i really love rog’s rallying speech in tFoG????

“Who now shall fear the Balrogs for all their terror? See before us the accursed ones who for ages have tormented the children of the Noldoli, and who now set a fire at our backs with their shooting. Come ye of the Hammer of Wrath and smite them for their evil.”

he’s basically like. i ain’t afraid no more, i’m done with being afraid, let’s fUCK THIS SHIT UP!!

Moving rapidly along, as I post the elves I’ve been drawing the last few weeks, here we have Nimloth, with lilies of the valley. I have a hard time drawing my thoughts about Nimloth together into an easily coherent whole– but I tend to think she must have been a very self-assured and contained sort of woman. I suspect she always loomed very large in her daughter’s memory.

Also, I think she’s the one who killed Celegorm and/or Curufin. For whatever reason, that seems so much more plausible to me than that Dior did.

Why can I never meet fans of Tolkien face-to-face in person that are not assholes? Anyone else have this problem?

I have met amazing friends online with Tolkien as a bond between us who are pleasant and sincere who debate fairly and accept that not all share their opinions (or ships). These people of whom I have never met in person. But those that I meet face-to-face out themselves as “that fan” and immediately creates an unwelcoming space.

Needless to say this is profoundly frustrating.

on leadership and bodily difference

alright. time to talk about post-thangorodrim maedhros, and how his interaction with others might have been affected by the fact that he is now a person with a visible bodily difference/disability. [quick side-note that this post is brought to you by someone with a visible disibility also.]

first off, we can assume that he would have had to put up with a lot of what i like to call well-intentioned good-samaritaning (read: folks trying to do Everything for him because it makes them look good) from some people.

off the back of this, he’d also very possibly have to deal with some infantilisation. people with visible bodily differences are often subject to being treated like children, either through misplaced protectiveness or through internalised societal stigma revolving around the notion of that person as less capable and therefore somehow less adult. people might have tried to exclude him from important discussions, spoken to him condescendingly, or dismissed his frustrations as overemotional tantrums.

there would also have been the “i don’t know how to act around him” camp, who would distance themselves from him out of uncertainty over how to behave around someone visibly different than themselves. and there would have been the “rude questions” camp, who for whatever reason feel as though it’s their Eru-given right to fire inane questions at him (“so, how do you lace your boots now?” “do you have your squire cut up your food for you?”) instead of, y’know, having an actual conversation.

the upshot of all this, basically, is that maedhros probably would have had to Fight to be taken seriously, after angband. he would have had a lot to prove, and training himself to fight again—to become “more deadly” than before—would only have been a fraction of it.