Kings and Queens || Mob!Tom (Part One)

Authors Note: to help you guys envision what her flat looks like, I’ll leave a photo at the end. I know this is only blueprints, but it’s exactly how I pictured it and thought it might be easier for you guys to see. 

Summary: a simple girl like you would never be caught up with the King of the Mob, but when circumstances change and you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, there’s not much backing out you can do. 

Word Count: 3,686


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“And… we’re done!” you sighed out in relief, folding over the last empty brown box and shoving into the larger box that held them all. Your sister fell onto the sofa with a huff, her legs propped on the coffee table as she relaxed into the cushions.

You scoffed.

“I don’t know what you’re huffing for. You didn’t fucking do anything,” you teased, watching her lower her eyes at you and shake her head. You made your way to the kitchen, opening the fridge and whining when you realised there was no food in the fridge.

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Bleh I'm like super sick with something, dunno what (anytime I eat i feel like barfing :/) so i was wondering if you could write a little thing with peter parker and like helping/comforting the reader when they get sick? I could use some fluff rn thx

Get well soon!

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Every morning, you and Peter meet outside the front doors of Midtown at exactly 7:45am. But today was different. On the bus to school, Peter’s spidey senses started to tingle slightly. He brushed it off since the buzz wasn’t too extreme, but he knew he should’ve taken them more seriously the second he arrived to school. You weren’t there, his mind immediately filled with panic.

“Come on! Answer, [Y/N],” he said, his voice shaking as he placed his phone up to his ear.

Hey, it’s [Y/N]. I’m probably sleeping so-

“Dammit!” Peter hollered, hanging up.

He’d been trying to get his attendance up recently since his spider duties had been getting in the way of school, but as much as he didn’t want to be marked as late, you always came before anything else. 

He ran into the alleyway across the street to change into his Spider-Man suit before he shot a web that stuck to the nearest traffic light and shot himself into the air.  
After a few minutes of swinging though the air, Peter landed on your fire escape. He opened the window before climbing into your room. The window was always unlocked for when he would swing by your house on patrol.

The room was pitch black, the only light coming from the sun outside, and your bed was undone and empty. You weren’t here. Peter sighed took off his mask before internally cursing himself out. 

You should’ve listened to your senses this morning! She could be in danger!

His thoughts were cut off by a small yelp coming from behind him. He whipped around and found you standing outside your bathroom dressed in sweatpants and one of his t-shirts.

“Jesus, Peter, you startled me,” you said, your voice hoarse. “Why are you in your suit? You should be in school.”

“Oh, thank God,” he whispered to himself before rushing over to you and hugging you.

You were slightly confused, but wrapped your arms around him nonetheless.

“Are you okay, babe?” You asked him, pulling away and letting out a large cough.

“Yeah, yeah,” Peter replied, a smile growing on his face. “You’re okay, so I’m okay.”

“Well, I’m not actually okay ‘cause I’m super sick, but whatever. Sorry I didn’t text you earlier telling you I’m not going to school. I know you were probably worried.”

“You don’t need to apologize, gorgeous,” Peter told you before taking your warm hand in his and leading you to your messy bed. “Lay down. I’m going to swing over to the store and get you some soup, then I’m going to come back and we can cuddle all day.”

“But you have school-” 

“-School can wait. I have to take care of my baby, don’t I?” 

He sent you a wink before putting his mask back on and jumping out of your window. You plopped down onto your bed with a bright smile on your face.

“I have the best boyfriend.”

“The way you are.” T.H imagine.

A song can show what we have inside, and when Tom finds you fighting old battles, he knows which one is the right one for you.

Request made by the-mischievous-trickster:Can you do a imagine where reader had an eating disorder before, and is on her way to get a relapse, and Tom supports her and talks to her. Lots of fluff if you du that :) dunno if you write about eating disorders, but if you do I would be so happy<3

Hi, lovely readers of this little blog. I just wanted to say a few things before you start reading. We don’t know each other at all, but I know that some of us, (Or maybe most of us) have problems we tried to deal with. I don’t wanna say much because I’m dealing with some stuff myself, but when people tell you that everything will be okay and that you will be okay, it can really happen, if we are our own heroes. I don’t know any of you, but I wish you, to all who are going throught a hard time, can find the happiness you really deserve.
I’m here for you if you need a friend.
Thank you for reading this.

Sitting on a cozy blanket spread over the wooden floor in Tom’s apartment, and with a deep sigh that only you could hear, you took the spoon from the plate in front of you, trying to calm your anxious heart before you start eating a piece of chocolate cake as he, enthusiastically, did the same. He looked so happy today, so full with the idea of spending the day having a picnic on his living room, with you and Tessa. But from your side, you were so full with the pressure of being an actor’s girlfriend and with the standards of beauty you felt you could not fulfill, the ones that brought back old memories of those dark days you thought you had overcome – but the same ones that came back in that absurd idea that of being thinner, people would accept you sooner, people would love you faster.

“You have a little bit of chocolate on your lips, darling.” He said, watching you with his innocent puppy eyes, showing you the place with his finger on his lips. “Over there.”

“Uh?” You brushed you finger over the place, finding nothing on your way.

“Right there. Let me do it for you.”

Sitting close to you, Tom leaned forward just to slide gently, his finger covered in chocolate over your lip. You step back a little bit, chuckling at his funny act.

“Are you serious, Holland?”

Before you could lick it away from your mouth, Tom stopped your hand.

“Just kiss me, darling.”

