So heres a few Eddsworld-themed Inktobers posted on my instagram! It was a joint thing with @chora-art where we decide on specific themes for each day on october(some during the last minute too HAHAHA)

As of now we cant offer much of the story for the steampunk au so atm its just for…design purposes HAHA it started off as just a theme idea :’)

Day 1: TomTord
Day 2: Artstyle Swap
Day 3: Steampunk AU

my absolute favourite song of the moment is a cover of @thatsthat24 new musical by him and my queen dodie. 

it is the best thing I have heard in a while, if you need a sense of peace in your mind please PLEASE listen to it.

(also his and dodie’s voice are so so endlessly silky, i’m in love)