Legolas must be so confused about death

In the screenwriters’ and actor’s commentary/interviews for Lord of the Rings, they say they portrayed Legolas as an immortal elf who’s always lived among immortal elves, who has never encountered death or grief before. 

His “arc” in Lord of the Rings is about confronting death for the first time in his immortal life, and struggling to understand it.

But like…Legolas must be so confused by the idea of death??? Because everyone who “dies” keep coming back???? 

Just imagine: 

Legolas: So when is Boromir coming back?
Aragorn: Legolas…Boromir’s dead.
Legolas: Gandalf was dead. He’s back.
Aragorn: That’s different—
Legolas: You fell off that cliff, and you came back.
Aragorn: But I wasn’t really—
Legolas: Merry and Pippin were dead, but they came back.
Aragorn: But they–
Legolas: *busy looking around for Boromir*


feanorianweek → maedhros the tall

MAEDHROS did deeds of surpassing valour, and the orcs fled before his face; for since his torment upon Thangorodrim his spirit burned like a white fire within, and he was as one that returns from the dead.

Fëanorian week: Curufin & Celebrimbor

A Silmarillion fanfic

Summary: Curufin tries his best as a father and Celegorm as an uncle but sometimes there are little blunders, such as treating a toddler like a baby animal.

Length: ~1,300 words, Rating: General audiences

Some keywords: family, fatherhood, humour, fluff, the tiniest bit of angst

Fëanorian week prompts: Celebrimbor, Fëanor

A/N: I wanted a write a story concentrating on Celebrimbor/Tyelperinquar’s childhood, thus I am posting two stories today, on Curufin’s day. This first story ended up being mostly about Curufin/Curufinwë and Celegorm/Tyelkormo still figuring out how to be a father and an uncle, respectively. (AO3 link)


Ponds, puppies and paternal worries

‘I told you not to treat him like one of the puppies’, Curufinwë hisses at his brother. He is livid but cannot shout because in addition to scolding Tyelkormo, he is also trying to calm down little Tyelperinquar who had upon his father’s arrival burst into fresh tears.

Tyelkormo also looks slightly worried but makes a dismissive gesture and says, 'He was having a grand time playing with them until he got pushed into the pond. And how could I have known there were sharp rocks in the bottom of your garden pond?’

'You couldn’t have known, but you should have stayed closer to him and rescued him when the playing got too rough, you idiot!’ Curufinwë hugs his son close but that brings a fresh wail from the boy, so he hurriedly sits him on his knee and starts going through his small injuries, worried that one of them is worse than it looks.

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