The sweet way he looked at you made you lean towards him, Tom meeting with you half of the way. He kissed you happily, that kind of kiss that made both of you smile a little bit against each other’s lips. Life with Tom had been the best since you two meet, six months ago during your flight to London where he sat next to you sharing his pair of earphones and a couple of songs the other didn’t know about.

But just when you were on the highest point of happiness, your own insecurities hit you hard one more time: being his girlfriend made you try to fit in his world, in any way possible. Your control was slipping out of your hands, making you think the time was running out, and that was when you decided to start doing that again.

It is an improve to be better, you thought, closing the bathroom door with you inside. But as you kneeled in front of the toilet, it felt like someone was pushing you down hard. Since when did you start to think so little about yourself? And why? You argued with yourself for not taking a decision, still in that sad position. You survived all those years, breathing the fresh air of a good life, walking through a good path next to him.

When you reached his bed, lying on your left side, the cozy blanket welcomed you as you hugged the pillow closing your eyes. The roller coaster called emotions was downhill right now, making you feel tired and heavy but relief at the same time as suddenly, you felt the bed going under his weight, watching Tom lay down on his right side next to you.  

“Let me tell you something, darling…” Tom moved his hand close to your face to put one of his earphones in your ear, letting you recognize the song right away as he did the same with himself. Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are” moved you deeply, shaking you to the core as Tom used music – one of your favorite things – to express how he felt about you. “You are the strongest person in this world. You know? You are holding a lot inside of you, but you can lean on me. We got this: we’re going to win this, but if there are days you think you can’t, I will always be here to help you. Always. I’m here to fight this battle with you. Okay?”


“Don’t say you’re sorry…” He took you in a warm hug, hiding you against his chest to protect you from the world. “I promise you we’ll get through this. Okay?”

When the shame was about to become anxiety, you clung to him, because the truth was that you needed of yourself and his help, in order to heal those old wounds inside you.

“Okay.” You said, once you were sure that voice wouldn’t break.

There was no need to say more, so Tom took you in a loose hug, enjoying the playlist he made for you before falling sleep.


When A Heart Breaks {T.H.}

Another yawn escaped Lilly’s lips, causing her to smack them together. “Can we get pj’s again?”

“We still have them from last year.” Tom leaned over, letting the laptop fall out of his hands and onto the coffee table. Lilly shook her head, long curls brushing against Tom’s shirt. “No?”

“No, mommy got those, we need new ones,” Lilly grumbled as she crawled up into Tom’s lap. Her feet were resting on either side of his thighs, her little finger pressing against his nose as she looked at him. “New ones.”

Tom scrunched him his face, pushing his eyebrows as close together as he could. “Why do we need new ones?”

“They’re bad luck.” Lilly was slow with her words as her eyes darted towards the end of the couch, where Boo had taken Lilly’s place. “They’re bad.”

Tom nodded his head, his expression solid as a rock while he took in every word his daughter was telling him. “Then we need to get rid of them?”

“No!” Lilly’s head whipped around, her eyes wide as she shook her head furiously. “We can’t, we can’t get rid of them.”

“If they’re bad luck then we don’t need them in here anymore.” Tom tilted his head slightly. “I don’t want bad luck in this house.”

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 677

Warnings: flufffffffff

Summary: She gets sent home sick and expects to spend the day alone, but she’s unprepared for the surprise that awaits her

A/N: Pretty much written for my bby @starkschurro

“Tommmmmm can we please not go back to the States? I like it here too much.”

You were laying on the bed in your hotel room in Cuba, watching your fiancé pack.

“Darling, I’d love to stay. But we have to get back to set. Anthony and Joe were already kind enough to let us take a week off, but now we have to go back to Atlanta.”

You groan, “but Cuba is fun. Especially being in the city.”

He smirks, climbing on top of you, “I think our trip in Havana has been a little too fun,” he says before leaning down to kiss you.

Havana ooh na na

Half of my heart is in Havana ooh na na

He took me back to East Atlanta ooh na na

I hope my heart is in Havana, there’s somethin bout his manners, Havana ooh na na

He kisses you slowly, deeply, running his fingers through your hair. You bite his bottom lip, and he stands you up before kissing you softly once more.

“Why don’t you go to the lobby and check us out while I bring our bags downstairs?”

You wink at him as you grab your purse, “I just want to check you out,” you say as you go down to the lobby.

Once you’re officially checked out, you stand by the back windows of the hotel as you look out at the horizon. You feel arms around your waist and lips pressed against your neck.

He didn’t walk up with that how you doin’ when he came in the room

He said there’s a lot of girls I could do with

I knew him forever in a minute

And papa says he got malo in him

You get in the taxi and get to the airport, boarding Tom’s private plane. You sit across from him as he falls asleep, with your feet in his lap. His angel face makes you remember the first time you met him on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

You were an extra in multiple scenes, particularly the party at Peter’s crush’s house and at homecoming. The second Tom had seen you, it was game over for everyone else who was trying to get his attention. You locked eyes with him and he completely forgot his lines, and he had to start the scene over. You’d laughed to yourself and gone on with the scene. Afterwards, Tom had tracked you down and introduced himself, as if you didn’t know who he was. You had felt an attraction instantly, and you knew you would fall hard and fast for Thomas Stanley Holland. After production had wrapped, you and Tom promised to stay in touch, but you hadn’t expected to actually follow through on that. He was a big movie star, and you were just a nobody that had fallen head over heels for him. When it was your time to leave set, Tom was devastated and begged you to stay. Unfortunately, you knew how flings with movie stars ended. You would just end up broken hearted a few months later, so you just decided to end it before you got in too deep.

