At just over 6000m in, the tiredness and sore body definitely starts to take its tole. The sun is beginning to set behind the hills but @Thewolferrine and @kwaichang will be pushing through into the night. #EverestingTakeover #Everesting #WYMTE (at Walkerville Foreshore Caravan Park)


so i got to meet my idol today, the one and only tom hiddleston. i made him laugh twice, he gave me a hug and held my hands. it was the best experience ever for me. to meet my favourite celebrity and him actually speak to me for a few minutes. 

I also had the honour of meeting jessica, she was absolutely perfect and nice and friendly. she gave me a hug and gave off happiness

i just want to say thank you to both for making may 6th 2014 a day i will never forget