Tokimeki Memorial


So apparently Konami came up with a compatibility quiz for TMGS2.

Just choose an answer from A to D for each of the following questions:

Q1. What do you do to train up yourself?
A. Study
B. Sports
C. Art
D. Fashion trend

2. What kind of fashion do you like?
A. Pure
B. Sporty
C. Elegant
D. Sexy

3. What’s your favourite colour?
A. The cold blue colours
B. Warm colours like red and orange
C. Neutral colours like greed
D. “Colourless” colours like white and black

4. Which place do you want to go when you’re dating him?
A. Aquarium
B. Playground
C. Habataki mountain
D. Sky garden

5. What’s your normal way of getting to school?
A. Bus
B. Bicycle
C. Walk
D. Tram

6. What do you prefer in playgrounds?
A. Jet coaster
B. Go cart
C. Ferris wheel
D. Horror house

7. If you’re joining a club, which one will you join?
A. Student council
B. Cheerleading
C. Art
D. Track & field

8. Which film do you want to see with him?
B. Documentary
C. Action
D. Horror

9. What will do you for part-time job?
A. Seaside cafe
B. Musical instrumental shop
C. Flower house
D. Sweets house

10. What’s your favourite guy type?
A. Gentle ones
B. Serious ones
C. Funny ones
D. Mature ones

11. What do you do on holidays?
A, Stay leisurely at home
B. Take a carefree walk
C. Join club activities
D. Sweat at part-time job

12. What’s the next show you’re interested in?
A. Rock band
B. Jazz life
C. Humourous
D. Talk life

13. Which special festive events are you interested in?
A. Flower viweing
B. Fireworks
C. Sea bathing
D. Skii

When you’re done, look at the orange box in the right bottom corner of scan0017 (the first image). The longer box in the left shows how many marks you get for A-D answers of the 13 questions, and the smaller box on the right shows which result you get for your total mark, together with your blood type. For example:

Blood type A getting 58 total marks = Result C
Blood type AB getting 71 total marks = Result J

and so on.

65 points + O lands me with Hikami, different blood types would’ve given me Akagi (YEEEEEES), Shiba (YEAH), or Amachi (ehhhhhh). I am okay with this, especially as I was worried my answers would end me up with Chris.