Ooh-ooh-ooh, I knew it when I met him

I loved him when I left him

Got me feelin’ like

Ooh-ooh-ooh, and then I had to tell him

I had to go, oh na-na-na-na-na

A few weeks later, Tom had shown up on your doorstep with a bouquet of hydrangeas. You blushed as you recalled the flowers to mean “heartfelt feelings,” and you let Tom inside. He’d confessed that he’d loved you from the minute he saw you. You’d spent that night, and every night since, in the same bed. Two years later, here you were, engaged to be married in two months. Your trip to Havana was your pre-wedding honeymoon, since you would both be too busy filming to go on a honeymoon after your actual wedding. You were deeply in love with Tom, and you knew you were incredibly lucky to have someone who loved you back.

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Could you do head cannons for a Peter Parker x reader who has pink hair, is introverted and loves to write?

You know I had purple hair once 👀

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  • When you first dyed your hair and showed it to him
  • Homeboy was sh👀k
  • But he LOVED it
  • He already loved to play with your hair but now he loves to do it even more
  • You know what else he loves to do
  • He loves to watch you write
  • The way your fingers skim across your laptop as you type
  • The way you crinkle your nose when you concentrate 
  • And he loves to read your writing
  • “Babe, this is incredible”
  • You’re is favorite author
  • And you’re both introverted smol bb’s
  • so you mostly just hang out with eachother, ned, and mj
  • The Nerd Gang™
  • but you wouldn’t change it for anything
  • And as shy as you are
  • You won’t hesitate to stand up to flash when he picks on your boyfriend
  • Cause you may be introverted and shy
  • But you’re also protective as hell when it comes to the people you love
  • That’s right
  • Love

Fatal Victory Part - 1

You come from a long line of mobs. You are the heir to your dads’ business. But someone suddenly threatened your dad.. You swore to kill whoever was trying to hurt your family.

Wordcount: 2.2k.

Warnings: Swearing - violence.

“Y/n! You already took care of the Johnsons’ downtown?” your dad asked surprised. You could see that you had interrupted a meeting in his office. Almost every boss of each clan was there. You looked suspicious, and your dad could tell. He turned in has massive black leathered chair on wheels, and said: “We’ve..  had a bit of an issue with someone on the inside-“ He never finished a sentence. You panicked for a second.

“An inside job? What did they do?” You asked him while you slipped through the heavy cigar smoke and men in suits. He laughed nervously at first, but when you stood in front of his desk, face to face, his face turned serious and a bit pale.

“Dad, tell me” you demanded in your sweet voice, you knew you dad couldn’t resist. He sighed, and put his cigar in the huge ashtray beside him. All the men stood there and watched the situation before their eyes. Your white sneakers made a hard thump, when you positioned yourself, ready to receive some bad news.

“I’ve been getting some threats here and there, for a couple of weeks now. It’s someone inside the mansion, someone who has access to everything in this house” he finally said, being completely honest with you. Your dad could see the shocked look on your face. Your high ponytail swung across your shoulder when you turned around. You looked at all the men in the room, trying to figure out who it was, since it was probably one of the men right in front of you who was trying to knock your dad of the throne. You weren’t having any of it. Your parents meant everything to you and nobody was going to threaten your family that’s for sure.

“Listen you goddamn motherfuckers! I will-“ before you could finish your threat to all the men, your dad had already given his guard a hand gesture to walk you out. Teddy, the guard had grabbed your arm, and most likely dragged you out of the room. You didn’t really remember, all you remembered was the fury that boiled in your veins knowing, that someone was undermining your father, the boss of all bosses.

After Teddy tried to calm you down, you walked straight to your room. The thought of a rat inside your business killed you. Someone was trying to hurt your dad, maybe even your mom, who was as innocent as can be. You were on your king-sized white and black bed, covered in silk when you heard a small knock on the door. You knew immediately who that was.

“Come on in!” you answered loudly, but sad in a way. The large white wooden door was opened very carefully, when your beautiful mother walked in, her blonde hair almost faded in with the white wall and door. She had a sympathetic look on her face. You didn’t look at her, until she sat next to you, on your bed. You could easily smell the sweet Gucci perfume she wore, oh boy did she love it. She sighed, and tried to make eye contact with you, but that didn’t happen until you put your phone down. She smiled like an angel.

“What did you get?” you asked your mom. Your parents had made an agreement when they fell in love back in the day. She hated your dads’ business, but she knew he couldn’t leave it. The whole town would basically fall apart without him. So, every time he had an important meeting in the mansion, she would go either out of town, or on a shopping spree. You remembered those long days when you were a kid. Endless shopping, restaurants and stores. Your family never lacked in anything, especially not when it came to money. You would point at various toys, costumes and such, and get it. Back in the day, it happened pretty frequently probably more than it should have. Your mom enjoyed herself, then she wouldn’t have to deal with all the scary stuff, and she’d know you were safe.

“I got you something” she almost whispered. The sudden smile on her face shocked you a bit. Maybe she didn’t have a clue on what was going on? Someone was trying to take a hit on our father, her husband. She pulled up a big shoe box. Your attention was immediately drawn to the box. You positioned yourself, beside your mother. You hurried and pulled yourself up so you could hug her big time.

