Hello my friends… Here’s my humble version of Mariah Carey’s “Vision Of Love”!  This was at my debut single launch in Melbourne.  This video captured some of the most positive vibes from the night. It was undoubtedly an AMAAAZING night!  To all the folks who supported me on this night, this one is whole-heartedly for you.

I hope you like this video :) Keep singing!



Soulful vamps Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes will play a second Corner Hotel show due to popular demand on July 19! 

Watch them live in action in this video of them performing at the Toff in Melbourne and click here to get your tickets. 

The Corner Presents

Once again, another crazy busy weekend.

Spent friday & saturday volunteering at face the music conference.

Straight from the conference on Saturday afternoon, I headed to Yarra Primary School to see Skipping Girl Vinegar play for little kids. Too cute! I sold some merch, then we packed up and raced to The Toff for SGV’s show. Lugging merch and instruments up several flights of stairs to get to the band room was evil, but besides that the rest of the night was amazing. 

Teeth & Tongue @ Toff in Town, Melbourne - June 11, 2011


I’m a few weeks late with this one, but as they say - better late than never.

Only two weeks before this show I saw Teeth & Tongue at an unofficial album launch for Tambourines at Polyester Records in the city. It was only a short set on a makeshift stage, but as a result I went into the Toff show (my fifth time seeing them) with high expectations. Within the first few songs it was clear that they were justified and thankfully they were easily met.

There was no gold glitter jumpsuit like the last full length show I saw (at The Spiegeltent) but Jess Cornelius was just as captivating. There’s a subtlety to her (and the band’s) performance that always leaves you craving more, yet never leaves you feeling short-changed.

As with the Polyester show, the new tracks sounded brilliant live. Even the songs from Tambourine which weren’t favourites of mine grew with the energy of live performance meaning that there were very few, if any, lulls in the set. Not surprisingly, my favourite album tracks were the highlights of the night, especially Rot On The Vine, Unfamiliar Skirts and Vaseline On The Lens.

The final song of the night, played as an encore, was There Is A Lightness To My Bones from debut album Monobasic. This is the first song that drew me into Teeth & Tongue’s world when I saw them at Falls Festival in Lorne in 2009 so hearing it again was a perfect end to the night.


Teeth & Tongue: 9/10

Photos by @deedee_biafra

Hey Melbourne

get your butts to the Toff In Town on Swanston St tonight and support me as an indie struggling yet fabulously dressed film producer

no shame in this plug

just love x

SRSLY though we got lots of fun musical acts from soloists to The Swing Sisters and drinks are cheap and you get to see my face and support the short film industry for students in Melbourne which is already crawling along it’s belly on a deserted highway but the vultures havent come yet so LETS SCARE AWAY THE VULTURES WITH MONEY AND SUPPORT

French Laura


This little flower was born in Paris where she learned how to appreciate beautiful things.

She flew from Adelaide to Melbourne less than 2 months ago and she is already in love with this place.

This is the kind of person who share easily her feelings and her ideas without any fear.

Where can you catch her : most of the time at the Toff in Town drinking a cider of course!

What she is doing atm : an internship in horticulture. Yes, sir.

How can you please her ? Just saysomething likeLet’s have lunch/dinner/desser/whatever which is tasty”

She can teach you how to cook your vegetables, how to dance rock and the most important: how to be lost in a city!

This portrait is also an excuse to highlight one of my favourite song called “Laura” and performed by Gregory Porter :

Paris Wells @ The Toff In Town - June 23 2012

This was the first gig in a long time where I’ve gone along with a big group of friends. Normally I’m solo at gigs or at the very most with one or two others. Some of my friends who were fans from the Keep It days were raving about her “new material” not realising it was over two years old and the others who previously hadn’t heard of her left enthralled nearly to the point of obsession. 

Paris Wells had just spent a few months over in London so this show was a one-off homecoming of sorts before (semi?)-permanently relocating over there.

The support for the night was local artist Eliza Hull. She has an amazing voice and there were a few songs that sounded really good, but as a whole I wasn’t overly impressed. I assume she is still early in her songwriting career so there is still plenty of room for growth.

Paris was on fire and had the crowd involved from start to finish. The set was pretty standard with all of her singles getting a run as well as the majority of songs from Various Small Fires and Keep It. Lonely, Dat Du Dat, Grace Baby, Jenny, Through & Through and Fuck Your Soul were all flawless.

It was easily the longest set I’ve seen Paris play and with the extra time to play more of her back catalogue she produced one of the best shows I’ve seen by a local artist. It’s certainly the best show I’ve seen for under $20, by a country mile.

The only negative from what was ultimately a great night was how quickly the Toff In Town changed from being a chilled out room full of post-gig punters to a seedy, noisy trash of a nightclub. What the hell?


Eliza Hull - 5/10

Paris Wells - 10/10


Author Leanne Hall and friend dancing to Live It Up by Mental as Anything! When she was in primary school, she and her friend really wanted to be on the tv show The Early Bird Show (i remember this show as a kid too!). So they came up with a dance routine and practiced for months, but unfortunately didn’t get to be on the show! Now years later, she was invited to speak at the Melbourne Writers Festival.. and after she was done talking… this happened! :D it was glorious hahahah! It really was a highlight of the night!  Childhood dreams fulfilled, its a beautiful thing heheh.


