Todd Lynn


“That’s a great letter. BoJack, when I was your age, I got sad. A lot. I didn’t come from such a great home, but one day, I started running and that seemed to make sense, so then I just kept running. 

BoJack, when you get sad, you run straight ahead and you keep running forward, no matter what. There are people in your life who are gonna try to hold you back, slow you down, but you don’t let them. Don’t you stop running and don’t you ever look behind you. There’s nothing for you behind you. 

All that exists is what’s ahead.”

signs as bojack horseman characters

aries - bojack
taurus - charlotte
gemini - sarah lynn
cancer - emily
leo - sextina aquafina
virgo - princess carolyn
libra - rutabaga rabbitowitz
scorpio - officer meow meow fuzzyface
sagittarius - mr. peanutbutter
capricorn - juda
aquarius - diane
pisces - todd

How Various Rogues Attempt Get Jon to Eat

Because I legitimately headcanon that Jon tries very hard to live on black coffee and air like, 75% of the time.

Edward: Programs riddles into the coffee machine and refuses to remove them until Jon eats a proper meal.

Jervis: Forces Jon to join a tea party and doesn’t let him leave until he has eaten at least one thing.

Selina: Makes him stuff like this:

Only edible (because jello brains are appetizing right?)

Ivy: Repeatedly sends him random fruits and has trained her plants to lock him in her greenhouse until he eats something whenever he visits.

Harley: Bakes cakes and various sweets for him


Jason: Inadvertently helps by showing up at Jon’s house injured and because Jon is from the South his first instinct is to feed Jason and Jason stares at him if he doesn’t eat.

Croc: Takes him out drinking and makes him eat while he’s drunk.

Garfield: Sends one of his giant dogs to Jon’s house with food

Oswald: Gives him discounts at the Iceberg Lounge if he orders food.

Okay wow Sarah Lynn just hurt me so much.
Like her story was one thing. She’s a grown up child star turned teen idle suffering from all the mental scars that kind of life causes, and she never really got the help she desperately needed (her entire life situation both drove her to drug abuse and enabled her to continue abusing, while not giving her any reason to change)- all while the media turned on her. Her being a mentally ill addict was just a joke, up until it spiraled out of control and ended up killing her.

They treated her character in a way that drew attention to that by making us laugh at her antics one moment and then reminding us that this is a really fucked up woman who really needs help and support. She was forced into this life at a young age and never really had control over where it ended up.
She’s treated like a “slutty”, self-absorbed, irresponsible, and “unintelligent” person but then turns around and says something really profound and heartbreaking and her outward persona is called into question. 
She wanted to be an architect.  ;-;