“Here! Open it!” she chimed happily. You could easily tell it was a Louboutin shoe box. The nude packaging, red bow and a little smudged kiss imprinted on the front from your mothers lips. You carefully removed the bow, while smiling to your mother and she looked so happy too. The nude stilettos with sparkly diamonds all over it, made everything seem so bland and boring next to it. You loved red, it was your favorite color. The red heel and bottom was what you also really loved.

“Mom, you really didn’t have to. You know that..” you said in the calmest voice ever. She smiled lightly.

“Of course I did! There’s a huge gala in two months and you haven’t even had a fitting for a dress yet. And I knew today would be hard on you” she answered. You nodded. Knowing, that she knew what was going on.

“We have to act as if it doesn’t bother us, or they’ll think they’ve won. We don’t want that. We don’t want them to think we’ve been defeated. It will make us look weak, and they’ll see it as an opportunity, you know?” She said while stroking your long flat ironed hair. Her hand went on to your pink cheek and she kissed you on the forehead. “- I know you want to protect him, and so do I but there’s only so much we can do. This business is dangerous, and this isn’t the first time this has happened. And it certainly won’t be the last, I can tell you that honey” she continued. You nodded. It had been a long time since she opened up like that about your dads’ business. You always thought she looked the other way, ignoring and didn’t care. That’s how it felt anyway.

“But mom, what if they actually.. kill him?” you asked nervously. You’ve always been taught not to ask questions you don’t want the answer to. But you needed to know. You needed to know from her, your mother.

She chuckled a bit before answering. Her face became a lot more serious in a matter of seconds.

“Trust me honey, they would wish they had never been born” she answered in all seriousness. That answer pleased you, and you were a lot calmer about the whole situation.

“Daddy isn’t done yet. Why don’t you ask Jacob to come over? I bet you’ll feel more comfortable if he was around” she changed the conversation to ease you. Jacob Batalon, your very best friend ever since your 15th birthday.

“Yeah, I guess I could hear what he’s up to” You answered. Immediately your phone found your hand once again, but before you let your mother leave, you stopped her. She turned around.

“Thank you so much, mom. I love you” you almost sang across the room. Your smile melted her right away.

“I love you too honey. Jacob can join for dinner if he wants to” she chimed before she left your room, and closing the door behind her. You looked down on your phone, and texted away.

Hey. You wanna hang out? :)

An immediate response came from your best friend.

Sure. I’ll be there in 20.

The twenty minutes felt like hours. You were left alone with your thoughts and fears. The insecurity found its way to your head again. You sighed, and tossed your phone away. Eventually a hard knock was heard from the door and before you could answer, Jacob entered.

“Finally. What took you so long?” you asked. You stood up, with a devious smile upon your lips. Jacob chuckled. He knew you were impatient he always knew it was a weakness of yours.

“My dad told me what’s going on around here” he said, trying to be sympathetic. He lunged himself onto you bed, and sat on the edge. You stood there beside him.

“Yeah, and we’re going to find out who it is”

“Please, don’t!” she screamed from the corner of the small dark room. She was tied up, pretty well according to yourself.

39 hours later

“No more! We’ll tell you anything!” she screamed again as your steps got closer and closer to her bloody, wounded and pathetic fiancée. Your long babyboom colored nails dug onto his scalp, forcing his head up high. The one and only light in the dark room exposed him so it made him growl with discomfort. You got a good look on his busted lip, bloody nose and the black eye that you caused him. You turned your head to his girl, smiling. You always wore your favorite true red lipstick when you were doing these kinds of things. Beating people up, until they gave you the necessary information you needed.

You came from a long line of mobs. Your family was one of the most successful ones in town, if not the most successful one. Your family and allies had your hands in everything: politics, law enforcement and of course, all the other mob families. You were an only child, hence why you were the heir of your dad’s small kingdom. You didn’t have any brothers’ that could take the throne after your father were supposed to resign. You remembered it all so vividly. On your 15th birthday, your dad threw a huge party for you, and he told you that all of your friends were invited; they had never been to your house. Your dad was a criminal, of course he didn’t want kids running around in his mansion, his private house. You were so excited. Your whole family and some of the other kids from some of your dads’ allies were even there. The hours went, but no friends, no school buddies, nothing. The only ones, who were there, were people who was in the mob. You suddenly heard a clean sound cu through all the talking and laughing that was going on. Everyone went silent, and looked respectfully up upon your dad.

“We are here today, to celebrate my little girl, or should I say woman.. “ Your dad coughed a bit, and raised his champagne glass a tad higher. He continued. “Y/n, today.. Well, for boys in this family, a 15th birthday is not only a birthday, it’s their special day. They get to join the business and take their rightful place in life. You are my only child. You are my only little girl, but you are also my only grown son now. You must take your place by my side, and get ready for the day you are the new boss in town”.

It was devastating news back then. All you wanted to do was graduate high school, go to college, find true love and live a normal life. That wasn’t going to happen. You remembered one specific moment, when your dad pulled you aside at your party when everyone was chatting away once again. He had dragged you out in the kitchen. He saw the look on your young face. You were sad, not necessarily because you were the heir, but because your few high school friends never showed up.

“Listen sweetpea. I know you wanted to share your birthday with your high school friends. But know this: these people in this house will have your back, at all times and never fail. Those from your high school will not. They were scared of the rumors going around about your old man, and made a no-show. Friends, allies and family don’t do that. So don’t be sad, okay? You’ve got a massive family in here that loves you”

You were 20 years old. Five years later here you were, beating up backstabbing spies and their loved ones. You looked over at the girl, your perfect red smile scared her. Your curly dark hair was perfect, as always. Your makeup was flawless as ever. The sweat from your pores had melted the powders together perfectly.

