist Collective

‘Shadowplay’- a recent bookcover commission for Angry Robot books. Shadowplay is the sequal to Laura Lams 'Pantomime’ (another cover i got to do last year) and like the first, was a great project to work on- its always a pleasure to work with authors, editors or directors who know what they want but are also happy to let the artist do their thing.