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Repost if you think Kim Sanggyun, Noh Taehyun, Park Woodam, Lee Woojin, Takada Kenta, Kim Donghan and Kim Taedong deserved better

They were like my favs on the show and to see them get eliminated just breaks my heart because they are so talented and amazing💫all the best to them in their respective companies tho!!💖


[170602 EP9] PRODUCE 101 Season 2 - ♬Show Time 

Performance by Kim SangKyun, Kim Samuel, Park WooDam, Lee WooJin, Yoon JiSung, Ha SungWoon, Noh TaeHyun

My Produce 101 Season 2 Faves

*Includes only those not eliminated so it’s not all of my faves lol 

1. Noh Taehyun: Bruh loved him since I found out about Hotshot. He was already a bias like I’m not surprised he’s made #1 on my list. He’s talented and sweet and kind. 

2. Kang Daniel: This boy has the cutest smile I’ve ever seen in my life! So he made a mistake…I think he was genuinely sorry and so I’ve put that in the past. He’s adorable and sweet and talented. Love him

3. Yoon Ji Seung [Sung?]: Idk I’ve seen it stylized different. Anyway this boy…he’s so cute and funny and full of sunshine and rainbows. I love him. 

4. Kim Sang Kyun [A-tom]: This boy is so freakin adorable. Although he isn’t one of my biases in Topp Dogg. I still love him alot. He’s so stinkin cute and sweet and also shy sometimes and it’s precious

5. Lee Dae Hwi: The boy has to be in the top 11 I’m sorry he’s so freakin talented how can he not be in the top 11? Like is there anything he can’t do and he’s only like 15. I think…..the ages on their profiles are in Korean age right? Bruh idk 15/17?? Still the boy more talented and achieved more than I did at that age. He also reminds me of a teddy bear…idk why

6. Ong Seong Woo: I mean….need I explain lol Okay I will anyway. The boy is handsome, he’s sweet, funny and have you seen him dance come on. 

7. Lai Guan Lin: Even though he’s far too young for me I still must admit that he has good looks. He is so sweet and talented though. Also I think he might be a bit mischievous but I don’t have proof. 

8. Lim Young Min: Idk why everyone is worked up over him having a girlfriend. Also he made a mistake so what all folks do sometimes. I think he’s talented and cute and sweet and playful and deserves a spot in the top 11. 

9. Takeda Kenta: This special little sweet boy. He’s so fluffy and cute. I wanna keep him in my pocket. Can i? He’s working so hard and he’s just so precious. 

10. Arredondo Samuel: Well….honestly what would a top 11 be without Samuel. He’s far too talented to leave out. Even though I love some other trainees probably a bit more. I mean I still enjoy watching Samuel perform and honestly he’s super talented so….yeah he’s etched his way into number 10. 

11. Seo Sung Hyuk: Ugh this was hard like literally a tie between him and Park Ji Hoon. I think they should both be #11. But that can’t be. So I chose Sung Hyuk. Because he’s super hardworking and grateful and sweet and precious. [not to say Ji Hoon isn’t] Ugh can’t they both be here…can’t 12 debut? 

12. Park Ji Hoon: All that’s stated above honestly lol 

13. Choi Min Ki: Honestly I love Nu’est and I’ve love to put them all 4 in the top 11. But…I can’t do that. Not that I don’t think they deserve it. I’m not explaining it all here sorry. But Min Ki is the bias in Nu’est. I love him. He’s so pretty and talented and also he can be manly too. Ugh he’s too much. 

14. Kim Jeong Hyeon: He’s such a great leader and rapper and he’s so talented. He’s super sweet and just a great person in general. 

15. Ha Sang Un: I love all of Hotshot let me start by saying that. I think he’s really talented and  hardworking and sweet and precious. 

16. Park Woo Dam: If only there could be more than 11. He is so talented and his vocals are on point. He’s even working so hard and dance. And he’s so sweet and precious and soft hearted and ugh i love him. 

I’ll cut it off here at an even number and also because it’s already 5 over the 11 cut off. 


Happy No Shave November from some TV Characters with rocking facial hair!