You leaned in, whispering to the guy. “So, what made a guy as loyal as yourself turn on my dad. Money? Threats? Both?”. The poor guy couldn’t open his right eye. His blonde hair was practically red after all the blood that splattered from his face. You let him go. He coughed. He growled once again and looked into your ice cold blue eyes.

“I-I can’t tell you. They’ll kill her..” he answered unsecure. His fiancée cried even louder than before. You walked in slow circles around him, making sure that your high velvet boots made a hard thump noise every time you took another step, keeping him on edge.

“Really? What if I told you my family could protect you again? If you gave us the information we needed. I would do anything to get the names I need, even if it means I have to make sure the two of you, make it through. Please, I just want the goddamn info, Teddy!” you spat out. The fiancée stopped crying. She listened to your promises.

“It was Holland!” she yelled.

“Holland who!?” you asked harshly.

Teddy looked at his fiancé and almost cried.

“Dominic and Tom Holland…” he finished her sentence.

King of the World Chapter Eight | Marie

When she opens her eyes, all Marie sees is black. She takes a few minutes to get over the initial shock of what is happening to try and figure out how to escape. Nothing appears to be broken, which she is thankful for, but she knows she’s going to have major bruising by the dull ache on her ribs and wrists, which seem to be tied up by rope.

Since she can’t rely on her sight, Marie listens to her surroundings. She can hear the hum of what she thinks is a generator and the flicker of lights. Whatever is blindfolding her is really doing the trick because if there are lights on she wouldn’t know. She tries to hear if there are any other people in the place with her, but can’t hear any breathing beside her own. She doesn’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

She wiggles her wrists around in an attempt to loosen the rope around them. After a few minutes of trying she gives up. The more she messes with it the tighter the rope seems to get around her wrists, digging more into the already sore flesh. She doesn’t know how long she has been here and wonders how long she had been unconscious. Where are her friends? Where is Tom?

That’s probably the only thing she is certain of: that whatever is happening and going to happen to her is because of Tom. The last thing she remembers seeing before the darkness took her was a man, a very tall and muscular man coming towards her. The man had tattoos all over him, but the one that stood out the most was a tattoo of a flame on his neck. Why else would a man that looked like that come after her if he wasn’t involved with Tom?

Remembering the man with the neck tattoo, she thinks she heard him say his name was Spitfire, but can’t recall if that was something she actually heard or if it was a dream.

A couple seconds later she hears the click of a door and she holds her breath. Is someone coming? She tilts her head towards the area where she heard it and listens hard. She can’t hear any footsteps and so she tells herself that she made it up. She relaxes back into the wooden chair and lets out the breath she was holding.

All of a sudden the sound of water being poured into a glass comes from the opposite side of the room where she heard the click of a door. She whips her head to the sound and it immediately stops. She holds her breath again and waits for another sound to come. Nothing does, only silence.

Someone is messing with her.

She is rigid in the seat, waiting for the next sound to come. Nothing does for a few more minutes. She is afraid to relax again, scared of what comes after she does. Her shoulders are sore though and she gives in to her bodies needs and relaxes. No sound is made.

A few more minutes pass by in silence and she has convinced herself again that she made the whole thing up. She is probably concussed from the hit she took when she was taken and other injuries during the time she was unconscious. She was also out with Alice and although she didn’t have many drinks, it was definitely enough to make her body dehydrated.

She shakes her head, disappointed at herself.. If she makes it out of this alive, she is never drinking again.

“Why are you shaking your head little one?”

The voice speaks from directly in front of her face and she screams. The man chuckles and she instantly recognizes it. The laugh is the same from earlier that night. His voice is that last voice she heard before becoming unconscious and she knows now that the voice wasn’t from a dream. The voice belongs to Spitfire, the man with the flame tattooed on his neck.

She doesn’t answer his question and he asks again.

“What were you thinking about Marie?”

Again she doesn’t answer.

“I won’t ask again.”

No answer.

He slaps her.

She cries out in pain and the sting of his slap covers the whole left side of her face. She can feel hot tears fall down her face. How is she going to stay alive if she’s this weak?

The man begins to collect the tears that are falling down her cheeks and she cringes away from him. He moves away from her.

“Now now little one, there’s nothing to be afraid of. All you have to do is cooperate with me and everything will turn out fine.”

She doubts it. She knows even if she did everything he asked of her, at the end of this she will die. Knowing this, she relaxes again. She isn’t going to speak to him, no matter what he does to her. She’s going to go down with dignity.

Because she’s still blindfolded she can’t see exactly where he is in the room, but she can still feel his presence, knows he is staring at her. She holds her head high, saying without words that she isn’t afraid of him.

He laughs and suddenly she is blinded by bright light. She closes her eyes shut and waits a few seconds before blinking them open slowly. Once she is able to open them completely, she is met with the man who calls himself Spitfire.

“Are you ready to talk now?”

She huffs loudly and turns away from him.

“Now I know why Tom likes you. You’re a feisty little one.”

At the mention of Tom, she turns to look at him. She raises an eyebrow cockily.

“Of course that isn’t the only reason he likes you. Look at you, you’re so fucking sexy.”

She huffs in annoyance and turns her head away again while rolling her eyes.

“Don’t look away from me again, Marie.”

She continues to look away.


Marie cringes but continues to not meet his eyes.

He storms up to her and harshly grips her chin and forcefully moves her head to look at him.

She spits on him.

