There is someone who cares


That at a point they are born! I didn´t ask for this you see.. Why did it have to be me? These questions keep circling and my head is such a mess! I never wanted this at all ! Am I still humam? Or that part gone ? The person I was has been replaced.. Even if I can´t tell you the whole truth, look inside I trust you can find it! I keep calling for you in the dark ! I know you can see passed this broken useless heart.. (Let me Hear - Parasyte) 


Nighttime in Tokyo :)
Both old and new :D

These are not my best shots although I like the last one quite a lot :) <=I always like to put the best thing last this way it feels much more rewarding to finish something :)

Last weekend i had been daydreaming a lot about my time in Japan and how much I miss being there. It was a sweet nostalgia that overcame me and I enjoyed bathing my soul in the memories of the warm summer nights, the gentle, subtly scented breeze, the subtle harmony of things seemingly incompatible, the feeling of being accepted and eyed with a curiosity and appreciation formerly unknown to me.
These are my memories of Japan that I treasure and cradle deep within my heart. I felt very happy this weekend finally being able to afford going back to Japan again. 

I didn’t make my schedule yet but I will visit Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto again :)
I have a few friends in Tokyo and one in Nagoya and in Kyoto :)

The photos above remind me an awful lot of Ghost in the Shell (the first Anime :)
or Akira (^-^)
I took these from the first and second platform of Tokyo tower :)
I can recommend it a lot :3 If I had a girlfriend/wife I would take her there :)
It is so nice to see Tokyo at dawn and after dark :)
It is very inspiring to see the differing lighting situations and views of the city.

Right now I’ll need to feed off of my memories for a little more until I can finally enjoy being back in Japan again :)

I will travel there in late August and stay for a month exploring, handing in letters of application to different companies along the way and just enjoying the fleeting moments of joy and subtle sadness (o^-^o)

I feel happy, excited and melancholic at knowing that it will be yet another impermanent moment in Japan. :)
It is somehow the essence of Japan to me everything joyful has yet a deep melancholic note to it that is hidden in plain sight yet this very melancholy is what makes it beautiful and one appreciate the momentary beauty it presents.

I’m getting carried away and I’m daydreaming or dreaming for most of the time now. It is blissful selfishness that runs through my brains and heart unifying the often divided with one goal. Questioning whether reality can ever fulfil my expectations yet being certain that it will since all I want are simple things neither all of them nor more than I need thus neither striving for perfection, completeness or prize I can live with parts being left unfulfilled since they will provide my soul with the fuel that is imagination and strive that will serve as inspiration for my photos and my work (^-^)

Sorry for the awfully weird way I wrote this article m(_ _)m 
I’m feeling kind of weird publishing this but today I just ended up writing similar things no matter how often I erased the article or tried other photos (^-^;)
So I decided to publish it although I fear I will come off as someone quite weird (^-^;)
Anyway so happy ✽(′ॢᵕ ‵ *ॢ)✽ஐ

I will write updates on my progress :)

I wish everyone a goal that unites your hearts and souls and makes you feel happy while you are working towards it and sweet dreams of course as they are what inspires and fuels one to go after the goals vaguely seen at a distance (^-^)/


Tokyo (o^-^o)

To be honest I selected the folder with these photos at random (^-^;)
I needed something to cheer me up so I just blindfold clicked on one of my folders with photos from my journeys to various places :D

I think Meiji Jingu, Shinjuku, Manneken Pis at Hamamatsucho station and the area around Tokyo tower worked quite well at lifting my spirits :3

Meiji Jingu by itself is not that spectacular. Sure it is a great example for a Japanese shrine and craftsmanship but by itself it is not as spectacular as Toshogu in Nikko or Hachimangu in Kamakura but what makes it stand out among many other shrines is its location in Tokyo.
If it wouldn’t be for Meiji-Jingu and the surrounding park, Tokyo would have a much harder and more unforgiving appearance :)
I mean right up to the entrance to the park you are in a vast, sprawling city with skyscrapers and modern technology so the contrast is quite high which makes it feel a lot like going on vacation in a forest :3
The wide path makes you feel small and invites you to look at the sides and up to the treetops and makes you admire those trees and the greenery that are surrounding you :3
Every time I went there I felt like I forgot about outside Tokyo quite quickly and felt as if my soul took a bath in a forest :3

As you walk through the park you will soon reach the point where the path seems to widen a lot and, seemingly in the middle of this wider path, lies Meiji-Jingu.

Because of its layout it looks vast even though it is not particularly big the way you access it, from a forest that made you forget about the vast city that is laying behind you, and because it has a rather flat roofline you cannot help but perceive it as a huge and open complex :)
It feels very welcoming :3

Shinjuku is fascinating but there were few things that caught my attention back then :D
It has its special charm though :)
I liked this small shrine that seemed oddly out of place between all the high rise concrete buildings :3
I liked this bicycle too :D It would be unthinkable to leave your bicycle locked like that in Germany :D <=This makes me kind of sad but when you talk to Germans they will sometimes get angry or tell you that you are stupid :|
I don’t know what to make of it… I just wish you could leave things laying around with this little protection and still come back to find everything as you left it :) I had to carry 4 kg of bicycle locks with me to secure everything in Berlin and still they cut my tires, wires and grips….

I was quite surprised when I stumbled across this Manneken Pis at Hamamatsucho station :D
I liked how people decorated it :3
It felt like the people living in this area must liked it a lot :D

It is nice to take a walk around Tokyo tower at dawn :3
You can see the deep red of the surrounding shrines and the red of the sun going down and soon you can enjoy seeing the lights of Tokyo switching on which makes everything look like one giant advertisement :D
I can recommend you to go to the top platform of Tokyo tower as it offers a stunning view of Tokyo particularly after sundown as the size of Tokyo only gets really visible on clear nights from above :)
As you look around you from the platform you will see the lights of the city merging with the horizon :)
I took some photos which I will show another time ;) 

My friends asked me why Tokyoites hated Tokyo tower because it gets destroyed in so many movies (^-^;) I’m not sure whether they hate it I felt like they really liked it :D but maybe that is the reason why it gets destroyed in so many movies it is a dear symbol of Tokyo which is the home of so many people and seeing it getting destroyed might just emphasize the graveness of a situation. Maybe it is used like the fan is used in Noh plays as a means to dramatize a situation and to convey meaning :) In this case defeat and standing with you back against the wall while you have to watch how something dear is destroyed.
Of course this is only a guess made by someone who has never lived in Tokyo (^-^;)

Last week was quite exhausting and I worked overtime to get some things done (^-^;)
I’m currently writing lists and making inquiries for equipment that I need to complete the experiments for my bachelor’s thesis :)
It is a lot of work (^-^;)

This weekend I enjoyed going to an English speaking event :3
I would like to have more opportunities to speak English.
Today I just went swimming and took a walk :3
The rest of the day I sharpened some tools  and started fixing up the Veritas bevel setter :)
I’m still very disappointed with it but I’m working on it and hope that it will be more usable soon :)
Considering that i paid 30€ for it and that it doesn’t work properly as a ruler (it is not straight :( or as a bevel setter I don’t really want to risk buying another Veritas measuring device…
I like their planes though :)
But for rulers and such I’m going to stick with those 3 companies: Rumold (great affordable rulers :), Shinwa (clever things and traditional things(I like them a lot (especially since their logo is a penguinヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ ) and Mitutoyo (expensive but worth every Yen, Cent, Pence,… I’d like to have so many things from them :3.

I hope I can do some woodworking tomorrow but it depends on when I come back home from work :D

I wish everyone a great new week and sweet dreams (^-^)/