Shakespeare plays as Onion headlines


Twelfth Night:


Julius Caesar:

Titus Andronicus: 

Henry IV Part 1:

Two Gentlemen of Verona:

Measure for Measure:



The Tempest:

The Winter’s Tale:

King Lear:

"You know, obsessing over a celebrity makes you seem childish."

Here’s a thought: I don’t fukin care

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Infinity War Panel Be Like....
  • <p> <b>Host:</b> chris!<p/><b>Evans:</b> yes?<p/><b>Hemsworth:</b> sup?<p/><b>Pratt:</b> whut?<p/><b>Host:</b> uhh the muscular one.<p/><b>Evans:</b> oops *raises hand*<p/><b>Hemsworth:</b> that's me!<p/><b>Pratt:</b> no that's me!<p/><b>Host:</b> fine! the one playing peter!<p/><b>Holland:</b> yeah?<p/><b>Host:</b> oh c'mon not you tom!<p/><b>Hiddleston:</b> what did i do?<p/></p>