He takes a second to register what she just did and after he disgustingly wipes it off of him, he backhands her with so much force that she falls sideways to the floor. She can feel a pain shoot up her left arm, but she doesn’t have time to feel it because he kicks her in the stomach. He yells some profanities and leaves her lying on the floor as he leaves the room.

She sobs heavily, the pain even more excruciating since she is unable to move her weight from her arm or move into the fetal position for her stomach.

As she tries to catch her breath and stop her crying, she notices that the chair has broken and if she can wiggle her wrists just right she can free herself from the chair. She moves slowly, not wanting to cause any more pain than what she is feeling already.

A few moments later and she is free. She sits up and more pain shoots up her arm, making her lean over and vomit. She is sure her arm is broken and she still has to untie the rope. To make it easier for her to attempt to get the rope off, she decides to lay on her back and move her hands under her legs so they are now in front of her. The whole time she is holding her breath, knowing that if she didn’t she would surely scream from the pain.

Once in front of her, she moves her wrists inward and begins to pull the rope loose. Luckily for her, the rope comes loose easily and quickly. Finally free, she stands up and feels a rush to her head. A wave of nausea hits her and she doubles over and heaves. Not wanting to throw up again, she slowly breathes in and out until the feeling is gone.

She walks to the door and slowly opens it. Halfway through opening the door creaks loudly and she cringes. She waits a few seconds, waiting for someone to catch her. After no one comes, she opens it all the way. Sticking her head out first to see if anyone is out there, she sees that there is no one.

The first thing Marie realizes is that they are in what seems to be an abandoned grocery store. The aisles and shelves are still in place, but there is no food. She can’t recall any empty grocery stores near where they live, so she wonders where exactly they are. How far did these men take her? Will Tom find her?

She begins to walk to the other end of the store, knowing that the office of the store is usually on the opposite side of the entrance/exit. Once she gets into the middle of the store she turns down one of the aisles, not wanting to be easily seen in case someone goes to check on her. Seconds later, she knows she made the right decision when she hears Spitfire scream, “MARIE!”

She turns her head back to the sound and then immediately takes off. As she turns the corner she hits something hard. She stumbles back and in front of her is a very large man, even bigger than Spitfire. Before she has the chance to turn around and run away, the man raises his hand and pistol whips her.

She can both hear and feel the crack in her jaw and she falls to the floor. The man bends down and grabs her, lifting her effortlessly and putting her over his shoulder. She doesn’t even attempt to get free, the pain too unbearable. She slumps and lets him carry her full weight.

They make it back to the room where she was only moments ago and she braces herself for the impact of being dropped. The man surprises her though and gently lays her down on the ground. He leaves without saying a word and she is once again left alone with Spitfire.

“Why do you want to make this so difficult? You would be perfectly fine right now if you would just do what you’re fucking told,” he says as he glares down at her.

She doesn’t speak and he sighs. He brings out his phone from his back pocket and dials a number. He puts it on speaker and she wonders who he could be calling. She is sure he’s the boss, but if he’s not she’s terrified of what someone in charge of him is like.

The line rings and she’s sure no one is going to answer when she hears his voice on the other end.

“Derek where the fuck is she?!”

It’s Tom.

“Tom, Tom I’m here. I’m okay,” Marie yells, speaking for the first time since she had been taken. She attempts to stand up to get closer to the phone, closer to Tom.

“Shut up bitch, you lost your chance to talk,” Spitfire says to her at the same time he kicks her in the stomach, hard, and she falls back to the ground.

She whimpers and he takes the phone off speaker. She can’t hear what Tom is saying anymore, but she can hear the volume in his voice. Spitfire laughs and puts the phone back on speaker.

“Derek I swear to every single God out there if you lay another finger on her I will rip every single one of yours off as slow as possible.”


Marie laughs. She knows she probably shouldn’t because he’s mad and will take it out on her, but that is the funniest shit she has ever heard.

Right on cue, the man above her kicks her in her ribs, kicking so hard that her body moves back a few spaces. She curls in on herself, holding her hands around her side and even though she is in an enormous amount of pain, she continues to laugh. She is not going to let this wannabe tough guy who calls himself Spitfire win.

She has gotten under his skin and she knows that whatever is going to come next will hurt worse than any pain she has endured so far. Derek walks behind her so fast she doesn’t have time to turn around and just as fast, kicks her in the back of her head. Her world goes dark and the last thing she hears before losing consciousness is Tom’s voice.

“Hang on baby, I’m coming. Just hold on for me.”



Tom Holland defending his partner’s pronouns.



Blow a Kiss, Fire a Gun | Pt.1

Tom Holland Mob!AU


Summary: You’re arranged to marry Tom Holland, Londons most feared mobster, but it’s never easy. He doesn’t seem to want you and you don’t want anything to do with him.

Words: 3k

Originally posted by tomhollandcouk

“Now I told you last time you were here Marcus, You had one last chance to finish the deal or there’d be punishments” Tom stepped circles around the guy, excitement filling his chest when he noticed the blood dripping down his nose, electric red highlighted his lips, purple and blue formed beneath his eyes. “I may have given you a second chance, but I don’t give out third chances.”

“Please, I-I can do it-, I can finish the deal for you” The man could barely speak. Blood sputtering between his teeth, almost making Tom grin wickedly. It was sick really, Tom’s fascination, but he couldn’t help it when this was who he had been raised to be. Ever since he was a child he’d been exposed to gore and violence and taught to do whatever he had to, to stay at the top.

