(still on hiatus but I got my first moleskine sketchbook!! I wanted to share)

I talked with a friend about what the Valinorian army did once they had Melkor captured. Did they keep him somewhere in their Camp for a time? How did they transport him to the void entrance? Was the void port “portable”? And how did Mairon handle it all?
Somehow we ended up talking about Mairon witnessing Melkor disappearing (to the void or to Valinor) right before his eyes.

Idril Celebrindal`s dream: Elenwe blesses daughter (on the eve of the wedding withTuor) by   moimq

【婚礼之前,ondolinde的公主在梦中见到,她逝去已久的母亲,戴着父亲放置在王座旁的后冠,容色依旧,持花前来给予她祝福】偶尔发作的叨逼叨:成年母女逻辑上没法同框?没关系,一个梦搞定天鹅只是暗示公主的夫家。至于环山城内到底能不能有天鹅?科学的说,基本不会有,但是既然是梦里,一切皆有可能。王后手里的花经历了马蹄莲、橙花、玫瑰等等【艹O三次元战线拉太长导致选择困难发作的坏处】最后还是定下百合。画完又发现微妙的应了Annuntiatio Domini。不过反正都是生救世主,没差。王座旁的空王冠?那是个梗,等下一个地狱期结束再说。

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The wedding of Finwe and Indis in The Silmarillion: Immortal Storms of Romance (2017, dir. Rosamunde Pilcher)

He’s a single father with a demanding son. She’s a high elven princess who needs the Valar to stop meddling in her private life already. Join them in the most epic romance movie of the year as they struggle to beat the odds, win over their families and find true and lasting happiness.