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anonymous asked:

Hello I have a question about your "acceptable and unacceptable" post about Tokyo ghoul. I'm new to the fandom. When you say that it's not okay to tweet spoilers at Ishida, what does that mean? He wrote it so I'm a bit lost.

Sure thing, Anon.

Here is the thing you need to remember:

What we are reading are Fan translations, done from pirated/stolen copies of the magazine Young Jump.

The week before the magazine goes onto stands, the copies are shipped to stores. This gives them time to get everything prepared, and is typical of any retail scenario.

So someone(s) get their hands on one of these copies of the magazine, and then sell it to people online. These groups then translate the chapter, edit it to have English text, and post it online.

Young Jump comes out every Thursday in Japan. That is the official release date.

So we are basically getting to read the chapter several days before the Japanese fans that purchase a copy of Young Jump. Ishida is aware that this is happening, and has only commented on it by essentially asking Western fans to RESPECT Japanese fans. If you send tweets to Ishida or Japanese fans about a new chapter, you are SPOILING THOSE THAT PURCHASE IT LEGALLY.

Ishida has explicitly stated more than once that he DOES NOT want this to happen.

So basically, it’s about being respectful. By tweeting Ishida about the chapter, people are doing two things are once that are shitty:

  1. Rubbing in Ishida’s face that they are reading a STOLEN copy of his work.
  2. Spoiling the fans that wait to purchase their copy legally.

Both of these things make Western fans look really bad.

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing theories that touka is going to die in the upcoming arc or that she has alot of deathflags from the recent chapters. And I am starting to get worried I mean I don't think ishida would bring her back as a main character only to kill her off. what do you think.

Deathflags crystal methflags. Yoshimura had flags sticking out of his eyeballs in the original Anteiku Raid arc and he’s still alive. Yomo had them in the Cochlea Arc, Takizawa had them in the Siege Arc. All daijoubu. Touka has the additional asset of being a female deuteragonist and lemme tell you, that kind of character is incredibly resistant to death. They have a better survival record than male protagonists. I know ‘cuz they’re usually my favourites and it affords me a smug grin when friends complain about how their faves always die. 

She’s going to be…well, not fine, but she’s going to live. Their reasoning rests on the belief that the series is a tragedy because of Kaneki’s closing monologue in the first chapter of the original series. Since Touka makes Kaneki happy, for a tragic end she has to be removed. Imo, they’re half-right: Tokyo Ghoul, the original series, was, indeed, a tragedy. But :re is a different series altogether, and its opening narration explicitly states that it occurs next to the tragedy, i.e. after it - not during it.

The multifaceted title :re suggests both the coffee shop and the birth of a king, but it also indicates a second chance, like a replay or a rewind. :re is Kaneki being given the chance to escape his tragedy by the author by transplanting him into a story of a different genre. He constantly teeters on the edge of tragedy, but I firmly believe he will break away from it - otherwise why would Ishida have brought Kaneki back to life in the first place?