Glorious Birds

You know what the best thing about writing a fic about a pair no one has ever written about before is? I can, without hesitation, tell you that this is THE BEST Tom Paris/Lwaxana Troi story you can find on the internet.

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You’ve been warned.

Voyager was a show in which:

An alien from another galaxy died and became a rock.

“There’s coffee in that nebula.”

Harry Kim died twice in the first season alone; did not get a promotion.

Tom Paris avoided criminal punishment because of a dog.

The ship had to be submissive to a frustrated space fish-worm.

Torres literally had a split personality.

Kes ate dirt.

Kes happened at all.

Tuvok and Paris changed rank in the first season with no explanation.

Harry Kim traveled into an alternate time and space dimension; did not get promotion.

Neelix got into a food fight with Paris.

Q turned the ship into a Christmas tree ornament.

“Get the cheese to sickbay.”

The Doctor got beamed into space for five seconds.

Paris and Janeway turned into lizards.

Seven of Nine had nightmares about a bird.

Harry Kim built the Astrometrics Lab; did not get a promotion.

“You hit the wrong ship!” “It wasn’t my fault!” “Well then who’s fault was it, the torpedoe’s? You’re supposed to tell it what to do!”

Tuvok was stranded on a planet with small children.

The ship got transported back to 1996, and was not the weirdest thing around.

“Vulcans do not hydro-sail.”

Paris found a Hirogen head.

Harry Kim saved the ship from the future; did not get a promotion.

A dead crewmember changed species and briefly came back.

Seven had Borg multiple-personalities.

The Doctor had daydreams that threatened the ship.

Tuvok had a dream about walking naked around the ship.

“Alien bugs, or alien fisticuffs. Oooh that’s a tough one.”

“Very large germs” swarmed the ship.

The Doctor secretly impersonated half the crew.

Some kind of fantastic show!


Get To Know Me: [1/10] Favourite Television Shows 

↬ Star Trek Voyager

❝ Who would have thought that this eclectic group of voyagers could actually become a family? Starfleet, Maquis, Klingon, Talaxian, hologram, Borg, even Mr. Paris.❞