Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st Love Plus
(ときめきメモリアル Tokimeki Memoriaru Girl’s Side)

Release Dates (DS)
Japan: February 15th, 2007
Unofficial English Patch: December 2nd, 2010

“A long time ago, a prince went on a journey alone to foreign lands. In the midst of his journey, he strayed from the path and found himself lost. Upon encountering a church deep in the forest, he met a beautiful princess. The prince fell in love with the princess at first sight. From that day on, they met in the church everyday, and soon they fell deeply in love. This news soon was heard by the king, and he forbade the two to continue to meet each other. The prince was caught by one of the king’s guards; the king then told the prince if he wanted to be with the princess, he would have to travel to the far end of the world and return safely, to prove his love. The prince departed. Every day, the princess prayed in the church for his safe return. She believed he would be back.

The player is a new student at Habataki Academy, with memories of a boy who made a promise to her in a church many years ago…”“

The English patch can be found here, from the TokimemoGS1 Translation Team’s website.

Watch the opening video!


Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love (TMGS1) Opening

For making otomesiren turn into a TMGS fangirl! LOL ~


This MV is finally Subbed!

I so love the title of the song.

Itsumo kokoro ni tokimeki wo (My heart is always racing)