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tom + mackie is everything i didn’t know i needed in my life

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Heaven & Hell | Pt.1

King Of Hell!Tom X Fallen Angel!Reader

Summary: Who would’ve assumed that heavens little angel was The King Of Hells soulmate?

Words: 2.9K

Warnings: Brief mentions of abuse, vulnerable reader.

Collaberation with @thewiseandfree 

I apologise in advance if the read more tab doesn’t work on mobile!

“The prophecy states that when the king lays eyes on his gift, he’ll know in an instant. Power will wash over him as well as things he’s never felt before. Adoration, wonder.”

You were falling for what felt like forever. Everything was cold, then it was hot-, so goddamn hot and you swore that if it got any hotter you’d end up with third-degree burns. Heaven was always warm enough to walk around in a sundress but never anything less, never cooling down or heating up in all of your time in the clouds but now you could practically feel flames on every inch of your flesh.

Out of all the places, you had to slip into Hell.

Damn hell where they plucked angels wings and questioned them to the point of insanity You could’ve landed anywhere on Earth, even the coldest place on that planet would’ve been better than this.

It was your own fault for slipping out of Heaven anyway. Heaven was perfect, streets lined with small, white houses and even the simplest of gardens to compliment. People smiled and said hello when they ran past, bright smiles adorning their faces. it all looked perfect. But no one said hello to you, not a single person ever waved. Instead, insults were spat your way.

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How He Cuddles {T.H}

Cause cuddling with Tom isn’t talked about enough

  • Where to start?
  • Homeboy is hella touchy
  • his fingers constantly running up your arm
  • dancing against your skin
  • drawing circles on the small of your back
  • his hands are never not roaming your body
  • even dancing up your bare thigh underneath the blanket
  • anything that will make you snuggle closer to him
  • and one his hands is alway tangled in your hair
  • fingers massaging your scalp
  • making you lean into him more
  • and eventually he would place his hands under your knees
  • and rest them over his legs
  • fingers dancing up and down your legs
  • sending cold chills down your spine 
  • as his fingers get closer to the inside of your thigh
  • and tom would whisper sweet nothings in your ear 
  • until you melted under his touch 
  • and you were rested on his lap
  • lips brushing over his 
  • and your hands trailing down his chest
  • until they rested on the bottom half of your stomach
  • and you would life his shirt up slightly 
  • as your fingernails running over the bare skin 
  • and his hands roaming over your back
  • until he picks you ups
  • your legs wrapped around his 
  • as he leads you to the bedroom
  • then there are other times
  • where tom wants to be little spoon
  • of course
  • these are the times that homeboy loses his shirt
  • cause he puts off too much heat
  • from being under the blanket
  • and he knows that you’ll complain eventually 
  • and refuse to keep cuddling with him 
  • if he doesn’t lose his shirt
  • and the two of you cuddle up on the couch
  • watching a movie 
  • your arms wrapped around him
  • as he leans his head back against your shoulder
  • your fingernails gently scratching at his hand or arm
  • and tom would let out a soft moan
  • cause his not use to be little spoon
  • but homeboy secretly loves it
  • cause for some reason
  • tom gets overly peaceful in your arms
  • and he could just fall asleep
  • but he never does 
  • cause you pepper his cheek with soft kisses
  • and then there are times
  • that his head in your lap
  • your fingers running through his curls
  • and his arms are wrapped around your knees
  • cause you’re sitting cross-legged 
  • and tom just hums quietly 
  • cause he’s in heaven
  • and there aren’t very many times that he gets to rest his head in your lap
  • but when he does 
  • tom takes full advantage of it
  • cause it’s one of his favorite sports
  • not only cause tom can see the tv better
  • but cause your fingers never leave his curls
  • and you have to bend over to give him a kiss
  • and it helps that you leave little kisses all over the top of his head
  • and down his jawline and cheek
  • this happens way too much
  • cause he’ll start to blush the moment your lips meet his cheek
  • and to him it’s just perfect
  • but eventually he’ll fall asleep
  • cause your fingers are dancing along his scalp
  • and that puts any boy to sleep
  • then there is cuddling in bed
  • and tom lives for this one
  • cause he doesn’t have to wear a shirt
  • and half the time he’s only in his boxer
  • and your always wearing just a big t-shirt and undies
  • for some reason tom loves this 
  • so freaking much
  • cause there is something about cuddling with almost no clothes with the person that you love
  • that just gets his heart pounding against his chest
  • you and him would start by laying side by side in the bed
  • your head in the crook of his neck
  • his fingers dancing along your collarbone 
  • and down your arm
  • but you would eventually roll over onto your side
  • with his arms wrapped tightly around you
  • and legs tangled together
  • as tom snuggled up to your back
  • his head resting against your neck
  • and his lips would flutter over your expose skin
  • tom being the cheeky little person he is
  • he would do this until you were forced to roll over and look at him
  • and his lips would crash up against yours 
  • with passion and love
  • and then he could finally go to sleep
  • cause he only wants to fall asleep when he’s facing you
  • and his legs tangled up in with yours
  • and you in his arms

