Tom Hiddleston is such a beautiful soul

- He jumped up and down like a child before every take
- Was doing the Chris “throw my head back, grab my boob” Evans laugh all day
- Would wave at the fans and come stand in the street in between takes
- Spent a good 30 mins going around to all the clusters of fans. He took as many selfies as he could with the people at the front, and was throwing posters and badges and lollies to the people at the back that he couldn’t reach
- Even though it was hot and they had been filming all day, he was still smiling and acknowledging all the fans
- He would say hello to everyone on set. Even talked to the extras and some random police officers.
- He is every bit as amazing as you would hope he would be

Bonus: he was dressed in the most fine as fitted black suit and he just looked so gooooood. Y'all ain’t ready