The Toff in Town, Swanston St, Melbourne, 18th December 2013

It was apparent early on that I was in for something special. 

I discovered the lengths people go to for seats at the Toff in Town when the Shelf is on.  Having been to the Shelf before, I was prepared but.  I arrived 30 minutes before the official door time and still had to join a queue!

But boy was it worth it.

Justin Hamilton opened the show and discussed how annoying it is when someone you don’t know joins you and a mate for lunch.  He noted that just because they’re friends with your friend, doesn’t mean you’ll get along.

He was then joined by Adam Richard who showed off the cupcakes they’d both been given.  The Shelf boys are HUGE whovians and each cake had a tiny edible tardis on top.  As we are celebrating 50th years of the Doctor this week, it was very special.

They then brought on Adam Rozenbachs, who you’ll know.  He is the comedian that plays Captain Coles and dresses in red and yellow in the ads.  Adam discussed what it was like when everyone found out about him being Captain Coles.  The best text message was from his mum, “You’re not my son.”

Then there was an unexpected surprise.   Rod Quantock, who is celebrating 45 years in comedy, joined the boys and gave advice to Adam.  Since Rod was the face of Captain Snooze for a long time, he had plenty of stories.  One was when he was driving to a comedy gig in country Victoria.  He stopped off at a milk bar for a snack and one by one the whole family, who owned the shop, were instructed to come and see the man off the telly!

To end the first part of the show, we had Queenslander Damien Power.  He got us thinking as he discussed advertising from the fifties compared to today.  He pointed out that ads today are aimed at making you feel bad because you don’t have things.  In reality, most people have what they need ie, shelter, clean water, food, a job, friends, family. It was very thought provoking.

To open the second part, Alice Fraser returned to the shelf.  She had written down a lot of cute funny jokes for us.  The reason behind the hand written notes, they are tastier than text messages.

Clare Hooper delighted us all with ideas for Christmas merchandise for the shelf.  There was a cushion idea that was very popular.  She also told a lovely fable to the “children (ie the other acts).”

Unfortunately, Charlie Pickering was not well, so Lehmo appeared instead.  He was hilarious.  Justin and Adam teased him about how he still calls his fiancé his girlfriend.  Despite having been engaged for nearly a year.   Lehmo also told us about the perils of moving house.  He had a beloved couch that had travelled with him from Adelaide then Sydney to Melbourne.  He didn’t take the measurements of his new place and had to get rid of the couch because it didn’t fit.

Lehmo also talked about his brush with corporate branding.  He was chosen to MC the announcement of the new name of vegemite, which became Isnack 2.0.  He was at the AFL grand final and its quarter time, he’s with his friend and fellow comedian Mick Molloy.  The announcement plays on the big screen and the crowd reacts, Mick just stood up and pointed, yelling to all around, this was the man that stuff up vegemite.

We were then treated to a hilarious fake proposal by Kate McLennan and Wes Snelling.  I had seen Kate arrive and knew she was an actress so I wasn’t fooled.  Unlike some of the audience who took a minute to catch on.

Next Dave Thornton regaled us with how he outsourced a fight to his Pilipino friend Paul.  The fight was between him and a huge stranger nicknamed the “pigeon” at a party.  The reason behind his actions, Paul had been studying martial arts for years.  This was just days before Dave was crowned QC magazine’s 2013 Comedian of the Year.

After another break, regular at the shelf, Tegan Higginbotham came on.  She is also an actress and had us in hysterics as she described what it was like for a shy, self-conscious person ie herself, to learn how to pole dance in the name of research.

Then Tom Gleeson discussed Prime Minister Tony Abbott.  He noted that they were very similar.  They were raised catholic, went to the same school and university, both enjoy swimming in speedos.  He decided that he must hate Tony because he hates himself.

As usual the night finished with all the acts on stage with Justin thanking everyone while pretending he was accepting an award.  This time we had decided he was accepting on behalf of Grown Ups 2 who’d won the Razzie for worst feature film.

This ended what was another great night, that won’t you see on TV.

- Georgina Warwick

Thursday 10 October - Audego Album Launch @ Toff in Town

Audego are commencing a tour to push the release of their sophomore album Beneath the Static and the Low. Their first date is an appearance at their hometown Melbourne, and they’ll be playing at the Toff in Town.

Audego are a collaboration between Paso Bionic and Big Fella - aka Shehab and Carolyn Tariq. Shehab has extensive experience as a producer for Curse Ov Dialekt and TZU, and has played at festivals of note like the Big Day Out. Carolyn has toured the US, and is very active on a community and industry level as vocalist and facilitator of workshops for disadvantaged youths.

Together they form a power duo, whose dirty yet sophisticated trip-hop stylings have been commended by The Age and Triple J. Go see what the fuss is about, and consider picking up a copt of their album if you dig their live show.

Audego will be supported by another Triple J love affair in classy bass music and visual act friendships, as well as mates Sui Zhen and Leaks. There’ll also be an art installation by B0yd0g, a talented local visual artist.


Starts 7pm. Second Floor, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street,
Melbourne. $10/15.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.