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domestic things w/ tom holland

a/n: hope you like it! please let me know 🤪

Originally posted by parkersstark

  • tom would be the best boyfriend in the world
  • like it’s not even an exaggeration; he’s just always so kind & forgiving
  • & so so so goofy
  • he’d always be pulling (harmless) pranks on you
  • tom is all about making you smile and/or laugh, like the boy can’t go a day without saying or doing something funny towards you
  • & he’d love how goofy you are too
  • you love teasing in interviews/or whatever about how you “despise this new spider-man” 😉
  • tom is always doing hand stands & back flips which you are always warning him to be damn careful p l e a s e
  • he gets so excited when you agree to let him teach how to do them (if you don’t already know how)
  • going to london every so often to visit his adoring family 
  • spending time with his brothers when they come to visit; you are practically part of the family
  • actually you’re even in a group chat with his brothers where you all just roast the shit out of tom
  • tom is the first one to even mention marriage in the future
  • & he is constantly talking about your future kids’ names so randomly
  • the boy really is lovesick when it comes to you
  • tom is super polite around the paparazzi but the minute they start harassing you a little too much, he gets f*cking pissed 
  • always holding your hand during premieres & whatnot to make sure you’re taking it all okay
  • fans absolutely idolize you two & call tom a disney prince & you a disney princess
  • it becomes a meme
  • whenever tom posts a picture of you on his instagram his mom comments “my beautiful daughter in law”
  • laughing hysterically when you see rumors that you are stuck in a love triangle between tom & harrison
  • & retweeting it on twitter, tagging them both, & writing “how did they find out…”
  • decorating for christmas together is a huge event
  • playing just dance together & getting so mad because tom always wins
  • he loves surprising you with romantic getaways
  • whenever tom is away & someone flirts with him, he always replies “sorry but i am happily taken. and she can kick your ass.”
  • using each other as furniture
  • he loves it when you scratch his head
  • you & tom are so damn close that when you speak to each other in non-human noises, you both know e x a c t l y what the other is saying
  • snuggle sessions
  • saying “i love you” like a million times a day
  • dancing like weirdos in the kitchen while making breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • sending each other funny but sad memes about missing each other
  • hanging out with harrison while tom is away & harrison telling him on the phone how grumpy you are without him. 
  • also harrison posting a picture of you & him hanging out & tom commenting “😭😭😭”
  • tom congratulating you when you burp massively
  • telling tom all the gossip from work/school & he is REALLY into it
  • pull very ugly faces at each other, even if you’re on both ends of the couch
  • just because
  • wearing toms hoodies & hats (which he finds so freaking hot)
  • Tom being gone for work & he texts you saying he has something “sexy” to show you, but it’s just a video of him playing the kazoo (SEE ABOVE GIF)

to be continued…

Take Me Backstage | Tom Holland x Reader

REQUEST: (sorry this took forever to come out! But hey I liked it so much I made it a full thing!!! I changed some details tho) Congrats on 900!!!🎉Can you do a Tom imagine where you’re a singer and you happen to be on the same talk show as Tom (maybe like Graham Norton here in the UK) and you’re both sat on the couch and the host embarrasses either you or Tom by exposing a crush on the other and you hook up backstage after the show? 😁(smut if that’s cool?)

Warnings: smut & swearing & a case of “god, I wish that were me

Word Count: a 6K not so quickie

You’re fumbling with hem of your top, keeping your fingers busy in whatever way you can. A makeup artist is setting your face with powder, as you bounce and squirm in the chair

In the past few years, you’ve really made a name for yourself as an up and coming actress to watch. It starting with small roles, and some magazine photoshoots, and now hear you are, taking big strides as a top-billing actress coming on a talk show.

You can hardly believe it.

“Ahhhh….” You mumble, as the artist continues touch up your makeup and someone behind you is fixing up your hair.

You still get so nervous.

Which is understandable, live and unscripted TV as a lot harder for you than going through the motions of acting, and performing; at least you had a script then and knew what to say. Your media persona was something you had to work on in the future.

“You’ll be fine dear,” the artist coos as she smears on your lip gloss, her eyes are kind, “Everyone is going to absolutely love you. They already do.”

You let out a dry laugh, moving slightly and earning a knock on the head for messing up the makeup a bit.

Your stomach was welled with butterflies, thinking about the other big names sitting on the couch with you, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and Tom Holland.God, they were like titans next to you, you hardly knew how you got booked for this slot.

Knock! Knock!

Soft raps on the door woke you from your thoughts, instantly straightening up in your seat and donning a rehearsed, charming smile as the door opened.

Past the commotion of assistants and your publicist, you could hear a muffled voice approaching,

“Hello! Hello!”

You peek over, not sure of who would be trying to see you, mere minutes before the interview. You were already anxious enough what more could—

“Hey, love!”

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Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun | Pt.13

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12


Words: 4.3k

Summary: You’re arranged to marry Tom Holland, Londons most feared mobster, but it’s never easy. He doesn’t seem to want you and you don’t want anything to do with him.


In the mafia, threats came often. You could never be sure which you had to take seriously and which you could roll your eyes at and move on. Maybe that’s why you shrugged the texts off, turning your phone onto mute whenever a new one came through or even blocking the numbers but somehow, a new text always managed to come through and after a while, you just stopped reading them.

Even if the threats you were receiving was serious, did you really have to think twice? You were dating-, no, married to Tom Holland after all and while that made you more of a target it always meant that you had security, people watching your back to make sure nothing happened to you.

You also had power and admittedly, you’d never felt as much power as you had the moment Tom sat you on his lap, in front of him was his big, wooden desk containing every bit of important information about his mafia and he had sat you only centimeters away from all of it, from all of the power.

You sat upon his lap, melting into his grasp as he typed away on his computer, made phone calls and wrote on a pile of paper. To anyone else, these wounded like the acts of a businessman, maybe the CEO of a big company but you knew better. You had to admit that it was hot being perched on his lap like that.

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