Tom Scott Today


Today in Harri History, George along with Tom Scott, Billy Preston, his dad, Harold, Ravi Shankar and First Son, Jack Ford visit in The Oval Office, 13 December 1974  Photos: David Hume Kennerly

“In the Cabinet Room, Harrison posed for pictures taken by White House photographer David Kennerly, as he sat in the president’s chair. Harrison and company found the house piano and launched an impromptu jam session“ -excerpt from “George Harrison: Hare Krishna to the Chief” by Jeff Cochran, Like The Dew, 8 September 2011

“From a foreigner’s point of view, there was a tremendous sense of relief in Ford. It’s just a regular old, groovy American family living there,  I thought I’d be very cynical about it all, but I was uplifted, it was like an unexpected shot of patriotism.” - Tom Scott

Great, Unusual Covers of Classic Songs Part 2

 i. Spooky- Dusty Springfield // ii. Circles- The Fleur De Lys // iii. Hung Upside Down- Neil Macarthur (Colin Blunstone) // iv. You Know I’m No Good- Arctic Monkeys // v. Sit Down I Think I Love You- The Mojo Men // vi. Ain’t That Good News- The Supremes // vii. Come Together- Ike and Tina Turner // viii. What I’d Say- The Ronettes // ix. Song To A Seagull- Buffy Sainte-Marie // x. Today- Tom Scott