実写映画『進撃の巨人』Attack on Titan Live-Action Movie

Above are the Promotional Posters and Character Visuals of the upcoming Attack on Titan Live Action Movie. 

The movie will follow the manga’s world but will be incorporating new characters and villains. The cast consists of seven original characters namely; Shikishima, Sannagi, Fukushi, Hiana, Lil, Souda, and Kubal. It’s also reported that Shikishima will be the key character of the movie. According to Producer Yoshihiro Sato, the production team didn’t really pay that much attention on the similarities of the actors to the characters they portray, instead they discussed it with Hajime Isayama as to who can perfectly represent the characters in essence. Casts and movie director Shinji Higuchi have so many discussion about the role and mentioned that all actors and actress have done a brilliant job in each role. 

More than 3 times costume alignment have been carried out for camera test, focusing on the details to create the perfect costumes. Isayama who met the casts while wearing the costume during military training was so pleased with the outcome. Yuusuke Watanabe is in charge with the script, together with Tomohiro Machiyama and Isayama, while Sagisu Shiro is the one responsible for the soundtrack.

The date of releases are as follows:

1. Japan (by Toho Cinema) - Part 1 will be on August 1 while Part 2 will be on September 19
2. Philippines (by SM Cinema) - Part 1 will be in August 12 while part 2 will be in September 23

This caught my eye during a recent trip to the movies in Japan: a board in the lobby displaying the names of all the staff on duty that day. One person each at the box office and merchandise registers, five people at the concession stand, and four ushers.

It was a weekday afternoon, but it is summertime and this theater is inside a shopping mall, so this struck me as pretty light. Then again, Japanese people don’t go to the movies very often in any season.

This whole thing was part of a promotion for a “Smile Award.” A pre-show message encouraged all customers to vote for a staff member who gave good service. That’s a far cry from the “mystery shopper” system we used back in my theater days which was more of a “do your job right or else” secret inspection technique.

I didn’t vote for anyone. Everyone was nice though.


カット エーンド トリトメントしてもらいまんた。髪の毛しっとりなんだからぁ。ほいで『博士と彼女のセオリー』観てきたぞよ。エディ・レッドメイン格好いい。ホーキングの友人ブライアンはもっと格好いい。この映画すごくよかった。映像も洒落てるし内容もきちんとしてーる。よき休日でぴた。


The official blue jacket website has been updated, air date in Japan confirmed for October!

The official Japanese website has updated this morning with lots of blue jacket goodies! The site now includes new artwork, character profiles and confirmation of the shows air date in Japan, October 2015 (this fits nicely with their current TOHO cinemas Lupin festival, and we totally called it!)

Be sure to check out the link below to see the updated artwork. The blue jacket show will begin airing in Italy on August 29th.

[Source: Official Website]

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Godzilla 3D

We watched Godzilla last night at Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills. I watched all Godzilla movies while growing up, and I always loved Godzilla. So I was super excited.

The story was rather stupid, and I hate happy endings. But it was entertaining. Bryan Cranston is a really great actor.

Los Minions y Godzilla juntos en el último promocional de TOHO Cinemas

Los Minions y Godzilla juntos en el último promocional de TOHO Cinemas

Sin duda, unas de las criaturas más hilarantes del mundo del cine son los Minions de Mi Villano Favorito, que si bien son torpes y nada hábiles, su coraje y entrega es innegable, pero en el último promocional de TOHO Cinemas los han enfrentado a algo con lo que ni ellos mismos podrían lidiar.

A pesar de su confuso lenguaje, en el comercial vemos que los Minions han confundido el logo de TOHO…

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Diego y yo hemos inaugurado el 26 Tokyo International Film Festival: ¡la primera película que hemos visto, Rigor Mortis, es la segunda primera proyectada hoy! Ha sido emocionante la lectura del código QR para entrar en la sala 2 de los Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills. No es solo que haya empezado el festival, sino que es el primer cine que piso en Tokyo y también la primera película que veo aquí. (En mi otro tumblr iré haciendo una crónica rápida y sincera del festival como en San Sebastián).

La alfombra del TIFF es verde y más restringida que la del Zinemaldia y el ambiente es parecido y a la vez diferente. La gente, al menos hoy, ha aplaudido al final del todo de los títulos de crédito, y después ha habido un gran silencio japonés mientras todo el despliegue de prensa invadía la sala para registrar el coloquio con el director. Las entradas son numeradas, así que no hay excitantes y agotadoras colas kilométricas como las que se forman en el Kursaal, y la gente mete palomitas y muchas clases de bebidas dentro, pero como son japoneses no hacen ruido ni molestan. Lo importante es que lo esencial se mantiene, porque una vez se apagan las luces todo es igual de mágico y emocionante que en cualquier otra sala del cine del mundo.